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Other adult contact

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What do you do for adult contact or interaction during the day?

I try to get out most days for a walk. There most days is a neighbor outside to chat with.

When my husband and I are together I talk his ear off. He laughs because he would love quiet time from his crazy day and I want to talk non stop because I have been home all day.
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I find that I don't need a lot of adult contact, and though I've been home all day I'm often the one who would prefer some quiet to a lot of conversation in the evening with my husband. He on the other hand, is a total chatter box! I take Stephanie to baby time at the library on Mondays, and the big kids alternate on Thursdays having a counselling appointment. Most weeks, there's at least one other outing that comes up... this week I went for coffee with my mom. Sometimes my husband comes home at lunch time. If I'm feeling a little out of touch, I talk to some of the other moms at Caitlin's school. There are a few moms on our street that stay home and very occasionally we've had tea in the morning together but I get burnt out easily.

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My husband works from home. Most of his waking hours are spent working, so we don't get to talk much between his work and our parenting.


When the weather is right and my back etc. is feeling up to it I like to take us for a walk around the block. It's a very long, curvy block so it takes about 20 minutes to come back home. We don't usually see neighbors but it's nice to wave and say hello when we do.


Homeschooling means I don't drive my children to school and back every day. That isn't always so bad because looking back to when my older two were in school last school year, I didn't usually talk to the other parents. (Before that school year started I was hoping to make more friends among the parents, or at least say hello in the parking lot, but it didn't really happen. Most parents sat in their cars.)


I call Mom almost every night - that's how we both want it. She doesn't always answer because of her working hours or because she came home too tired to stay up until my children are in bed and I can call, but when she does answer it's great to talk to her. (We live several states apart.) Grandma likes it when I call too, which reminds me - I need to email her to set up the next time for her to talk to her great grandchildren and I.


Lastly, though you probably meant in real life only, I interact with mothers like you on Mothering and elsewhere, and I email a friend or two. That helps!



Teresa, after a day of listening to my two redheads talk at me (the two with Papa's hair color don't talk quite that much) and sometimes a friend, I savor the quiet when they're in bed, too! I feel that I really need quiet to read, journal, and just sit and think, pray, and relax.

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Mom groups!

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LOL. I talk my husband's ear off too! I need social interaction or I will get depressed. I am very involved with the leche league in our area. I would be a mess without my mama friends. As far as daily interactions, I just hop online and message a friend or two.

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I find myself needing an escape from being home alone with the kids much more now that I have two than when it was just me and DS.  Hormone shift or something! I found local parenting groups that align with our parenting style, starting on facebook, which then evolved to actual outings.  I frequent LLL meetings (we actually have an amazing chapter here, so I feel really lucky), there is a Holistic Mom's Network that meets up, and some online support groups that have evolved into meet up groups.  I've met a bunch of friends through there and recently joined a homeschool coop for my son, and that gets us out regularly.  Otherwise just getting out of the house can help, even if there is no direct interaction.  Plus my Mom comes over one evening a week to keep me sane.  And yes, if I haven't gotten out enough, my DH gets the brunt of my mindless chatter, lol!

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