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How active are you?

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I'm almost 39 weeks and really struggling to be active. Just wondering how much some of you that haven't already delivered are doing these days. I try to exercise at least 30 to 40 mins a day but lately I am only getting 20 mins in before I feel really pooped! Mostly, I sit on the couch. I'm wondering if I am doing a disservice to myself or if this is normal..
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I'm almost 38 weeks and I'm really struggling to stay active, too. I am, but it never used to take as much effort just to get off my butt. I still make sure I get 30-60 minutes at least 6 days a week, but I feel a serious lack of motivation and I've definitely cut back on the intensity of my exercise. It's pretty annoying because I remember going strong on the elliptical the day before I had DS3...if I hadn't had him early in the morning, I'm sure I would have been on it that day. This time around, I'm lucky if I don't fall asleep on the couch by 9am.
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I think now is the time to chill!!! I'm almost 38 weeks and even though I've been super active my whole pregnancy-- i'm not feeling up to much exercise. The most I get is on days I go to the gym, which has only been about 3-4 times a week now, and all I do is walk SLOWLY on the treadmill or go on the elliptical. I can't really go for long walks outside anymore because I end up having to pee 30 minutes into it, being very far from a bathroom, and very miserable. My inner thigh muscles are also super twingey/nervey/loose weird feeling and my SI joints are really mobile so I'm feeling like taking it super easy BUT keeping the hips active- not being stagnant is what is needed now. Rolling around on exercise ball, stretching/moving hips, hanging out in squats-- all good things. no need to feel bad for chillin-- especially with only a couple weeks (or less) left! 

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I wish I could do the elliptical! I can't do it right now because it throws my back out. I feel like if I could break things up between the treadmill and the elliptical it would be easier for me to be motivated. I'm glad I'm not the only one falling asleep on the couch and having to pee thirty (15?) minutes into my walk. LOL. We're almost there, ladies!!! <3
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dalia- what about the bike that you can lean back in? obviously the kind that puts a ton of pressure on your pubic bone won't work but I was eyeing that lean-back bike (have NEVER gone on one before... usually it's old ladies/men on them) and it looks pretty comfy... while still getting your heart rate up/toning big muscle groups.
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I was intending for a more rounded (haha) routine this pregnancy, but I've pretty much stayed with walking or running. I ran somewhat regularly until about 32 weeks (nothing more than 3 miles), and since then I've been shooting for 2-3 mile walks 2-3 times per week. Walking is what ended up bringing DS2 down to full engagement last time, so I feel like keeping mobile is helpful for me.

But I'm definitely feeling anything physical much more now - carrying/picking up my boys (55 and 30 pounds), lugging the wood that we've split, moving things around the house. None of it would be a big deal, typically, but now it puts me right out of commission. 

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Im staying semi active... I did crossfit until 34 weeks. This week Ive been rowing about 2,000 meters a day again or doing a couple hundred step ups and doing a few miles of walking a day. Im almost 40 weeks so Im not too worried about it. I figure if I go 2 weeks "overdue" and between the 6 weeks healing time thats 2 months no exercise and Ive done that before and got back into it pretty well. Im more concerned about after pregnancy activity then I am the rest of the pregnancy just because I did stay so active this pregnancy.

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I am not active at all. I don't even walk my kids the 1 mile to school anymore. We get a ride with a friend. I try to go on a walk during my lunch break but its snail pace and lasts about 20 minutes. I don't even feel guilty about it anymore. I do stress that I'm going to gain weight, but my Dr keeps telling me I'm right on target and not to worry.

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Sitting here at 41+2 wks here and Ive been feeling like I cant quit moving the last 2 weeks even though I know I should probably rest before things get serious. Ive tried to "exercise" my mind this pregnancy more than anything through meditation and relaxation to focus in on the baby and prepare for our homebirth. I was attending weekly yoga classes up until 3 weeks ago, just dont have the time, and chasing my toddler around the park has been good enough for me...OH and sex, lots of good therapeutic sex for exercise!!! I did however manage 3.5 miles of hiking today...followed by sex! My trick to walking and having to take pee breaks is to just hike in the woods, then pee in the woods...but Im such a crazy hippie I prefer peeing in grass then dirty bathrooms any day!  Was hoping that would jumpstart something but alas, Im still very pregnant!

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I try to keep walking for an hour a day and crawling for half an hour (to turn my posterior baby) but that's it.

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I was able to do 40 mins on the treadmill today and now I need to lie down!! I might crawl but not to turn my baby, just because it may be my only option for getting around LOL.

Yogini, my exercise equipment is at my home and I don't have a reclining bike but that sounds lovely!
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