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October Group Chat

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So after much research, thoughts and prayers, we decided to finally have an ultrasound yesterday at 21w5d. Since we're having another homebirth, I felt like I should have one to potentially rule out any foreseeable problems that might pop up. It was a picture perfect scan! And we were able to complete it in less than 15 min (one of my goals -- to lessen the exposure to u/s as much as possible). AND we found out we're having a boy. I'm so ecstatic! Now we'll have 2 of each and I can say with certainty that I feel our family is complete. Feeling blessed beyond words right now. smile.gif

How's everyone else doing this month?
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Oh - and my placenta is posterior - which explains why I started feeling LO at 12 weeks LOL! This is my first time with a posterior placenta (others have been anterior -- which resulted in THREE sunny-side up/posterior babies and LOTS of back labor) so I'm super excited that this one may actually be presenting in the occiput anterior position for birth. Seriously blessed right now!!

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Congrats on the scan, jinxymama! So exciting :)


I just can't believe how fast the time is going and that we're already into October...And most of us are past the halfway mark! Our 20-week U/S went very very well. We closed our eyes when he scanned the genitals so we're still surprised. Lately, though, I've convinced myself that it is a boy, for no good reason, really. The kicks are going strong, too, which is so fun. My husband still can't really feel them, so hoping that happens soon (I'm 22 weeks now). 


Feeling a bit overwhelmed in terms of all the stuff there is to do/buy. I started making a list of things to get and it's long. Even when I'm trying to be reasonable about it. So talking to friends and trying to get a feel for what is actually needed vs. what is extra/unnecessary. And have to start on the baby's room soon, too. Which also completely overwhelms me. 

We are starting our hypnobabies classes next week, looking forward to that. Has anyone else done hypnobabies? Would love any tips, if you have!


My husband got laid off this week, quite unexpectedly, so that has been a big stress, particularly because I was hoping to go down to part-time (at most) after the baby...Now all of that is up in the air and I can't even have the conversation with my boss until he finds something that could support us. Nor can we do anything about the whole childcare situation. We have a few options but a lot hinges on things that are unknown at this point and so can't really make any decisions right now, which is frustrating and stressful. 


Well, guess I had more to say than I thought :) Overall, I feel very fortunate that I have had a super healthy pregnancy, feel really good and we are so lucky to have so much support in our lives. Just a few bumps in the road that will hopefully get settled in plenty of time before the baby arrives.

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Congrats on the ultrasound. I will be having my anatomy scan on Monday! I can't wait to get a peek at our little guy. We found out through our Harmony results we are having a boy. At 14 weeks I was in an auto accident so they did an ultrasound just to check for anything and they had found that my placenta was anterior. Despite what I have read about anterior placentas I started feeling this baby at 12-13 weeks and husband has been feeling him kick since at least week 15. We have no been able to watch our little guy move in there. This is my husbands first (my second) so it has been very neat to watch him be completely fascinated. My dd is 5 she turns 6 the day after my due date and she is thrilled to be a big sister for her birthday (in her little mind we did this for her :) ). Hoping everyone a stress free intro to the holidays as we approach Halloween!

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My placenta is anterior as well but I've been feeling movement since pretty early on anyway! 


We've all had a stomach bug this week. The toddler was throwing up all evening on Thursday, then yesterday it hit me, and today it seems to have gotten my husband. I'm still convalescing. I am grateful that the baby has been very active during this phase. Almost as if to say "Don't worry about me, Mom! I'm doing great in here!" My midwife said I shouldn't worry about him not getting enough nutrients and just focus on staying hydrated. I think I had one contraction yesterday but thankfully no more, and he's still been active today. 

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Erigeron- Sorry for the stomach problems! Hope you are feeling better. I also had an anterior placenta and felt really early movement. However at my anatomy ultrasound yesterday they told me my placenta had migrated to the top of my uterus now. Again hope everyone gets to feeling better!

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My placenta is also anterior this time, as it was with my first pregnancy. I have been feeling movement, but not as quickly as many second time moms. This was part of the reason that I suspected it was anterior, even before my ultrasound.

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