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this started right at week 37. I just can't sleep. or rather, I can't sleep until 2/3 am, and then I get up when my husband leaves for work at 7, eat breakfast because I'm so hungry (i can't eat later in the day or else I have horrible heartburn so at that point it's been quite awhile since I had more than a handful of almonds) .. and then I fall back asleep an hour later and sleep til 10/1030. It's like my sleep schedule has just shifted forward by 4 hours for no reason, spontaneously. Maybe this means I'll have a baby at night and this is just preparation so i'm not exhausted for it? 


i also have restless legs, and have to pee every hour. Biology preparing for getting up with baby? I think so. anyone else? it's 1:30 am right now and after trying to lay in bed and fall asleep for an hour and a half I give up. 


natural calm magnesium works but then I have to get up and pee even more. Does anything else work that is safe for pregnancy? or I guess at this stage it doesn't really matter that much because if labor came on that would be all good :)

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I don't really have insomnia. I've been sleeping less but its not bothering me. Lately I've been going to sleep around 11 (before I was tired and going to sleep 9:30-10ish) and then I wake at 6 for work. I've managed to cut my bathroom trips down to 2 most nights.


Last night however my son had insomnia (he accidentally took his ADHD medication at 5PM. The medication makes him unable to sleep if taken too late in the day... and since he had already taken it in the morning he was literally acting like he was on speed). He came in about every 30 minutes throughout the night to tell me the following things: "I can't sleep." "Me head hurts." "My blanket is too hot, I'm taking it off my bed." "I can't sleep." "There's a paper in my school folder for you." "I'm cold without my blanket." "My skin is dry." "I can't sleep." I finally lost it and yelled at him.


I then got a solid 20 minutes of sleep before my daughter showed up claiming she had bad dreams and wanting me to lay in her bed with her. Exhausted from my son I snappily told her no. Which caused her to go back to her room screaming. Which caused my son to scream at her from his room. "WHATS WRONG DID YOU FALL OUT OF BED?????" to which she screamed back "NO IM SCARED" and he screamed back "STOP SCREAMING OR YOUR GOING TO WAKE UP MOMMY AND SHE WONT BE HAPPY BECAUSE I ALREADY WOKE HER UP A FEW TIMES" at which point she screamed something else back and I screamed at them both to shut it.... and then I looked at my clock and it said 5AM and I gave up on any of us sleeping.


And my husband made some kind of fun comment like "This is just like having a new baby!" and I pretty much wanted to slap him too. At least I'm now at work and don't have anyone bothering me.

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