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Anyone read this book by Gordon Korman?  It is really good!  A homeschooler living in the woods with his grandmother suddenly has to go to school as an eighth grader (while grandmother's in the hospital).   I like the way the author handles the various perspectives on the situation.  

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No, I haven't heard of the book, but the plot sounds similar to my situation....lived with grandparents in the woods, grandma had stroke, went to PS in 9th grade.

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My (homeschooled) kids love that book!
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My son and I enjoyed it too. Actually, he's enjoyed all of Gordon Korman's books (good news- there are MANY. Like 70+ I think). 

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actually i wrote the above before finishing the book.  

Now I have finished it -- I find the ending too abrupt.   Don't want to spoil it for anyone though - lets say I write more in a later msg. 

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