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People don't understand me being happy as a sahm

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I feel like being a stay at home mom is my calling and I am very happy with it. Sure it's frustrating sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I know people who think my life is mundane or that I'm some sort of husband-leach. My husband brings in the money and I do everything else, and I am happy this way!! I have a friend who told me recently that when my kids are in school I can go back to college. Honestly, by the time my kids are in school I will probably be pregnant or have already had another. Who says you have to work to be fulfilled? I work very hard, I just don't get paid. Can anyone relate? I also hate it when people try to tell me "no more kids" or "you should wait ___ years." Ugh. 

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I was a SAHM for a long time, and only work part-time now. I was totally happy being a SAHM, proud of it, and if not for the need to supplement our income I would probably still be a SAHM. I used to tell people I was happy being at home with my kids, it was a gift having the opportunity to do so, and it was a full time job. I told them I was a traditional mom at heart. I guess because of my attitude about it, people left me alone after one or two comments like the ones you mentioned above.

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I am currently staying at home and homeschooling my 3 kids. I love this arrangement, but it can't last for me. I expect to need to look for a job for next school year, meaning big changes for us. My husband took a different job with less stress and less money, and that means that the budget can't work at current levels on a long-term basis. 


It's one of my biggest frustrations: our society and culture is built upon the expectation of a two income family, mostly because many jobs, even those considered "good", don't pay enough to support a family as an only job. 


So, yeah, I totally get loving staying at home. I loved working, too, when I didn't have kids.

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I WOH part time at the moment but once baby arrives in March, am planning to go back to being a full-time SAHM. Interestingly enough it's always my mom talking about how important it is for me to work, how I need it, etc. The last time it came up I flat out told her I don't think me working is nearly as important to me as she seems to think it is. I'm not particularly thrilled about my career and can't imagine anything I would enjoy more, or find more rewarding than being a SAHM. But I'm not sure she'll ever understand it.

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I am kind of in both camps--I loved working-- I was a high school teacher, but also wanted to be the primary influence in my children's upbringing, and give them the gift of my time, especially while they're small.
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