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What kind of symptoms are you experiencing? I'm super emotional lately. Like when I read this morning that our national parks were open I burst into tears because I was so grateful. I should add I haven't been to a national park in a year, and I don't have any plans to go. And I've got some insomnia going on, which really sucks considering I just want to go to sleep at 8 every night, but I can't.

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None, but I'm just 4 weeks today.


With my first, my breasts were tender starting at 7dpo and the day I got my +HPT at 11dpo, I went out and bought new bras and was already up a cup size and a band size. It was crazy. That pregnancy, I felt sort of nauseated from weeks 4-8 and was tired.


With my 2nd, I tested because after 2 days of feeling icky, I realized I couldn't blame it on a grilled cheese sandwich anymore. Again, the nausea went away after a month but the exhaustion stuck around.


With my third, I had no symptoms until 5 or 6 weeks. For most of the 1st tri, if I ate frequent small meals I felt okay but if I ate a lot, I felt horrid for hours. 


It looks like this pregnancy is leaning towards being like #3. I keep peeing on sticks though because it's hard to believe when you don't feel anything. I've never puked in any of my pregnancies. My SIL throws up for most of the 9 months, so I'm grateful.

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Hahaha...I cried too when I read about Utah's National Parks opening!!! So far I've been crying over commercials, movies, articles...god help me if someone posts a story about an abused animal or a beloved pet that passed!!!!

Other than that I can't tell I'm pregnant. I should note that I am having issues with my thyroid and a lot of those symptoms are just like being pregnant.

Oh! Food aversions. Suddenly eggs smell rotten to me. All of them. Yuck.
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I am already emotional to OP.  I keep tearing up at everything. I'm kind of surprised that I am having symptoms though. With my DD I didn't have any symptoms until 6-7 weeks at least.


I have been feeling a bit more tired than usual, but I am not sure if that is because of being pregnant or not. I have also been pretending to be having cravings so DH will buy me tacos. Shhhhhh, don't tell. :wink

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I'm not even 4 weeks pg yet, and my main symptoms are exhaustion and cramps, along with insomnia and vivid dreams when I do finally get to sleep. I also get dizzy and out of breath easier than usual.

I always get intense symptoms early on in all of my pregnancies, days before I can take a test. My body is just super-sensitive to the change in hormones, and being on supplemental progesterone really intensifies that.
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tender breasts, fatigue,  I can smell everything,  no appetite, canker sores(that's a new one for me), tear up easily.

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Sore breasts, occasional slight nausea, occasional cramping/stretching feelings, fatigue, acne, gas. I'm 5 weeks today.

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Originally Posted by PhoebeMom111 View Post

 I should note that I am having issues with my thyroid and a lot of those symptoms are just like being pregnant.

I'm wondering if I should have my thyroid levels retested. I read somewhere that in the first trimester the thyroid is put under extra strain because the baby doesn't have one of their own. My hair has been falling out in clumps and I can't seem to regulate my temperature or sleep at night.

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I have felt pregnant from about 4 weeks 4 days.  My breasts killing me was the reason I too a HPT.  I have had nausea and been irritable as well.  The weirdest thing is that my feet hurt.  I ALWAYS wear heals but cant now.  This is all very strange to me because NEVER, in all of my pregnancies, have I felt even the slightest bit pregnant until about 6 1/2 to 7 weeks.  Hoping it is a sign that this is a sticky rainbow baby!

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Dandy Lion, I haven't heard that! Well, I have read something about women tending to become hypo when they get pregnant but I haven't heard anything about the first trimester. I've also been losing more hair lately and don't have much to begin with! I thought maybe a mineral or vitamin imbalance? I wish I could stomach prenatals but they make me so sick. From what I remember your OB will run a thyroid test right off the bat but I could be wrong.
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Unmotivated, slightly nauseous (thus far at 5 weeks--give it another week and it'll be debilitating), irritable, bloated, and sore nipples when nursing the 3yo.

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Sore boobs, nauseous off and on, really achey body (legs and back), headache, gassy, pimples on my forehead (ugh!), and twitchy crampy things in my uterus. Had a hard time sleeping last night. I am not even 4 weeks yet! No complaints though. I am so ecstatic to be pregnant :)

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hi! cool finally able to post couldn't figure it out on iphone ,got it together to sit down at computer.My breasts are swollen and sensitive but not painful.I feel a sort of spreading feeling low down around my pubic bone.The absolute worst is that I've been having excruciating tooth and gum pain for a couple weeks(excuse me if you've read all my other posts about it) I just went to the dentist again and hopefully after drilling out another tooth without anesthesia the issue is finally  fixed ,hard to tell what's what without x rays .Otherwise I am just ridiculously obsessed with my pregnancy so I will utilize this group so my husband and daughter don't get too concerned that this is all I think about! I was pregnant once 15 yrs ago! and i have a background in midwifery I'm so thrilled I get to do this whole thing again! I was really over being involved in pregnancy,birth and early parenting as a professional (though I was continuously inspired by moms)& to do it all again  personally, I love ,love,love it!!!!

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oh,also I have been spotting not much seems like more in the a.m. just enough to get my underwear all spotty (i guess optimism keeps preventing me from using liners) Just doing my best to not let it worry me since it's so common and it's watery and brown .Took some vit E ,anyone else spotting?

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No spotting this pregnancy, but I spotted a bit at first with my daughter.

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- peeing ALL the time right now

- heartburn/indigestion last night

- bleeding gums (I hardly ever have bleeding gums when brushing normally, but have the last couple days)

- twinge/cramp like feelings, but no AF

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5 1/2 weeks and the nausea has really ramped up lately. Hunger pains at 3 am and bathroom trips up the wazoo!
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Nausea kicking up a bit... I made some homemade ginger ale that seems to help with it though. 

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I would love to know how to make homemade ginger ale. I'm only a teeny bit nauseous yet, but I had it pretty severely with my other pregnancies...I feel like I should prepare for the worst. :-) As optimistically as possible, of course!
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You can do it with baker's yeast and let it actually brew, but I like to just save time and use club soda. I finely grate a ginger root and add it to about a quarter cup of honey. Then I add a tablespoon of lemon and lime juices. Mix that up really good until it's kinda like a syrup. I keep it in the fridge and whenever I need a glass I just add a heaping spoonful to a glass of club soda. There's some flakies from the ginger, but I kinda like the extra zing. There's probably lots of recipes out there where you can strain out the flakies if they bug you.

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