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I'm still not feeling any symptoms, but I hit cycle day 29 today. I think I've had cycles longer than 27 days maybe 3 times in 20 years. Well, other than my pregnancies. Even if I hadn't gotten a pile of positive tests last week, I'd start being suspicious now.

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I am 7 and a half weeks, having nausea every day from when I wake up all day on and off but worse in the mornings and if my stomach gets too empty, I'm finding carby foods to help take the edge off a little. That started at exactly 6 weeks. Other symptoms are very tender boobs since 4 weeks pregnant, going to the bathroom more often and really wanting to sleep at 7pm every night. I hold out until 8ish! I'm sure I could fall asleep at any time during the day if I let myself.

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I didn't get any morning sickness in my last pregnancies and I hope it will be the same this time. I just feel much more tired, and I get crazy hungry between meals. So lots of snacking! 

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Hmm, let's see. I'm 6 weeks + 2 days today and so far I'm tired but can't stay asleep. And I'm already getting the crazy-vivid pregnancy dreams when I do sleep. Was very crampy around 4 weeks but that has passed. Having lots of round ligament twinges already. A few wisps of nausea but nothing major yet. Never went beyond that with DD and hoping for the same with this pregnancy. Zero motivation to do anything once the sun sets. Also, really sore nipples, especially when BFing DD. But my biggest symptom by far is the moodiness. No, this is beyond moody. I am become a seething cauldron of rage. Seriously. At the drop of a hat I go from zero to ready to scream. And it's affecting how I parent DD, who is 2. Anyone deal with this before? Any tips for calming the beast?
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I don't really have any symptoms.  6 weeks today.  I've woke up starving to death a couple of times, have the lovely pregnancy insomnia that I normally get, and crazy dreams.   But that's it.  Typical for me though.  No sore breasts since 1st pregnancy, I don't get morning sickness, etc.

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Totally teared up at the end of Pimp My Ride 15DPO, that's when I knew I was pregnant. I don't even know why I was watching it?!


Feeling sick every second day, worse on empty stomach and straight after eating. Only 4.5 weeks so hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come :/


Sometimes I feel I've left my brain in bed, I'm forgetting everything - is that pregnancy though, or just an excuse? I blame the pregnancy, obv.


Dandy Lion, that recipe sounds amazing. Going to have to try it!


Sarah - me too, my colleague was humming to herself today and I . Wanted . To . Scream. I felt like such a beast for getting so angry so quickly! I wish I could share advice, but I'm just as bad. I try and remind myself it's actually probably my problem, they're my hormones after all and that makes me slightly less ragey..

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this is my first time being pregnant, so it's hard to tell what's from the pregnancy and what's just me. i'm having a SUPER hard time sleeping (waking up every hour or so), but i'm so tired all the time. i'm also super constipated (sorry, tmi). my breasts and nipples are pretty sore and i generally just feel so sort of crappy. i'm 5 1/2 weeks, so hopefully it doesn't get too much worse!

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No symptoms yet at 5 wks 1 day. My husband keeps telling me to stop freaking out, since I didn't have symptoms with my first two kids either, but man, I'd kill for a symptom at this point.

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This is my first time around so it's all new to me:


My boobs are sooo tender, one night I woke myself up several times because I kept laying on them and the pain would wake me up.


I get nauseous if I don't eat


I'm super hungry,


I'm soooo tired


and I am constantly spotting, I can't seem to stop.  We did an early ultrasound and heard the heartbeat after 6 weeks, and everything seems healthy.  But it's really irritating I've had to wear pantyliner's for almost a month straight now.  I'm really sensitive to materials and only have 2 cloth pads, so I've been doing a lot of washing.  It's so frustrating, this is the time where I get to escape that a little and yet it's almost worse because I don't know when the end will be.

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I have not been as nauseous as I was in my first pregnancy yet. Although, I don't think I knew I was pregnant this early last time--only 4 1/2 weeks so far. Super duper sore boobs though! I already started sleeping with a body pillow to support hips and separate my boobs (TMI!) while I sleep. It has helped!


I experienced a weird symptom yesterday getting my underarms waxed. Usually I just exhale and relax my body when she rips off the strips, but yesterday I felt like an invisible shield of energy around my uterus that forced me to just bare the pain locally (in my armpit) and my lower body was completely unassuming to the pain. It was so subconscious. Also, I use to tuck my cell phone under my leg while driving to feel if it vibrates. Now, I feel like it is toxic to be so close to the fetus, so I keep it in my purse as far from my body as possible.  I'm loving my maternal instincts kicking in. Pregnancy is the best :) I can't wait to have a baby bump :)

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Oh my gosh you guys! This is such a new experience for me because I didn't feel sick at all with my girls. With this one I am beyond tired, feel sick most of the day, my head feels foggy, and I eat but nothing really sounds good. To top it off most the time eating doesn't take the nausea away. Please say this will go away! Ok, I'm done complaining. blush.gif
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@SarahinDisguise - I feel your pain. I don't know if it's being tired all the time or uncomfortable or what but I am very temperamental. I hate it. I feel awful. I hope it's just hormones and that as we get used to it we'll calm down. I think low blood sugar is a factor, too, because after I eat I'll feel better. It's nice to know I'm not the only one :)

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hi ladies, 

i'm feeling pretty good but just off enough to know i'm pregnant. very tired, waves of nausea that are fine with some ginger tea, big belly!, a bit grumpy, waking once to go pee. i am 7.5 weeks.

I am very thankful that all is well so far, i am in maternity pants already!!!

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Originally Posted by lilmiss'mama View Post

Oh my gosh you guys! This is such a new experience for me because I didn't feel sick at all with my girls. With this one I am beyond tired, feel sick most of the day, my head feels foggy, and I eat but nothing really sounds good. To top it off most the time eating doesn't take the nausea away. Please say this will go away! Ok, I'm done complaining. blush.gif

All the feeling sick is very new to me too as with my son I didn't have any morning sickness or even tiredness that I can remember (it was 11 years ago!) I'm wondering if it bad now because I am quite a bit older and I was so young back then? Or maybe this one is a girl and that is why? Whatever the reason I'm not enjoying it right now. I feel sick on and off most of the day like you, which I'm really struggling with especially as I haven't told anyone I'm pregnant yet, I can't say I feel really sick just give me a minute, etc :( It's hard to make myself eat due to feeling so sick, yesterday was BAD ALL morning, even after breakfast I felt shaky too, so I made a big lunch and after that I felt somewhat better. A few hours later in the afternoon it was back again so I sipped water until I could get away to make a sandwich, eating that helped too.


One positive thing, I woke up for the second night feeling very sick around 2-3am and decided to try having half a glass of milk in bed, this seemed to work and the nausea went off enough for me to get back to sleep! So when I feel sick next I am going to try milk again :thumb 


Has anyone else tried drinking milk for the nausea? 

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Milk definitely helps with the nausea for me, snowydays. Last night at church I even made myself 3 makeshift steamers from hot water, half & half, and a sprinkle of sugar. Those really helped with the nauseous feelings.
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So I've had very tender breasts since the day before I tested and got a BFP which was about 3 weeks ago. Nausea started about 10 days ago (6 1/2 weeks) and the only thing that has worked, and worked incredibly well was http://www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/pregnancy/morning-wellness-tea.html It's worth giving a shot even if you don't like tea like me! I had frequent urination during week 5/6.. not anymore.

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I was told by my mw one time to eat at LEAST 2 grapes every 2 hours, just for the sake of keeping the blood sugar from swinging cause that's what causes the sick feeling....the blood sugar crashing.  Eat more if you feel up to it.  Ever since then, that's what I've always done and I've never had morning sickness.  If I wake up in the middle of the night hungry, I'll eat a banana, or a handful of grapes, or a piece of cheese and go back to bed.


Once the blood sugar bottoms out, you feel sick, and then you puke making you even more bottomed out to the point that it's a very difficult spiral to come out of.  Eating protein stabilizes blood sugar better than carbs and will last longer.  So that's even better.  Beef jerky, cheese, a boiled egg, etc.  Or for a fast fix, do both....a protein with a fruit.  The fruit will quickly stabilize the blood glucose, while the protein will hold you over longer.  So, cottage cheese and peaches, or apple and peanut butter, etc.

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Thanks for the nausea advice, I'm going to try all those tips ASAP! 

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Eating sugar actually made my nausea WORSE..I think because of the blood sugar swings. If I ate more protein (eggs) throughout the day it was better and I didnt have the middle of the night blood sugar issues...but really the only thing that has made that much of an impact was the tea.

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Thanks for the info on the tea! Sugary food seem to be making me sicker too. But somehow hard excersize is the thing that has helped me the most.

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