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Getting out of the tub to push? How realistic is it?

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Hi all, I haven't found a great solution to how to have a waterbirth in non-chlorAMinated water. I don't want to birth my baby in chloramine and destroy the flora that baby got from a vaginal birth, which is so crucial to lifelong immunity. Unfortunately, chloramine is much harder to effectively filter out than chlorine is and I haven't found a way. Nor have I figured out a way - even if I could cart tons of spring/sterile water up to the birth room - to effectively heat the water. I've thought about portable water heaters but wonder if all the chemicals in the heaters cancel out the benefits of them. 


Seeing as how the simpler answer is usually the right one...I'm trying to imagine just getting out of the birth pool for pushing to avoid the whole issue. I always wanted a waterbirth (this is #2 and maybe our last) so it's really not my favorite idea. But I'm trying to stay open to it. 


For those of you who have had waterbirths or assisted with them: 

- Have any of you gotten out of the pool to push? How did it affect your birth experience?

- Is it at all realistic that someone could start pushing IN the water but get out before the final pushes and finish on dry land? Or at that point do you lack the physical control to get out? 

- If you pushed IN the water, what was the benefit of being in water while you pushed? Did the pool help more with general labor pain and contractions and relaxation, or did it do a lot to help with pushing for you, and why? 


I should add that I had an easy time pushing last time on dry land, done in 45 mins for my first birth, and it doesn't scare me - I consider it a relief and it's the part about birth I don't mind. I had a posterior baby and the pain of back labor was waaay way worse than pushing could have been. 



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I can't answer, but I can tell you that, while I pushed for 45 minutes with my first birth, my second baby pretty much fell out with one push, and I couldn't easily move at that time. I'd suggest getting out as soon as you start to feel pushy.

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I have used water with several of my births but never birthed in them. I have usually gotten out by the time I am getting pushy. I think that it is probably realistic for you to be in the tub in the very early pushy bit and work on getting out at that point.


With my last baby (my first planned hospital birth), I was on a pit drip and they checked me and said I was only 4cm and I seriously about lost it, and the cnm said I could get in the water (Yay! The ob on the night before had said no.) So I got in but the tub was too thin and I couldn't move enough. It was really painful, but I got out and they checked me again and I was at 8cm then and got down to pushing really soon after that. My hubby said from the time I was really bearing down until she was out was about 10 minutes.

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Im glad Im not the only with the same concerns as you as far as birthing in unfiltered, chemical laden water goes...wish I had some advice for you. However when speaking to my midwives about my concerns they have assured me it is quite possible and they will watch for my ques and let me know when its time to get out. They even said if I wasnt able to physically get out myself they would carry me, so sweet! Around transition time, during the "calm before the storm" as Ive heard it called, I planned to get out and have a space set up close enough to the birthing tub to actually have the baby there. Its also alot easier to keep the baby warm while not wet in the water, the midwives can easily assess any blood loss or tears that have happened and take care of the placenta better. Also you will be able to just sit back, nurse and bask in your newborn glory and not have to worry about when the time comes that "ok NOW its time to get out of the tub and dry off". Ive thought about this extensively lately(Im due any moment now) and am open to change but its always good to have an idea how you would like it to go. Hoping your birth is everything you dreamed and more!!!

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You could also stay in the tub but drain the water
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If your preference is to labor in the tub and get out to push, let your midwives and support people know.


I had two waterbirths (babies 2 and 3) and two births where I used water for pain relief in transition and got out to have the baby. I could do it either way.

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Irielyn, that made me feel so much better. Thanks for all that well-thought-out information so I can see getting out as having an upside. 

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PS - Have a great birth Irielyn!

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Thanks pomegranate79....Im 2 weeks "over due" so Ive had alot of extra time to think of just about every possibility!

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I've labored in the water for each of my two births through transition and early pushing. I got out both times a few pushes from baby being out just because it felt like the right thing to do. You might need a hand, but it's completely possible. I was never set on having a waterbirth though, so it didn't affect my birth experience at all. Good luck!
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Good to know, I'm not sure I want to actually birth in my tub. Since it is a tub and not a pool, I don't know if I trust myself to stay underwater until the baby is completely out.

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you may have already had your baby, but I pushed in the tub and his head wasn't coming down much so actually got on the toilet and made a TON of progress. Walked to the side of the bed and pushed standing up. The tub was nice because it kept me warm and calm but i really like pushing with more gravity on my side! 

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I had pools for both my homebirths and both times I did the pushing out of the tub (in the bathroom).  My first homebirthed baby was born in the bathroom and for the second one I jumped back in the pool just before she was born because I wanted the water birth.

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I labored in water with the first two and dry pushed. With #2 (first homebirth) I got out and sat on a birth stool to move baby into a more favorable position to get the lip out of the way. I don't think my MW intended for me to push her out right there, just get the lip out of the way, but I was SO exhausted that I just got her the heck out of there, I was ready to go to bed! LOL!!

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I am going to have baby #6 this winter and just ordered a pool for the first time.  I never thought about the water- although I live on a farm and have just regular well water- so that is pretty good I guess :)  Thanks for all the good info ladies- I love the stories because I have no idea what to expect- it just seems like the time to try it out....

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I really loved being in the birth tub.  My pain levels were unbearable unless I was in the warm water.  My midwife had me get out a couple times to see if I would progress faster.  But, I couldn't bear it.  Getting back in the water took most of the pain away and I felt primarily the pressure from the contractions instead of pain.  It only took 18 minutes of pushing before our dd's arrival.  Another benefit that may be from being in the water is that I didn't tear at all.  Of course, I had excellent support from my midwife with perineum stretching, etc.  And she also had me wait to push through one contraction to make sure I didn't tear because she could tell I needed to stretch a little more.  But, I feel like having been in the water for so long (about 4-5 hours) did help loosen things up.  The next day, when my midwife examined me, she said that, aside from some swelling, I didn't even look like I had just had a baby!  Everyone is different, but I plan to have another water birth for our next birth!  It was amazing.

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