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He's beautiful! Congrats and HUGS! I had a NICU baby with my first, though not premature. I would be happy to chat with you if you need support or advice on getting your milk supply going while away from him. <3

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He looks great for such a little one. I pray that you will be able to be with him as much as possible to give him the love and care he needs from his mamma even though he is in special care at the hospital.

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He is beautiful, I am so glad to hear he is doing well.  4+ pounds is amazing, I hope he has a short and uneventful stay.

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What a doll! Congratulations! That's a great size for a preemie!
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Congratulations Rachel!  I'm so glad he's so hearty and healthy : )


Wow, your baby is here!  Wild to think that our babies are that big and real and all that...awesome. 


Blessings on you and your family during this tender time.  My first was in the NICU for only ten days, but it was quite a roller coaster of emotions.  Try and rest as much as you can, as you'll be up and down more going back and forth to the NICU...once you put clothes on people tend to not treat you as much like you just had a baby.  Take it easy and I hope you have lots of support.


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Congratulations!!! My DD1, born at 39 weeks, was only 5lb5oz!! 4lbs is a great weight for such a preemie!!!
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Congrats on your baby! I hope he is well and able to come home soon. Two of ours had starts in the NICU (though not premies), and they are now happy, healthy girls. Lots of good wishes that your story ends up the same. smile.gif
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Congrats, he's a cutie! I hope he's doing well and is able to go home with him very soon. He seems so big for this early.

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So sweet, mama!! Hugs to you and the little guy. I hope he is home soon!
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Congratulations! I can't imagine the whirlwind you've been through and I hope you both are doing fine by now. Like the others said, he's quite big for a preemie! This reminded me of the day my aunt brought her son (born at 28 weeks) home, he was so tiny and now he's a grown up man in medical school! 

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Oh, what a cutie! So sweet!:joy I am so glad to hear he is doing well, and as everyone said, what a great weight for a preemie! 


How are you doing, mama?  I hope you both are home soon!

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Thanks guys! They took him off the breathing tube the first day and he's eating enough now so that he doesn't need iv fluids. He's perfect. He has lost half a pound but he should gain it back the more he eats.
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Wow, what a trooper!!  What a sweet face!  He's doing amazing : )

Are they letting him nurse?  Are you able to hold him?  Does he have a name?!

Take care, mama-

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What great news! Such a handsome face, too!


I hope you are getting some good cuddle time with him.


Keep the pics coming!

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Awesome! I hope you get to take him home soon :)


Just realized, he's the DDC's first baby!


How are you recovering from the birth?

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His name is Noah. They don't let me nurse but I pump and they give it to him. He's gained a few ounces back, but he's eating more and more every day so he should start gaining more weight. He hasn't had any help berthing for a few days. I'm thinking he'll be coming home a few weeks earlier than expected. I'm doing great as well I was on my feet right after he was born.

He's a happy baby
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Breathing *
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Aw, sweet little Noah.  The pictures are precious.


Where's our birth announcement page?!  Should I start one?  I'm due so late in December, I probably could catch most of the babies before I have mine.

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That is such wonderful news! It sounds like things are going as well as can be, considering. And yay that he might even go home early! :-D

Mataji, we totally need a birth announcement thread. I was actually thinking a few weeks ago that we should do it like the due date thread, with a post at the top that gets edited, so we can easily see who's had their baby so far, and who's still waiting. What do y'all think?
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Yeah, that's what I've seen before.  People post there when they've had their babies and then the thread starter just adds their info to the list.

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