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9 weeks p/g but don't feel p/g...

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Hey Mamas


I'm 9 weeks p/g with #2....up until a week ago the only symptoms I had were being very hungry and very tired...but these have subsided.


I know, I know.....many Mamas to be are dealing with overwhelming morning sickness and other symptoms...so I'm lucky in that regard.


But...is it any cause for concern?  I'm seeing my midwife later this week so I guess I can seek her advice.  I guess it hasn't really sunken in that I'm actually p/g and it feels like it's taking forever to make the official announcement.....

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I'm also 9wks pregnant, but with #1.  My symptoms were also mild and are subsiding.  I feel like unless I have a clear indicator that something is terribly wrong (bad cramping/bleeding), I shouldn't borrow trouble by worrying.  I know. Easier said than done.  My mom didn't have any symptoms at all with her (healthy) 2nd & 3rd baby.  Have you joined the May Due Date Club?  Lots of us over there are getting over our symptoms. :)

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When I was pregnant with DD, I was sick ALL THE TIME until 20ish weeks, then it came back towards the end. This time, it's been much milder and the symptoms started subsiding around 9 weeks. I got concerned because I've had a m/c before, and plus I just think it's normal to worry at this point!


Anyway, I had a midwife appointment last week (almost 11 weeks) and everything is on track and we heard the heartbeat with the Doppler. So even though its easier said than done, I'd try not to worry too much.

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The only symptom I remember at 9 weeks with DS was a mild nausea (which was more of a preference for plain foods, not even close to vomiting) and that my boobs were bigger.

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With my first pregnancy I didn't even know until I was about 3 months along, I'd had a light "period" and felt mostly fine...a little dizzy sometimes and maybe mild ookiness but i was pretty underweight then and had those problems anyway. I only found out because my breasts had gotten bigger and one day my mom said "Selissa your boobs are huge! you're pregnant" I argued that i wasn't, but later that night i almost passed out in my dinner and decided i should check that whole pregnancy thing out. lol


and sure enough i was :)

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Urgh so today I saw the midwife....at 9 weeks but the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks.  I've never had a miscarriage before and this is heartbreaking.

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oh no honey, i'm so sorry to hear that (((hugs)))

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