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Hello! First Time Mom

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I am a first time Mom expecting a little girl in Feb!! We have tried for 7 years, had losses and an ectopic so finally did IVF and it worked! We are beyond grateful, blessed and excited :) Hoping to get as much information and insight from other Mom's as possible here. 

We want to do a natural birth and have a doula. I can feel her moving around all the time and can't wait to meet her when she arrives!! 



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Welcome to Mothering! 


I think you'll like it here. There are lots of great parents who can share their experiences with you. Jump in! Ask a question, start a thread, answer someone's question, give advice. Make yourself at home.

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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!!


My first was an IVF baby, and it is such a thrill when you get the good news.   Congratulations!  I suggest you join a Due Date Club, and check out our Pregnancy and Birth section.  Our members are the best. :)  We also have a lot of pregnancy articles to read too. :)



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