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Oh and I cramped the whole flight and still am now. Not pressure, not twinges...real live cramps ;P
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So I guess the points just accumlate each day that you add symptoms? That's like a reward for recording them! lol

Hopefully the cramps will go away soon!!! I don't really have cramps, mine's more of a pulsing/throbbing kind of feeling. I didn't really have it at all yesterday with the exception of a few random twinges. Today it hasn't been nearly as strong as Tuesday. What day is AF due for you? AF should show up by Tuesday for me. greensad.gif

I am absolutely starving this afternoon! That's nothing unusual though! Going to try and walk a couple miles with a friend after work! I have been WAY too lazy the past few weeks.

I hope you have a great visit with your DH! orngbiggrin.gif
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I'm here and finally no longer cramping - probably a solid three hours of it. I'm hopeful it means something promising!

I seriously laughed out loud at your reward comment hahaha!

I'm tired and ready for bed, but he wants to walk :/ I hope you enjoyed yours smile.gif looking forward to checking our temps tomorrow!
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AF should come by Wednesday for me.

Implanation dip for me? After all the cramping?
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I had a pretty big temp dip this am too! I wish I had more faith that it's implantation! Of course I'm telling myself that it's because the temperature in the house at night is much cooler than it has been. (Haven't turned the heat on yet-I love this time of year!) And of course, I have read all about that too and it looks like that isn't supposed to make a difference! And then of course I had to look at charts with temps similar to mine that got a BFP! I'm telling you the closer I get to AF, the crazier I become......but I guess that's normal, isn't it? LOL

BTW, funny how this has kind of become our own forum!

I am so looking forward to the weekend! Two whole days at home! smile.gif I hope you have a great weekend away with DH!

Now back to work for me!
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Hahaa no kidding! I saw the "saner" thread and I'm like whoops guess I'm not allowed :P

More cramping this morning! This is good right? I mean, why else would I be cramping 5 days before the wench? I also spent some of this morning looking at "charts like mine..."

I'm visiting with my mom's bestie while he's at work, then we finally have the weekend together. Last night I was so tired and he had to work on a presentation...asleep before he got to bed! Oh, and I was SO HOT last night I kept kicking the blankets off, and by morning I was COLD...hmph!

Enjoy your day! I keep checkin on your chart to see if you've added any new symptoms wink1.gif
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I'm SO effing bloated and miserable I want to cry. I'm literally writing this from the bathroom, where me & my giant, air-filled belly are begging for the 'powers that be' to pop me with a pin so I'll deflate! I better be pregnant, because I can't think of one other legit reason as to why I can't consume a small amount of risotto without feeling like I want to explode...!

Hope you're having a nice evening smile.gif
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I totally had an entire post typed out and when I hit submit.... The screen just went blank! Good thing it's Saturday morning!

So here it goes again! I hope you are feeling better! That is miserable but it could be a pregnancy symptom! I haven't checked out your chart today but will in just a minute!

I got home to unexpected company last night that DH invited over to watch the Cardinals game who by the way, are going to the World Series! joy.gif DD had her best friend over to spend the night and then DH's DD stopped by after she got off work at 11, she's a nurse and works crazy hours right now. We were up until 2!! I haven't stayed up that late in forever!

Needless to say, I slept in until 8! So my temp, even though it jumped way up, probably isn't accurate. greensad.gif I also started spotting which has become normal for me since August. As much as I want to be, I just don't feel pregnant. But next month looks good for trying!! I guess I will make an appointment to have hormone levels checked! I had a 21-day progesterone test last week and the results were within normal limits (13.89) but the nurse said the Dr. likes them around 20 or higher. Hopefully next month will be our month!

I hope you are having a great weekend! smile.gif
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What prompted you to get the 21-day progesterone test? Bc of the mc?

Just when I was startin' to like you, you went ahead & mentioned the cardinals ;P born and raised Cubs fan, like it or not! My son, however, is destined to be a cardinals fan. My ex husband is from Peoria and they always said - in their family - that cubs/cardinals skips a generation, so his grandfather always teases that my son will miss the Cubs boat. Frankly, it's a whole lot of heartache anyway...!

Today was a super long day! We spent a lot of the day driving, hiking, walking & eating! I didn't sleep well because someone snored all night, so I'm not super confident about my temp either. However, I do, feel pregnant. I'm not sure how I even O'd on schedule after last month, but it seems I did. I'm going to wait to test until Tuesday morning, the day before AF is due.

I hope you had a great day and got some rest! It ain't over til it's over! Every pregnancy is different, and so are the symptoms often! So you just never know smile.gif
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11 DPO and tested in the evening anyway. Negative with the clear blue digi. Dejected! Even though in my right mind probably wouldn't even show positive at 11 DPO on a digi, at night. Ugh

Trying to decide if I should use the other test for tomorrow first morning urine at 12 DPO...?
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Decided not to test this morning. Thought maybe temp dip at 10 DPO could be implantation (???) so figured I would wait it out and stick to original plan of testing at 13 DPO with FMU. Maybe even wait til the following day when AF is due. Wish my temps weren't hovering where they are for past two days...
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Good morning! We were so busy this weekend! How was your weekend? I don't blame you about not testing. Since the CP ordeal I have refused to test until AF doesn't show up! So far she has been right on time.... greensad.gif

Nothing too exciting in regards to symptoms or lack therof. BBS a little tender especially first thing in the AM and late at night.

This morning though, I woke up with DH and after laying in bed for a minutes, I noticed I had the weirdest pain. Sharp pain in my abdomen! All of the sudden it was like I was bloated and couldn't move without feeling pain in different spots in my abdomen. Made me think of you the other night! I'm pretty sure it was just the completely unhealthy food over the weekend! If there was any way for me to call in to work, I promise you I would have! I'm feeling a little better but would feel much better laying in bed!

My temp seems to be slowly dropping and given my constant irritability over the weekend, I'm expecting AF to show up right on time tomorrow!

I still have hope for you though!! So exciting! Let me know what you find out! smile.gif
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Hi, lady!

I'm in the same bbs boat as you - super sore in the mornings and evenings! But that could be AF. I'm getting a 63 on the pregnancy monitor now...

Busy morning here too! I am going to wait until 14 DPO/day AF is due. Last night's test just bummed me out!!
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Originally Posted by phunkymama1 View Post

11 DPO and tested in the evening anyway. Negative with the clear blue digi. Dejected! Even though in my right mind probably wouldn't even show positive at 11 DPO on a digi, at night. Ugh

Trying to decide if I should use the other test for tomorrow first morning urine at 12 DPO...?


I'm sorry! I totally missed this post! greensad.gif It is still early! Don't let it get you down!
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Who am I kidding?! I'm testing again, but not with a digi because I can't analyze the darkness of a line on a digi!

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BFN!!! Grrrrr I hate this greensad.gif

Eta: basically ANY and ALL symptoms until implantation are a total farce! They mean nothing! Our bodies produce progesterone just in case our bodies decide to defy the odds and the egg wants to implant. If not, the wench shows up and sheds all the "just in case!" So what's the point of tracking symptoms? Do you sense my bitterness? :P
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I totally feel your frustration!! I am forcing myself not to test. It's pretty easy considering I don't feel anything AT ALL! Where are all these symptoms I am supposed to have!?!? smile.gif

It's okay, Monday is almost over. I think I need to put all my focus into finding a new job. I absolutely hate my job! That's what I need to be obsessing about! (Instead of googling: No symptoms and BFP ALL DAY! ) I have come to the conclustion that the only two things that I like about my job are stability and pay. Isn't that awful? I try to make myself like it but it's just not happening any more. I have tried looking but I don't really have the time. Everyday I ask myself, "I went to college to do this?" I have worked for the same company for almost 8 years! I need a change.....or a baby! I would prefer a baby!


Okay enough about that! Sorry about the rant! The job market here is awful, especially if you want to have babies!

Maybe I will test tonight even without symptoms..........hmmmmm. I know if it's BFN I will be totally bummed when I am expecting AF to show up tomorrow anyway! It would be a waste of a perfectly good test! I only have to be strong for 12 more hours or so and then AF will start and this crazy cycle will start again! Yea! (Why is there still not a sarcasm font?)

I will deftinitely be taking that insider tip BTW! LOL Hilarious! I keep thinking if I'm not PG than you better be!

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be back later still complaining about not even having AF symptoms. Except for my face breaking out......FUN! orngbiggrin.gif

Don't let yourself get down though! You can always search stories for late BFP! orngbiggrin.gif
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I edited my recent post while you were posting. Read yours and will post after class. Just saw my lil man for a brief second - missed his face after ATL! Late to class because of a road closure and kinda flipped my lid a bit...prob a sign of stupid AF!
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I feel you on the job front! I was in the same industry (commercial real estate) for 8 years and then after many moons of your described feelings above and ALL the work I was putting in, I let bygones be bygones. After a promotion and a pay increase I left the industry for less money and a job closer to home. Less stress, a shorter commute and I get to be a mom helper at my son's school on my lunch breaks! The quality of life improvement was worth the pay cut! I'm happier, I have more energy (more positive energy, at that!) and my son is happier. You just have to do what is best for YOU and your family, because all the hours of something you dislike is not worth it. As far as I'm concerned this is all there is, so we should shape and mold our lives to what makes our quality of life the best, as a whole, without strapping ourselves financially in the process. Ahhh don't even get me started on government and society....!

At least you don't have a bunch of phantom symptoms, that don't mean anything, and aren't eliciting a BFP either! What a roller coaster! I'm hoping one of us show a BFP in the days to come. Honestly, I'll take whatever at this point!

If it doesn't happen this cycle we aren't going to try :/ I'm sad about it, but I'm just not going to try to force it. I'm fertile, he's got good swimmers, what will be will be! I may continue to temp though...just not going to make a timed production outta it.

I'm exhausted (fake pg symptom #200!) so it's lights out for this gal!
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BFN. I'm out. Should know by now. Blah! AF due Thursday (thought Wednesday). Getting a 71 on pregnancy monitor...

This is from my ff cycle summary:
Average Day Past Ovulation (DPO) for the first positive pregnancy test: 13.6 DPO
Average DPO for the first "false" negative test result: 10.3 DPO
Percentage of pregnancy charts with a positive test at 10 DPO: 10%
Percentage of pregnancy charts which show negative results before a positive result: 17%
Average time between the expected period and the first positive pregnancy test: 0.5 days before the expected period.

Kinda hopeful, I guess...but trying to be realistic too.
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