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Milk Disappearing :( So Painful - What Could Be Causing This?

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DS is now 2 and a half, and we've had the best nursing relationship (through all the ups and downs) - but this is a new one for me! 


Right around the time I ovulated this month (which is a ballpark - not my best charting month), my nipples became so incredible sore! :( Over the past week, it's continued (to the point I dread nursing, when I used to love it). No signs of thrush or infection, DS has had all his teeth for a while - but I am seeing lots of teeth marks and clamping down...which I just realized is from low supply.  There is nothing coming out at all when I hand express (or a couple drops, most) and I only hear him swallow maaaaaybe 3-4 times per super long nursing session.  I've been working with him on his latch, but when no milk comes out, he'll unlatch, re-latch, unlatch, re-latch, clamp down, etc.


He's still nursing several times a day (every couple hours, all night, during naps), but we have had some days out of the house leading up to this where it was stretched to 3-4 hours once a day - could that be enough to do this?


I also know that alot of women experience a dip in supply after O and before AF - I've had that happen before - but nothing like this!  None of this pain, or this big a drop.  


I eat oatmeal every day, drink lots of water - I'm adding Mother's Milk tea back in - any other ideas?


TIA! :)


PS - even with this month being a charting flop, I really doubt I'm pg.


ETA - I just realized I've also added running back in the mix this past week. Not a ton, just 3x week, 30-40 minutes (2.5-3 miles) - could that do this?

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every month around ovulation my nipples would kill for the 2 weeks till my period would start.  When i was pregnant they hurt less than when it was just the hormones from ovulation.  Mine started right at my first ovulation though.

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Yikes, sorry to hear that! I'm hoping maybe this is just a weird month hormone-wise - and not a new trend. :p Did your supply drop?

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Day 2 of Mother's Milk tea, seems to be helping via boosting supply (quite sore but less clamping down/teeth marks).

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I am tandem nursing a 2 and almost 4 year old. I frequently go 12 hours without nursing and still have lots of milk. I don't think 3 to 4 hours would be the cause. Maybe with the running you need to drink more?
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Thanks - I'm definitely trying to increase it, but I usually drink alot as it is.


I do know that I had multiple milk blebs - which I was able to clear after a hot shower last night, and the pain has steadily dropped off since then (still sore, but nowhere near as awful).  So maybe increasing supply with fenugreek tea helped flush those out?


I wonder if it was caused by friction from running...or if the supply drop let to clamping down/bad latch and that caused it.  Chicken or the egg, I guess.  Hope it all clears up soon - thanks for your help!  

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