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a special request

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Hi Ladies,


I have a special request for you and a question. Just last thursday I found out my dh had an affair for the last couple of weeks. It's been a hard ride to say the least, but what I need help with is my milk.  I have been drinking some teas to help me stay cool, but sometimes this is stronger than me, and I'm afraid this wil affect my milk supply.


 Do you have suggestions as of teas or something that will help me keep my cool.


 I was also thinking of getting some antidepressants, which I have never needed, but is there anything that won't interfere with my milk production? 


 I'm in Mexico and doctors here are not supportive of breastfeeding at all, so I'm afaid to ask about it to a dr, though some of you might have some suggestions.




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Cuau - Lo siento mucho!! I've been taking herbal tinctures for PPD. Not sure if they will help you or were you can get them in Juarez. 


Motherwort, Rhodiola, ashwagandah, blue vervain, and american skull cap. 


all of these were approved by my midwives and ND and do not affect milk production. I want to recommend that you also take some probiotics and vitamin D to help your immune system handle the stress you must be going through. Lecithin may be a good idea as well to prevent mastitis which can be triggered by stress as well.


cuidate! Mi corazón esta contigo. 

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:Hug Cuau, my heart goes out to you.


There's always Fenugreek seed which I've taken throughout lactation when tandem nursing. It's not so much for depression as for a healthy lactation so I don't know if it would be helpful to you but it sure increased my milk by quite a bit. I've also used St. johns wort.

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Thanks littlegreenlady and bumkinsMum. I went to the store last night and got a tea, it seems to have helped with anxiety. Although Tonatiuh cried at lot before sleeping, I wonder if is something related to depression.



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I don't have anything to recommend, only hugs and healing to send out to you! 

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So sorry to hear this mama, my heart goes out to you!! Stress can definitely cause mastitis so nurse often. I used Zoloft after our 3 year old came to help with PPD and fenugreek to help with supply.
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How are things going Cuau?? I've been thinking about you lately and hoping you were doing ok and that your supply is staying consistent for your LO.
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Thanks for asking Shanna-cat and thanks for those who have given suggestions.


My milk supply has actually increased, but something is getting on my milk that is making baby T upset at night.  Baby has lactose intolerance, and the other day I had a piza slice...  not a smart choice.


I've been spending a lot of time at marriagebuilders, is such a blessing.


I'm also very thankful for having baby T with me, he is definetly my strenght. It's so amazing that such little babes can carry so much weight and happiness.

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Skullcap is strong and helpful herb. So is passionflower, my favorite. I used it during a time when I was experiencing massive panic after a really bad break up (from a really bad relationship). My heart goes out to you. I'm sorry you are experiencing this. Also, I am always hesitant to bring this up, but I know cannabis can be extremely helpful to some people, and there are studies that show it is not harmful during pregnancy and breastfeeding (look up Dr. Melanie Dreher's studies on this). I hope I don't offend anyone. I'm only offering what knowledge I have. I also know that it is not helpful for everyone, and if used excessively may cause laziness or apathy which you do not want as a mom. So my suggestion would be to first try passionflower or skullcap, or other nervines. smile.gif
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don't know about cannabis for a mommy. But if you decide to consider it, it may be helpful to know that eating it straight (not rendered in fat or alcohol) is effective for health purposes without as much of the mind altering effect. Also if you are cosleeping It may be better to not take it before bed.

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Just wanted to offer some ((hugs)) to you.

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Thank you all for your kind thoughts and suggestions. I've been drinking a mexican herb.. its called tizana indio, it's been a lot of help.  In the evenings  I drink another tea, it's called tension tamer, that one works wonders too. I have also been using lavander to help with mood changes.


 I'll look into passionflower, never heard of it.



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Hugs!! So sorry this has happened. I hope your supply is plentiful and that you're finding strength daily to get through this.
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