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first time mom!

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hey everyone! my name is alex and i live in jersey city, nj (although i work in manhattan). i am 29 and i have no kids and this is my first time being pregnant!!! from what i can find, it looks like i'm due around june 15. i tested positive at home with my husband two days ago (twice), and now i'm waiting until tomorrow to make an appointment with my doctor to be tested to make sure. so excited!


my husband and i own and operate a restaurant (he is the chef, i do everything else), and i also work a full-time job in the city, so it will be interesting figuring out how to juggle everything.


both my sisters and my mom gave birth at home to all three of their children (9 total, including me!), so i am 75% sure that's the road i want to go down. can't wait to be sure so that i can call them up and get their opinions.

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Congratulations and welcome to Mothering!!!


You should join a Due Date Club, it looks like June is up and running!  Also, you might want to check out our Homebirth forum and our Pregnancy and Birth section in general.



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thanks, @AdinaL ! i have joined the june due date club, and will def check out those forums.

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