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Belly Bumps- Third Trimester

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29 weeks (last week at the pumpkin patch)-



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Jenny what a lovely photo! 


I think if I don't take a photo now, the baby might get here before i get around to it. So here's me at home at 32 weeks:

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31 weeks today!  This little boy LOVES his baby brother- so precious!




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What great photos, ladies. Love to see the big bumps!
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I just got my maternity photos back from the photographer yesterday.  This is me with my DH at 31 weeks.

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So nice when husbands can be in the photos too!

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Lilacvioletiris, very cute photo! You guys remind me of my husband and I. Usually DH is wearing a jacket when outside and I am still running around in a t-shirt :) these babies are like furnaces! 

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31 weeks with the girls (2 weeks ago). My baby shower is being held next weekend at my home, I will be back to post a better and more recent photo :) 


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Yay twin mamas!!  You ladies are amazing- a double miracle!

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Yay! looking awesome, mamas! Love these big bumps...its starting to feel really third trimester! Here is me heading into the gym (phew) at 33 weeks. 

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Terrible pic but the only one I have. I had just cleaned the mirror with a baby wipe which is a horrible way to clean a mirror! haha! anyway, this is me two weeks ago at 33 weeks

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33 WEEKS...just grew a ton this past week!!  I sent this picture to my mom, aunt, sister, etc, and they were all freaking out- "are you sure there's just one?", "he's going to be walking by Christmas!" and other commentary to indicate I am ENORMOUS!  




After all the comments I took another picture this morning, and as I was suspecting, gravity really does take it's toll by the end of the day!!









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Sad! You look great! Everybody here does! :-)
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36 weeks - I have barely gained any weight lately but belly is definitely getting bigger - and I can't stand pants any more. Certainly not complaining!


oh sorry about the laundry in the back :Sheepish


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Wow! Y'all look awesome!


(Jenny, I have the same maternity shirt that you are wearing in evening pic. I love that shirt!)

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Haven't been posting too much, but here is my 33 weeks!
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Finally have a pic and it's not letting me post. Grrr.
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Ok, got it :)  34w3d


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My recent one is here: http://www.harvestofdailylife.com/the-pregnancy-home-stretch-is-here-36-weeks-pregnant-and-counting


I'm 36 weeks and feeling mighty huge, as usual :)

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