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Mama Rubin, congratulations

Vaq. How are you doing now?
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So many terrific things going on!!!
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Vaquita how are you? Those sound like labor signs unless you did eat something bad. Hope you got more sleep and or are having baby smile.gif
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Well, no labor. After sipping some herbal tea, doing some pelvic tilts, then retching a bit (which, while no fun, at least got rid of my I'm about to vomit feeling), I was so tired and laid down on the couch and went back to sleep. I was up less than an hour. I did continue to have some ctx, but slept through them. I had one or two this morning when I woke up, but they're basically gone now. It doesn't seem likely that it was my dinner because all I had was leftovers from the night before.
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Vaquitita, a good friend made these lemon cupcakes once and went into labor the next day. I decided to make them and the next morning was when things kicked off for me. It's totally silly, but if you like cupcakes, why not?


The only adjustments I made were replacing vanilla extract with lemon extract, and adding more lemon peel.

This recipe yielded three dozen cupcakes. I ate at least six!

If you make them, come back and report!
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Electrical, I think I'll try those Monday if I haven't had my baby yet. smile.gif
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Cool =) It's so silly, of course, but if it doesn't work, the worst thing you have is a bunch of yummy lemon cupcakes =) You could even just make it as a cake, I think!
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Yeah mama Rubin - sounds ideal to me !
Vaq- sorry ur having so many symptoms w/out actual labor.
Those cupcakes sound good.
I dream of fluffy whippy cakes and cream pies almost nightly .
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Hey Xzavier's mom- is there a reader option when you go to the site on your phone ? If so, get in that mode and posting might be easier . Good luck !!!!
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Congrats Mama Rubin! I've got 4 boys as well... fun stuff!

SunnieP, is that the same as switching it to desktop mode? I'm so not tech savvy..lol! So far I've left it off of "mobile", and I'm able to post, so I guess this works.

I'm only 39 +3, and I'm already having the "this baby is never going to come" feeling. I don't know why I feel so hopeless all the sudden... my third baby was 8 days "late", so I shouldn't be surprised. Just so tired of the misleading Braxton hicks, I suppose.
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I may have to try those cupcakes! They sound totally yummy. Maybe I can pick up some powdered sugar today...
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Xzavier's mam- as long as ur able to post that's good, and shoot- I wish I was 39 and three ! I'm going on 38 and I'm scrutinizing the toilet paper already. Haha .
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Hahaha, me too! Had a little glob of mucous last night, and got all excited... then I slept through the night, and woke up frustrated. My husband is enjoying my nightly demand for sex though, so I'm sure he's fine with baby taking her time...lol
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Having contractions, clearing myself out. Making tea to see if that makes things calm down, but pretty sure this time is real. Not sure how long I should wait to call the midwife and doula.
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Best wishes 100%mom!!!!!!
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Bloody show last night at 11 and nearly every trip to the bathroom since then. I had some pretty good contractions this morning, but they've calmed down since I took a nap. I just ate lunch, and now we'regonna go walk around the mall for a bit.
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Sounds like you're ready !
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Ultra, how are you feeling?


Ugh, contractions every 5-10 min yesterday afternoon/evening with some extreme low back pain, and then stop.  Nothing at night to keep me up. Very tiny amount of bloody show in mucus this morning.  No ctx yet today.  This start/stop early labor is so frustrating.  I was hoping to wake to water broken, or full out labor, sheesh.

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Such a strange circumstance for me. If I could pick a time for a baby to be born it would not be right now! I am 38 weeks and think I'm getting close! My friend just passed away a week and a half ago due to serious kidney problems, huge shock to all of us. And then just today my husband's uncle just passed away, also very unexpected, kidney cancer ironically. My 6 yr old has the flu, my family is out-of-town to be there with family after the loss of my husband's uncle. Ugh...wondering if the stress is speeding up the process. If baby comes, he comes. It will be a very happy break in the madness.


So anyway, the midwife yesterday said I am a loose 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and Zero station. She said the baby is very low! I'm pretty sure I have been losing the mucous plug over the last week. Have been having BH contractions noticeably for the last week or two. In the last few days they've been stronger and more frequent but still irregular. I have been pooping a lot, which I hear your body may do before labor to clean itself out. Have been nauseous and sometimes light-headed, and kind of anxious and excited for the baby. Generally just feeling "different." In different circumstances, I would be walking up a storm and naturally inducing to get labor going. But with everything going on, I am trying to take it really easy to see if he'll wait at least a few more days. So that's my crazy early labor story. :/

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Rachel, I'm so sorry for all the loss you've had. My baby was very low for a few weeks. I didn't get checked this pg, but with one if my babies I walked around at a 3 for a month and at 5 cm dilated for 4 days. This time I cleared out about 5 days before the birth and figured nothing would happen because there was no clearing out until I was actually in labor. All this to say your baby may still wait a while.
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