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I am due Saturday (Nov 16) but at 37 weeks exactly I had my water break in a chinese restaurant. LOL!. This is my 6th baby, I know it broke - there was a huge gush and its was NOT pee - but to make a long story short it turns out I had a double bag or it resealed. After 12 hours there was no sign of amniotic fluid so they felt since I was early it was best to send me home. That was a crazy day. On the one hand I was glad that baby was ok to stay in a little longer, I wasn't ready, but on the other hand it has made the last few weeks just feel like forever since I really thought baby as coming! We followed up with an AFI and baby is doing great and no more leakage.


So now its been nearly 3 weeks and I have had labor off and on like crazy. I get contraction runs and just as they start to get intense they stop. I have frequent and intense cervical pain and pressure. Stops me right in my tracks. Last check I was a loose 3, 75% and baby was at a -1. MW said things look really promising so we went walking all day yesterday but all it did was wear me out. This is my 4th VBA2C so we are avoiding induction but all my other VBACs have been induced so I am not super confident in my body's ability to go into labor on its own. Even when I have pitocin, I have had to really concentrate and work with my body to get things going and staying steady. I try to do that this time but most of my contraction runs start at night around 11 and by 2 am I am beat and just want to sleep. Nipple stim is a no go - it doesn't strengthen anything and frankly is super annoying!


2 days ago I had big globs of blood tinged mucus come out over the course of a few hours. I assume that was the mucus plug? So I started getting excited....then last night my 2 yr old woke with a fever and croupy cough and I have a sore throat and I started thinking, maybe its best if this baby stays in! Just trying to take things one day at a time. The lemon cupcakes sound nice. DH wants to make me some eggplant parmesan too! 

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Earthmama, sounds like you're not far off! That sounds like your plug! When my water broke on the morning of the 5th (lost my plug that morning, not in big globs but a smoother texture; baby girl the following night!), there was another pocket inside, or so I was told!

In the days prior to my labor, I had slices of fresh pineapple, for sure. Mmm! My husband and I were intimate, of course. =) I also walked a lot. The lemon cupcakes came the night before my mucus/water; although while I was shopping for supplies I had a bout of prodromal labor (which had been going on since October 26). LOL.

When I made my cupcakes I used lemon extract in place of vanilla and added extra lemon peel. =) If you make them, let me know how they turn out! I had several left over that I brought with me to the nurses' station; I figured I had no idea when I'd be coming home and didn't want the cupcakes to go bad... Plus, being nice to the nurses means they're extra cool with you if things don't go according to your plan (which happened in my case).

I hope your two-year old feels better very soon!
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What do you think in the cupcakes helps?  They sound good, I like lemon.


EArthmamma-maybe soon.  Though I lost my plug weeks ago, had bloody show that stopped.  Now just waiting.  You're right, there are two layers to the sac, so it can tear high up if small and reseal.  

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Feeling a lot of low crampyness today. To me this means effacement. Maybe I just made that up? Anyways, it feels good knowing that my body may finally be starting to do something!

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Oh, I posted a reply about the cupcakes and it didn't take! Woops! There's a cupcake shop on the east coast that has a lemon flavor that has supposedly helped women get into labor, LOL!, and in news interviews the shop owner credits the fresh lemon peel!
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