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And my dad just sent me a plane ticket receipt for my mom... She was still in Texas.  Looks like she'll get to town about 4:30... she might make it.  Yay for frequent flyer miles, I guess....  :)  (My mom is a bit crazy about babies...)

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sending good labor vibes your way hapersmion :goodvibes

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Haper, my last baby came the day before 38 wks too with the water breaking first. Hope your mom makes it there for you. Exciting!!
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Hapersmion, oh wow, yay. Hope mom makes it and all goes well smile.gif

Nov babies are coming early!
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Still nothing going on, but I'm trying to be patient.  :)  Looks like my mom will probably have plenty of time. 

Apparently the midwife wants me to do Hibiclens diluted in a squirt bottle whenever I go to the bathroom...not sure I want to.  I didn't ever consider it, so I haven't done my usual research... But I did without it (never got tested for group B strep either) the other two times, with no trouble.  I don't really want to expose the baby to antibiotics and who knows what - and I don't want to kill off my good bacteria at the same time.  Hmm.

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:)  38 weeks tomorrow, this is the earliest I've gone.  Contractions are 6-7 minutes apart now, but still not stronger than braxton-hicks.  That's how things went the first time, my water broke and I didn't have painful contractions until 9 hours later.  But with my second, the contractions started in strong and painful right away (but the labor was only two hours shorter, I felt cheated).  We'll see how it goes this time.

We don't have a Halloween costume!  (Or a name...)  And I still want to take belly pictures, should probably do that now.  Or maybe have breakfast. 

I say breakfast (mmm food) and then belly pictures!!  How exciting!! :bgbounce

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Yup, did those things.  And had a nap.  And am having no contractions.  :P  Kind of annoying.

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Best wishes, hapersmion!!!!!

I'm 36 and 3 today. Found out this morning baby is breech after one week of being head down after being transverse. Sigh. They'll measure him next Monday but I already sense he is on track to be bigger than DD who was 9 lbs 5 oz at 40 and 3. Given that, I'm mentally preparing for a c-section at 39 weeks unless I go into labor before then. After two unmedicated vaginal deliveries, it's a little disappointing but I'm trying to stay positive!
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Hapersmion-what's the time frame your mw is giving with no ctx yet?  Was it for sure amniotic fluid-are you still leaking?  


Ka-wow, did you feel him flip?  That's a big turn.  He could still turn, it will be harder though.  Sparklemom had luck with a chiro using a certain method to get hers to get head down from transverse.  It's worth a try.  Don't give up yet.  Use lots of visuals and do spinning babies to help.

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Ka, I'm sorry. I 2nd hippy. Baby can still turn.
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ka2003, good luck with the baby turning!  And remember that they really can't tell weight - and even if they could it isn't an indication for c-section!  My breech was only 8 pounds, but he lost some weight in meconium before we could weigh him.  :)  I hope everything works out for you!

My midwife said that if I wasn't having contractions tomorrow we'd need to try some herbs and stuff.   But I've been having some for the past hour or so, yay!  They're still only of moderate strength, but I don't have to wonder if they're real or not!  :)  I just had a stretch of 11 minutes with 9 contractions... they seem to have slowed down to 4 minutes apart now that I'm sitting.  I should probably get back up.  :)  I went for a longish walk without much going on, then laid down with my husband for about 15 seconds and had a big one, and they kept going since then.  I made cookies and ate a whole bunch of nice raw cookie dough.  Heh, a hospital would just love that, right?  :)  I think the baby wants cookies. 

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Yay, hapersmion! FX for a good birthing! Glad you got belly pics while you still can. (And wow, now I want cookies...)


Ka2003, I second hippy and the others: There's still time for a flip! The thing a chiro can do is called "the Webster technique", and it's supposed to work wonders with breech babes... I haven't needed it myself, but my chiropractor let me know a while ago that he's trained to do it, and has had a 100% success rate. Good luck!

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Hapersmion-lol.  There's no way I could be making cookies while in labor :)  You're so calm about this.  Glad your mw is too.  How are things moving along today?  Hope baby is here.


Ka-I'm with the others-they can be 2# off on weight and 9# is not a reason for csec.  Plus measurement will be off pending baby's position or if dropped etc.  Don't let them push you into one, you have till 42wks to schedule one.  This guy could be the same weight, smaller, a little bigger, who knows.  If you're scared of having a bigger baby, and you're not having any medical reasons for surgery, try to get that trust back that your body can do it-it has twice before :)  


Afm-having night sweats the past 2 days.  Not sure if that means anything. Still losing mucus plug pieces and have ctx.


Self checks- I can't remember who is or who's getting internals-how often are you doing them?  Weekly?  Do you think there's a difference between self checks and internals from obg/mw?  

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:lol  (The smiley is for my son.)

Baby Luke was born last night at 2:45!  :)  Contractions were weak all day (so the cookies weren't a problem), and kept going away, but after the boys went to bed (and so did I) they started up really strong after an hour or so.  Ouch, it was pretty rough for a while after that!  But I was ready to quit waiting around, so can't complain.  I ended up having a cervical lip during pushing, like last time, which was annoying, but the midwife managed to get it halfway out of the way, and I got it the rest of the way.  (I didn't have any internal checks this pregnancy.  My midwife usually wants to do one or two during labor, but not with my water broken.  I decided to check myself and found the lip after I'd been pushing for a while.)  Things didn't take long after that, and he was born in the water!  :) 

Seven pounds, eight ounces, not bad for my earliest baby.  And no tears, though I could have sworn I was going to, the ring of fire was pretty intense.  :)  Since he made it past midnight, he was 38 weeks exactly, not too bad.  He's messed up all our plans for not having birthdays right on top of holidays, though!  :)  I had to pull the Halloween baby clothes back out, I had put them away.  Still don't know what costume to find for him...  But I think I need to put him in a pumpkin.  :)

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congrats on your baby boy hapersmion i will add him to the announcements thread 

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Harper, congratulations! Today is a good birthday, I should know wink1.gif
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Congrats ! I'm so jealous !!
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jumpers.gif Congats, Hapers!!!  jumpers.gif I totally wanted to do that too (put baby into a pumpkin!!).


My apologies for being MIA, all these labor teases have been making me super frustrated and I've been trying to distract myself with nesting activities. BUT... I've been having irregular, mild ctxs since yesterday evening which picked up through the night. I woke up losing lots of mucus plug and tons of bloody show (which has continued all morning). I think this show is FINALLY getting going for real!! I saw my chiropractor this morning and I see my MW this afternoon for my weekly visit. SO, SO excited!!

Perhaps I'll be having a little Halloween pumpkin :bgbounce

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Well, my MW was not impressed - and no change in my exam :angry Not even increased effacement! She thinks it could still be 1-2 more weeks :irked  NOT what I was expecting. As an L&D nurse, I had always been told and saw that mucus plug with bloody show = baby, usually in 24 hours but almost always in 48-72 hours. Now I just feel like the boy who cried wolf :blush And all these labor teases are making me really sad. My doula reminded me it is all doing something and that many 2nd and third time moms have drawn out prodromal labor/labor symptoms and have very speedy active labors. I sure hope so!!

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Sparkle, you could still have baby on Halloween. smile.gif There is still plenty of time. Good luck
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