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Thank you, 100%mom!! :hug Much appreciated! I am not even sick of being pregnant, I actually still love being all big and round. I am tired of being lulled into, This is it!!,  getting all excited and then... nothing :( I need to relax and accept I have NO control over any of this what so ever. I know I need to. . . harder to do :wink Working on it!!!

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Tons more mucus plug/bloody show tonight (which of course had disappeared during my visit with my MW). I don't recall losing my mucus plug or any show with DD until labor began. Anyone else?
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Sparkle, your mw can be very wrong.  I've read everything from hours to weeks after bloody show, but more often sooner.  They can't predict labor based on dilation/effacement. 

  Even though she said there's no cervix change, remember there's the internal too.  Maybe your dilating high up in the cervix, but not at the surface, causing bloody show?  You're not going to have bleeding for no reason, the cervix is changing somewhere :)


 Afm-baby is lower, he doesn't feel "falling out" though.  But she couldn't wiggle his head much.  He's still able to flip side to side though.  He's been pushing against my cervix-wow does that hurt!  Still losing mucus plug and today started some small blood clots and spotting.  It's been off/on.  I don't think it's bloody show, just part of the mucus plug.  Ctx are random, and occasionally are 10 min apart.  They're strong.  


Sparkle-I didn't have bleeding prior to labor either w/ mucus plug, unless it was bloody show and then baby was born.  But no early bloody show before.

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aww sparklemaman i know how you feel the fake labor suck big time but it will happen soon for us all they cant stay in forever 

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Hapersmion, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! :joy  You are such a rock star for doing your own internal during labor!!!!!  :bow



Sparkle, I walked around for at least a week before DS and DD were born after losing my MP.....hang in there and I'm sending you best wishes!


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your support!!!!! Our little monkey is still breech or transverse. He goes back and forth and yes, I can typically tell when he's moving/flipping. It's usually during the night when I'm most relaxed, trying my hardest to sleep!   He's got two weeks from tomorrow to flip down again before the 15th. I figure they've already got me on the schedule at the hospital. Since I have gestational diabetes, I have extra fluid which is why he still has room to move -- or so they tell me. Also, the reason my OB doesn't want me going past 39 weeks is because of my ripe old age of 44 -- and the risk of stillbirth past age 40. I've tried to do research on this but haven't been able to find studies that explain WHY. I've found plenty of stats that show that stillbirth increases after a certain age, but not much beyond that.  Anyone have any details on this?


To be honest with you ladies, I'm exhausted. I'm 37 weeks tomorrow, measuring 39/40, horrible round ligament pain and pressure, insomnia, slooooooooow digestion......I really don't mean to complain but I do think my age has a lot to do with it. We just feel so very blessed with our little miracle that I'm pretty much to the point that I'm not feeling picky about how he is actually delivered. I've proven to myself that I could deliver two babies, without pain meds, so my pride is satiated in that regard (LOL).  My best friend is an L&D nurse and said that sometimes after a baby is delivered, they realize the reason for a malposition -- cord too short, placental position, etc...so I'm trusting that as long as baby and I are healthy and happy, I have to go with the flow and not stress as much as possible.


I hope that doesn't sound like giving up!!!!!


Oh and also wanted to say how much I appreciate the respectfulness on this board. I've read along with some of the craziness on another site and it really is horrible the way some of them behave.

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ka2003, I feel you! I'm 38 weeks on Saturday and feel like my energy is completely zapped! I've been having those sharp "internal" pangs... I had constant BH ctx last weekend... Today I've got outer hip pain for the millionth time... It drains you! You don't sound like you're giving up, just describing your feelings. We are all here for each other!

And I second your statement on the respectful nature of this forum! I had a similar experience in the last week and a half and was horrified! Some folks are just really, really mean. So happy to have found all you wonderful, helpful, empathetic ladies!
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Having some weird stomach pains, in the area of my belly button... Is this normal? =)
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i think that is normal i get those little pains around mine all the time

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Thank you! That is good to know. Since this is my first pregnancy I have no idea what is or isn't normal =)
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but if you are worried do call and ask your doc and your welcome

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Hi there!

I'm new here - just found this site, and I'm almost at 39 weeks.  We're expecting our first LO - a girl!  Hubby and I are planning a home birth, and I've been having BH ctxns for the past couple of weeks.  Baby is head down but a bit posterior, so I keep trying to sit on the birth ball and check spinning babies for other ideas.  I'm so excited for all of you!  Best wishes! 

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welcome stagemuse to the group

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Rice Socks!  I remembered them yesterday and need to mention it on the main thread.  They're great for pp cramping, but I would think for labor too-some heat on the back maybe if having back labor?

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Welcome stage muse. My daughter spun during labor from getting on my belly in a very warm bath and a whole ice bag on my back. It was almost instant.
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Stagemuse-lot of time.  Like Sunnie-my ds moved during labor, not sure how, he must not have been engaged yet-only he flipped op, where the day prior he was in the correct position for birth.

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Thanks, everyone!  ;)

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Sparkle-how are you? Still bloody show?

I'm having what I'm thinking is bloody show since Thurs, off and on. My ctx go in patterns of ten min apaet to only a few. Loose bowels for about a week. Guessing this is all prelabor and it's new to me. I'd rather just have a hunk of bloody show and labor start like last time, this is frustrating.
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ok wonder if i could be in labor or not my lower back is killing me and i am cramping a lot plus i have had diarrhea all night so dont know if the cramping and back pain is from that or if it mite be labor start again  i had my  blood show about a week ago from what my doc said when she went to check me at my appt

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Hippy Yup, still about the same. Bloody show since Wednesday, tons of mucus plug last night. Not sure how there can be any more! And yes, this is new to me and very frustrating!! Ctx off and on and diarrhrea. I'm pretty grumpy.
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Uriver and Sparkle-smile.gif we seem to have a lot of the same early labor symptoms.
Uriver, your dd this week?
I'm 38wks tomorrow by earliest poss ovulation, but 38&2 by lmp.
Uriver, are the cramps timeable? The ctx I have gotten since yesterday are stronger than any if the others, but still no pattern.
I'm feeling generally grumpy too. Sometimes crampy, just tired and I feel for no good reason, even though it is. Not sure why I deal better tired with a nb that tired pregnant. Maybe all the happy hormones smile.gif
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