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sounds like your water me have broken i had that popping sound when mine broke with my oldest son but my leak very little at a time i would say you need to go get check

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I went for a check and here I am! Oh goodness!
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sending good labor vibes your waydust.gif

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ok update on me my water has not broken yet but i am in labor i am 6 1/2 cm 80% effaced and baby head is at +1 as of last check went for a walk hoping it would help things along

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Oh yay babies on their way! Post pictures ladies!!!

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Electrix, that was your water? Good luck smile.gif

Urivet, wow baby's low, bet your water breaks soon. Good luck to you as well smile.gif

Yay for babies!
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yeah she is i wish it would break soon but still nothing with almost 5 days left to my due date it makes me wonder if she will ever come

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Hey ladies, I haven't been on mdc in a while, but I'm due the 14th with my 5th baby. My massage therapist/doula did some acupressure on me last night, but I'm still only having sporadic Braxton hicks. Hope everyone is feeling alright, and hanging in there! And good luck to those of you who are in labor now! So exciting!

(Does anyone have tips on posting from your phone? We just moved, and I don't have my laptop set up yet. This is a pain on my phone! Couldn't figure out how to post until I went to the desktop version....)
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ooooooooooooh exciting! 

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Ok my water has broken and I am in l&d now
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Good luck unuselyriver!!!

I delivered a beautiful 5lb15oz girl tonight after 36 hours of labor that culminated in an unanticipated but necessary c-section (my pelvis ended up being too narrow). I describe it more in the November thread.

And even though it was hard... very hard... I love this little girl and I'd do it all over again for her. She's worth it.
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:joy  Congrats, electric!!


:bgbounce Can't wait for an exciting update from you, uriver!!

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Uriver... thinking of you!!

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Sorry I have not updated here yet but my little Amberly faith was born on the 7th at 4:20 pm weigh 6 lbs 14 ozs and was 19 inchs long I had a pain med free lador and it was very long 14 hrs in total and painful
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Congratulations u river , I love her name .
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Congrats Uriver on your drug free baby girl!!!

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Ooooh congrats Unuselyriver! Such a pretty name for your daughter, and kudos on going through a longer labor drug free! Wishing you a good recovery and lots of happy cuddles with her :-) 

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So, dtd w/dh twice last night--a because he surprised me with roses and chocolates, and b because I can't wait to hold my sweet baby! (dtd is Very uncomfortable at this point though lol--39 weeks today) Had mild contractions for a few hours that went away by morning. *sigh* I've been losing bits of mucus plug since Oct. 20th, and often get crampy and random contractions, but it seems my body just wants to do a very long, drawn out warm-up for the real thing. I know she knows best and will come when she is ready, but ooooooohhhhh I am so restless! Loving hearing everyone else's birth stories while I wait for my turn  :-) 

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Our baby was born Monday November 4 at 10:04 a.m.  Our 4th boy!  It was a pretty quick labor.  I felt some pelvic pressure around 5/5:30 a.m. but was not sure if I just had to pee.  Then I started having "mild" contractions.  At 7 a.m. I told my husband I thought today was the day but I still was not sure.  Around 7:30 my 3 year old nursed a bit.  Shortly after that I felt some fluid, thought my water broke.  When I got up and went to the bathroom I saw that I had a lot of bleeding which made me nervous.  Called the midwife, she said it could be normal.  She asked if I wanted to stay home a bit or come in to the birth center.  I said go in.


We got to the birth center at 8:45 a.m. and I was 8 cm dilated.  Got into the tub around 9:10 and he was born at 10:04.


I must admit, the labor was not that bad.  Not fun, I don't want to do it again, but I never had too much pain.  The pain I did have was always lower uterine, not the entire belly.  My second water birth!


His brothers love him and always want to hold him.


Dustin Eli 8.8 lbs 19 inches 


He remains whole and intervention free (no Hep b, Vit K, eye ointment or circ).  He is so peaceful....born in the presence of mom, dad, midwife and a friend, no one else.


Thanks for letting me share.

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I woke up a bit ago feeling very nauseous, wanting to throw up. Got up, went to bathroom, had diarrhea. Whole time I sat there I had waves of ctx, though it mostly felt like really bad indigestion. With constant nasuea. But the cramps wrapped around my lower abdomen and my back. I am now up, still feeling really nauseous. I have a bucket handy just in case. Baby is moving around a whole bunch. I feel odd. I can't think I ate anything unusual at dinner to give me an actual sick stomach. The nausea seems to be subsiding now. Labor? Idk. I just feel like going back to sleep...
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