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Sleep Bra?

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In my past pregnancies, I had slow gradual breast change.  My first pregnancy I grew from a C cup to HUGE and stayed a DDD after weaning my baby.  In subsequent pregnancies, my boobs were achy and swollen just a bit in the first trimester but with this pregnancy the pain is unbelievable.  I am 6 1/2 weeks and I have already gained a cup size and they are so full and painful, movement hurts.  I have bought a sleep bra for the first time ever and I think it is the best money I have ever spent.  Anybody else having dramatic changes?

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Wow, nothing that extreme for me! Sorry about the discomfort. Is a sleep bra like a cotton sports bra? If so, that's what I wear during the DAY. But I'm also still nursing.
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I haven't noticed anything yet, but with my first pregnancy, it was crazy. I was sure my breasts were already tender at 7dpo. At 11dpo, when I got my 1st positive HPT, I bought a bra both a cup and a band size larger than normal. I also had to buy new bras at 13 weeks and 25 weeks, usually going up both a cup and band size. I'm usually a 32b, so it seemed crazy!


This is now my 4th pregnancy and I haven't had such dramatic changes since then.

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I like sleeping in the genie bra.

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I looked like a porn star after my 18 month old was born. Then I stayed at a D for a while, but now I'm down to an A. No growth yet, but I'm still nursing, so who knows what's going on.

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My cousin nick named me Dolly (Parton) when I had my last baby, LOL.

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This bra I am using to sleep in is a cotton sports type bra that is 3 band sizes bigger than my regular size.  It has helped my nights be much more comfortable.

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My first pregnancy I went from a 34 C to a 36 DDDD almost overnight it seemed. I could not find a bra that was comfortable--they were all itchy for some reason. I ended up with one I found at TJ Maxx, but I have misplaced it...so soon the search will begin again.

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In the past, I had a very hard time finding bras that fit after my babies were born.  This time, I have already checked out ebay and know that however big I get, I will be able to find them for a reasonable price online.  That is a huge relief.

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In my first pregnancy, my boobs knew I was pg before the test did.  :)   I hurt so bad I didn't want to even hug my husband.  It was horrible.  I grew.  A lot.  After birth, the rock hard lumpy porn boobs took place.  Since then, I don't really get sore when pregnant, only when extremely engorged after birth for a couple of weeks.  This time too, my boobs don't feel different at all.  Just normal.  I'm still nursing, and have nursed through all my other pregnancies as well though.  I sleep and labor/birth in the strappy cotton sports bras from walmart.  I like to have something on for pics with new baby so they are showable.  :)

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