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~Expecting A Rainbow - October 2013~

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Continued from ~Expecting a Rainbow September 2013~


rainbow1284.gif Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's peace - author unknown


A "rainbow baby" is a baby that is born following a miscarriage or still birth.

A beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison.

The storm (pregnancy loss) has already happened and nothing can change that experience. Storm-clouds might still be overhead as the family continue to cope with the loss, but something colorful and bright has emerged from the darkness and misery. - modified from Urban Dictionary
This thread is to support the women among us who are expecting their Rainbow Babies in February 2014. It is a place for all the ups and downs of the roller coaster called pregnancy after loss. Excited? Worried? Happy? Nervous? Thrilled? Scared? Ambiguous? Concerned? Whatever you are feeling, however you are doing, this is the place to get/give support to others experiencing the same thing. Here we can discuss our concerns and problems in the safety and company of other mamas like us. Compare BETA results, our prenatal screens, show off our scans, and in what seems like a lifetime away - our newborn baby pictures.
While there is an Expecting Our Rainbow Babies thread in the Pregnancy after Birth Loss forum, I really wanted to connect with women experiencing similar pregnancy timing.


When we are due!

JelloPanda EDD February 1

ChelseaKell EDD February 7

OanaTH EDD February 12

BeagleSmuggler EDD February 13

mama sarah EDD February 14

pattimomma EDD February 20

mattie426 EDD February 20

oasis84 EDD February 22

quietmama EDD February 23

mommyndoula EDD February 27



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It's October! Where has the time gone??? yikes2.gif

How is everybody? Had your 20 week scan yet? How about some baby pictures? :energy


AFM - I can't believe I am over half way there! With the holidays coming up I suspect it will be time for baby before I know it. I am always so busy from now until the second week of January. I think I am finally starting to process that I am pregnant. DH can feel the little guy moving from the outside now so it's getting real. So far everything has checked out great, the Harmony, AFP and 20 week scan are all normal. I do have a low lying placenta, only 3mm from the cervix but I am not too worried about that since it will probably "move" as my uterus grows. Here are the pics from my scan:


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Patti: So, so wonderful to hear that all is going well and you are settling into your pregnancy!

I finally feel like I have settled into mine as well. The first half of my pregnancy was so nerve wracking, with the subchorionic hemorrhage that I was dealing with. I finally stopped bleeding around 18 weeks!! YIPPPEEEEEEE!! Even though I haven't had any visible bleeding for several weeks now, my 20 week scan showed that the hemorrhage is still there, but that it has improved. My midwife and the radiologist are not worried about the hemorrhage interfering with baby - such a relief. The scan showed baby looking healthy! I also have a low lying placenta, but like you mentioned, it's not a huge concern right now. We weren't going to find out the gender of our baby until birth, but we changed our minds a few days before my scan. We will be welcoming a little boy to our family...we have 2 daughters (ages 10 and 8) and a son (age 4, soon-to-be 5 next month!)...so the genders will be even when this little one comes!

For now, I am soaking up this second trimester energy! I am also loving my pregnant belly and feeling this sweet baby dancing around in my womb. My kids love to lay down with me before they go to bed and feel the baby move. So sweet. I am getting motivated and inspired to sew warm little woolens for our winter baby to be. I can't believe that in a month, I will begin my third trimester. Time is flying!!
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Originally Posted by mama sarah View Post
My midwife and the radiologist are not worried about the hemorrhage interfering with baby - such a relief.

:joyThat's awesome news!!!


We are having a boy too. So that will make three girls and three boys evening out the genders at our house as well :thumb

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Hi ladies! Have been MIA for awhile. We went on a two-week trip to Ireland and had the most amazing time just savoring one of our last trips (at least for awhile) with just the two of us. Second tri really is the best time to travel -- I felt great!

Congrats pattimomma on such a beautiful scan smile.gif mama Sarah so happy the bleeding has finally stopped for you. I can't imagine how nerve wracking that must have been. I'm with you both on finally starting to feel settled in. My pregnancy has really been blissfully uneventful so far and I couldn't be more thankful. Had the 20 week scan before we left for Ireland and baby girl is healthy and normal. Yay!

Time definitely is flying by. My mom is flying out for the birth and she's already looking to buy her ticket. I wish I knew if baby plans on arriving early, late, or right on time!
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oasis - Healthy baby girl :joy wonderful news!!! I'm kinda jealous of your trip! DH and I haven't been on an adults only trip in 3.5 years and counting :(

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and it's already time for the November Thread!


Time is flying!!! superhero.gif

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