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Fluff poll: Do You Iron? - Page 2

Poll Results: Do you iron?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 2% (1)
    I always iron our clothes
  • 2% (1)
    I iron household items: napkins, bedding, etc.
  • 11% (5)
    I iron certain items (clothing *or* household items) regularly, but not everything
  • 9% (4)
    I sometimes iron, depending on my moods and cycles
  • 25% (11)
    I iron infrequently
  • 16% (7)
    I own an iron and have no idea why
  • 11% (5)
    I own an iron strictly for sewing purposes
  • 20% (9)
    I do not own an iron
  • 4% (2)
    I do not know what this "ironing" thing is, nor what purpose it serves
  • 4% (2)
    Other--(because if I don't add it, I'll regret it!)
43 Total Votes  
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I used to iron almost everything. I kinda find it satisfying and calming. However since I'm now a part-time working mom I have cut down on it.


I iron my nurse scrubs. It makes me look more crisp and professional, and the extra dose of heat probably kills any germs that survived the washing.

Dh has been ironing his own clothes for years. He is very particular about his work shirts and apparently I don't do a good enough job with them. Fine by me. ;-)


I went to college with a girl from Indonesia. They had household servants and literally everything was ironed including the bedsheets and people's undies.

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No, DH irons.

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Infrequently. I have few clothing items that need ironing but I tend to avoid wearing them. Generally, the kids and I are pretty wrinkled. DH irons his own business shirts for work.


In some ways, I think this is one of the few areas where women have an advantage in the flexibility of their wardrobes and what's accepted as appropriate business wear. When I had a professional office job, I had a nice selection of knitwear eg. matching cardigans and camisoles, knitted silk short- and long-sleeved t-shirts and camisoles, and sweaters to wear either under a suit instead of a blouse or in place of a suit jacket. No fussy ironing needed. The suit itself might need a quick press but I didn't mind that so much.   


My mother ironed a lot. I do feel a little badly about my kids' ironing. They know how, barely, but do it even less frequently than I do. 


Every time I make the beds, I regret that I don't iron at least the top hem of the topsheet, so that it lays flat nicely when I fold it over the blankets. I like that fresh-pressed hotel look instead of the wrinkles and creases.  I don't regret it enough to actually do it though :o

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In the poll, I would have chosen, "I might own an iron, but I don't know where it is".


As a has-been seamstress, I have actively used an iron at some stages of my life, but never for my clothing, linens, or anything like that. I do have a pretty fantastic, oversized ironing board, with a special padded cover. I did once have a great (over $200!) iron.


True confessions time: I dress pretty butch, generally men's dress shirts with slacks for work. That wasn't the confessions part. Until I was about 50, my mom ironed my shirts for me. That was the confessions part. bag.gif She can't do it anymore (she is 94!), so I wear wrinkly shirts.

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I sometimes wish I owned an iron…for craft purposes.

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Sounds like there are several ladies here that would give you their irons.... if they could locate them.

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No ironing here. We have a strong preference for wrinkle-free items. If it something that can and does get wrinkled, I pop it in the dryer.
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I suspect I iron more than most. And I'd like more ironing + ironed goods in my life.I love a nice ironed clothing whatever and I really loathe unironed cloth napkins. Ironing is by far my favorite chore.


I tolerate them for daily life only after three kids. They are always ironed for guests. DH wears dress shirts on occasion but usually irons them himself. 


As a kid, with a working mom, I was really fascinated and jealous by two SAHM I know. One had this lovely breakfast table set every morning and the other got five kids' clothes ironed every morning. 

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