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What are you knitting/crocheting? And share pics? - Page 4

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I seem to be back and forth on a few blankets I'm doing for gifts. I'm anxious to get back to some smaller projects!
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I love those colors!
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i crocheted a pram blanket for a friend of mine who's a childminder ... and the mom she minds the child of ... wanted to buy one

so i made that one

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Pretty, well done!
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Oh I like that! It's different. Congratulations on gaining a customer. It always feels good to have our hard work appreciated. The one I posted is a baby blanket as well. I like these colors best so far:
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i'm making another giant granny square for a pram blanket for my nephew ... he's going to become a dad in about 3 months .... they only found out about the pregnancy about 10 days ago, due to various issues ... i'm attending a discussion group on parenting issue this afternoon for 2 hours and am allowed to bring my knitting or whatever crochet thing i'm working on (it helps me NOT to talk all the time & let others take turns talking LOL), i'll try posting a picture after my next two hours of solid work on it !


i may well start doing a small bed one afterwards (60 cm by 1m 20 minimum) and probably the same pattern as you Sherryvhkb, i just haven't yet found any colors that inspire me ...

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Isa do post a picture!!! I'm so anxious to finish this blanket. It's for my daughter who us due in April. I see so many spring things I want to start but I'm trying to finish this one first. I also organized my yarn a bit tonight.
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it's not quite finished (need some more white all around) but here's a picture

(i don't quite like the darker shade of blue, but when i dropped by the market on that day, there wasn't that much choice & i wanted to start straight away ....)

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Oh I like it! I haven't tied a square yet.
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have been watching too much TV late at night due to stress issues and sleepless-ness .... so for the last few months i've been having lots of "small projects" (that i also carry around for odd minutes here and there waiting for a bus or in a waiting room for an appointment .....), namely some washcloths (after being offered2 hand kitted one by an american visitor last spring), some knitted and some crocheted .....

now .... i haven't yet followed up with my New Year's resolution to be more regular about cleaning surfaces in the kitchen and the bathroom !!!

at least, when i do get round to doing it, i'll have more pleasure knowing i'm using something i made myself & that is re-usable & can be tossed in the daily load of laundry ...



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finished the baby blanket for my nephew and his partner (EDD now end of May)

have posted it this morning & they should get it on Monday


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Love all these!
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spent too much time hidding end of threads of different colors (for the ones with single lines in a different color)

so discussed the issue with a friend who suggested i use 3 colors in rotation

so have now started yet another one (.... will i EVER start using them and cleaning more of our flat ????)

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Wow Isa the blanket finished nice. What is that final row? Just a granny stripe row? That's a good idea about the smaller projects. As my blankets have grown It has become to bulky to slip into my purse to take along. I have yet to finish and as this is my first granny stripe I'm going to have to find a tutorial for finishing/weaving in. I'm trying to decide between stand alone stripes or an edge.
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the one row of darker blue i did, would that be called a single crochet stitch in english ? (in french, i think that it's "maille serrée" ... in any case, it looks like the edging of the cardigan from the link i'm posting below ... you can see close up on the photos of the tutorial, she does one row of grey and one row of pale blue )

and for the rest of the blanket, i'll have been doing clusters of 3 treble stitch (and is it in UK english that the same stitch is called "double crochet" instead of treble in american english ... so confusing ....?)

... i cannot read patterns properly & cannot even remember the names of the stiches in my own language (it's a bit of a handicap really, because i can only manage to do "what i already know how to do" ....wish i could branch out more .....)


am thinking i might try to do this baby cardigan, all in treble stitch i think

since there's no sewing involved at all + the pictures are sort of self explanatory

so i shouldn't get confused with the worded explanations ...

(it starts at the neck & works its way down with clever folding to start the sleeves ....)


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Oh I've done a few sweaters like that. Have you ever seen the patterns on you tube. I usually fast forward through much if it but the visual is good. There needs to be a universal crochet language! I follow someone on Instagram but her patterns are Sweedish and hard to follow. I'm nearly done with this blanket. I fell asleep with it last night.
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Wow, this thread is incredibly inspiring! I'd really like go learn to crochet SOON. We just moved but as soon as we get the slightest bit settled I'd like to go out and get a few supplies and start learning by just teaching myself from online references and videos.. Maybe collect a few books on the subject if I can find some at half priced books.

Does anyone have any tips on which needle(s) would be best to start out with, and what type of yarn? For a beginner? wink1.gif
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