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What's your favorite word your toddler says?

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My favorite word would be hard to pick out, but when D.S. said "WEEEEEEEE!" to indicate the swing it would make my heart just melt. I love that so. I also really like "BIG BIG GOGO!" for the construction trucks. Oh, it was the sweetest thing ever.


What about you?

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When DD2 was little we used to say "Lucky you!" and she'd say "Yucky Me!" So we'd say "Lucky YOU!" and we'd get another "Yucky Me" if we said "Lucky You!" a third time then she'd respond with "Yucky Me, Yucky Me, Yucky ME!" Was waaaay too cute and I have a really blurry video of it somewhere. She tried SOOOO hard to say Lucky but it always came out as Yucky!

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DS likes to call his aunt "LaLa." Her nickname is Lally and he tries so hard but had decided to keep it at LaLa. And he recently discovered Elmo, or as he says "Wuh-mo"
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Mine, for some reason, calls flying insects "Zhwee Zhwee" accompanied by the most adorable little hand motion. 

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Mine is "pirates", what DD1 calls papaya.  Sometimes she can get closer and call it "paiiaiaiaiaiaii"  which is equally adorable.  

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DS2 currently calls emergency vehicles "ee-boo, ee-boos" because of the siren noise "wee-ooo (pronouced ewww), wee-ooo, wee-ooo" that big brother makes when we talk about them


My favorite DS1 words came in one sentence when he looked out the window at the garden and said "Hey, lurlluls (squirrels) stop eatin our tamoes (tomatos)!  DS1 also used to call our radiators , "wadiwatas", Elmer Fudd-style.


Fun thread!

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My DS says, "all the bodies" instead of everybody.  I love the literal and whimsical.  "Mommy, let's see if all the bodies are awake!"  

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My son calls his twin cousins, Ella and Emma, "Alma-Alma".


For a while, he was telling me, "I love you with ALL MY HEART!", but then he started experimenting, trying to say the same thing, only in a different way, so lately he's been telling me, "I love you with A LITTLE BIT of my heart!".  Good thing I know what he means!  lol

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Our youngest made up a lot of words. When she was a baby, she was a "head banger." This banging was usually aimed at people's heads. It hurt, big hard fat baby head! We used to say, "No banging!" and she'd yell, "BYNA BYNA BYNA BYNA!"  I imagine she was trying to say "Banging." She learned that if she banged her head on certain stuff, like say, concrete, it would hurt. So, "Byna" became her word for "owie" or hurt.


When she was in Nursery School she had said something about "getting a Byna" and I asked her, "I like the word Byna. Is 'Byna' a real word, or did you make it up?"


HER: "It a real word."

ME: "OK. So do your friends at school use it, too?"


She waved her little hand in my face and said, "I don't wanna talk about it!" Her tone was so adult, it was hilarious.


When she was a toddler, her teenage sisters would go out in the evening, she would say, "Bye Bye, have a good time. Don't get a Byna!" I guess she was initiating my dh and I saying, "Be careful."


She's 14 now, and she and our entire family still uses the word.

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My son has a lot of words that I love so it's hard to pick one but lately he uses the word "hurricano" when talking about the weather. I think it's a mix of hurricane, tornado, and volcano. He has always called a piano a "cumpano" for some reason. The other day he called fortune cookies "searchin cookies."
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You guise! These are such cute little words! I wish I had recorded D.S. saying BIG BIG GO-GO'S! When we was little.

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