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Type 1 diabetic and pregnant

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I am currently 15 weeks and have been Type 1 diabetic for over 15 years. I have always been in great control of my blood sugars, until recently when stresses at work and family took its toll and I let things slip slightly. And then, to add to the stress, and a bit of a surprise, I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks, and it took me about 6 weeks to get my HBA1c down to where it should be, taking tests every hour, 24hrs/day. I've always been terrified of birth, and now that I've got a little being inside me that I might have damaged for good, I've never been more scared in my life. Not only do I have to learn about birth, but also about diabetics in birth, the complications and risks, waking up every hour to take tests, and the fear that I've done damage on an innocent being that didn't ask for it.
I feel I should be adamant on a natural birth plan, but I'm finding it hard to get my doctors trust, as I started off badly. And frankly, I don't trust myself.
I guess I'm just looking for someone who has also experienced a similar situation, or perhaps some words of advice. Before I was pregnant, I had read many books on natural childbirth, attended home births of my sisters, and knew that I wanted and was ready to fight for a birth as natural as I could make it. But now I am a bit overwhelmed with the pregnancy books, as I almost feel they don't apply to me anymore as a diabetic. And I feel the same about the advice I'm getting from my mom and sisters. Any advice out there? Any books/forums to read? Or a recommendation for a state of mind whilst reading them? Or where to start, again?
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I am not type 1 but I do have what is considered a pretty severe case of gestational diabetes. While I know the two cannot be compared, it seems like in the medical community's eyes we are in the same category. I feel a great sense of being on the outside looking in at everyone's "normal" pregnancies, while I'm walking around with a big "D" on my chest. It's difficult and can be very confusing.

I don't have much advice, I just want to offer my support and send you a virtual hug. I think the best thing for you to do is research like crazy. Know the evidence based medicine when it comes to your condition. Prepare yourself to hear a lot of fear-based talk coming at you. Know the facts so that you can feel good about your choices and feel more in control of your birth.

Positive affirmations and visualization works well for me. I like to listen to some calming music and envision what I would like my birth to look like. I also "talk" to my body and tell it what I would like to see from it, if that makes sense.

Big hugs. <3
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I am not diabetic and pray I don't get GD.  However, do your research.  I know that strenuous activity can effect blood sugar but that should not stop you from having your natural birth at all.  You might have to closely monitor your blood sugar but you do that anyway.  Don't let a doctor bully you into not having your natural birth if it is what you want.  And diabetes is not a good enough reason for your doctor to push for a C-section (not saying he has or will).  Diabetes can make it harder for you to heal so a regular vaginal birth would be best for your body.


I doubt your high sugar in the early weeks of pregnancy did any harm at all.  My understanding is that uncontrolled diabetes can cause problems but most of these are manifested later on.  Try not to stress about it.  And yes those books do apply to you.  MANY women end up diabetic in pregnancy and it does not take anything away from them.  Your body and baby will change the same as any other woman's.  Read the books and enjoy them as they were written for you!


Congrats on the pregnancy!

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I'm not a type 1 diabetic, but I do have LADA (latent adult onset). Honestly, the most important thing you can do is keep your blood sugar tight. The more controlled you are the healthier your pregnancy will be. Are you on an insulin pump? If not, I'd seriously look into it. Make sure your endo has worked with your OB before. You want a practitioner who has a very good understanding of T1 diabetes. Don't stress out about your birth plan right now. You have lots of time to figure all that out:-)
Here is a book you should check out
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