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Acelyn Is Here! *Birth Story Added*

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I had her at 10:34 10/11/13 6lbs 7oz, 17 1/2" it was the most amazing experience of my life!!! I'm so in love! I'll share more later, just wanted to drop in and say hi while I had the mind set...too wrapped up in baby to sleep much.
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My phone was only letting me upload one pic per post...

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Congratulations! She's beautiful!
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Congrats!! She is so beautiful! I can't wait to hear more!!
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congratulations, mama!!!

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Wonderful news! Congratulations mumma! Enjoy your baby moon!
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Thats wonderful news, congrats Mama and family!!! Shes a doll face!!!

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Sweet baby! Congratulations!

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Aww, congratulations. I really like the name, never heard it before.

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Yay!!! Congrats!!!!!
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Congratulations! What a cutie pie!

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Between family visits, trips to the store, the Dr, and just being new mommy tired I'm finally get the chance to post my birth story. P.S. Dr visits are just well/weight check ups smile.gif

I had an idea things where about to happen about an hour before my husband left for work at 7:45 pm. I'd felt icky pretty much my whole pregnancy, and at that point I got the strange desire to wash all the dishes and was wide awake. I was also having pains. I almost asked DH to stay home. But I wasn't sure how fast things would happen. So I let him go. At about 1:30am I texted him and my mom because I had some bloody show. And I'd had mildly painful contractions every 10 minutes for over 4 hours. They where both pacing around my house by 2am. We went to the hospital around 5...
I was only dilated to 1cm. They had me walk around a while. I really wanted a nap at that point, but walking kinda felt nice.
By 9am I was at 3cm. My Dr broke my water to speed things up. I wish she had asked me before because I would have liked to wait a little longer. The contractions picked up in intensity. It was all back labor. I lost track of time after that.
I became so clingy to my husband I started to bawl when he wanted to go out to the car to get a jacket... He was having a rough time seeing me in pain, and it put him in to a state of shock when he felt like it was freezing in our room. Nether one of our mothers thought it was that cold. And I had a fan on me because I felt like I couldn't breath without it. Both DH and I had a like melt down about then. I had no shame and cried. My contractions weren't really stopping at that point, so couldn't even relax between. I was emotionally drained. And hoping I was getting close to the end. Nurse check and I was only at 5cm...
It was then that I asked for something to provide some relief, but NOT an epidural. I forget what it was they have me, but it knocked me out. I felt like I slept for 20-30 minutes between contractions, when it was only 2 minutes. I'd wake up reaching for my hubby's hand, then back out I'd go...
Next thing I really remember is the shift change. The one nurse I wasn't so sure about because she came in and started talking about getting me up. In the end I was very thankful for her. She was the only one who had been in my shoes before. My mother had my brothers and I naturally, but no back labor. They got me in the shower. That felt good. I wish I'd gotten in there sooner...
Before I got in the shower I had my mother to ask my aunt who has some massage and physical therapy training to come to the hospital. I spent the rest of my labor until I got the need to push on the birthing ball, leaned over my bed, with my aunt rubbing my back. She was an awesome coach along with the nurse...
I tried to but I couldn't fight the urges to push when they came. At first I was only at an 8. A short time later my Dr came in and I was at 9cm. She ended up pushing my cervix out of the way for the first real push. It might sound strange but in a small way it was comforting to have that help. I think it had something to do with the fact that I have had to help animals during labor, but idk.
For the first time I was excited, this it what I had been waiting for! I was going to hold my baby girl very soon. I felt empowered. And truthfully embraced the pain. I was so eager to hold my baby I didn't want to stop pushing. Although it did take me a few tries to get it right.
At 10:34pm she plopped out with the sweetest little squeak, and my heart leapt! I'd been on my knees facing away so they had to help me flip over before they layed her on me. That was one amazing moment! Everything in my world was prefect.

One surprise was how comfortable I was at the hospital. I loved the nurses. They where very respectful off all my wishes.
I had some tarring, and had been awake for 32 hours when I had her. And it was all more then worth it.
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What a nice story! Congrats again!!
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Thank you everyone for the congratulations!


Acelyn was the queens name on the movie dragon heart. It means beautiful one. And her middle name is Aurora, that's sleeping beauties real name, but I also had the northern lights in mind... So you could say my little princesses is the beautiful light of my life, that's how I see it anyways.

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