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a new chapter

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I unschooled for years, then the kids decided to go to public school. Now my 11th grader is enrolling in online school. I don't like the idea really but it's what she wants. My 5th grader may do that next year, also. I have found public school to be really odd, in that they pass everyone up despite failing at math, and it seems in college kids are stuck having problems with math if they can't use calculators(my oldest is in college). Anyway, here I start yet another schooling option.

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Good luck!

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I'm curious why you don't agree with her choice to do the online school. How long was she in school?


My now-19-year-old did her last year of high school on-line and it was an awesome solution for her. In our case her options were pretty limited, but it did work well. Hope it works as well for your girl.



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