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October Chat Thread

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Hello Ladies! Let's get to know each other! 


Some questions to get you started answer some or none, let's chat! 


What baby number is this for you? 

How are you feeling today? 

When are you announcing this pregnancy? 

What is keeping you busy? 






I'm Charlie a 26 year old SAHM to a wonderful 15 month old. Today I feel like poop... anyone else?  I do not remember the morning sickness happening so early with my first.  


Today we are busy with The Little Gym.  I have to leave here in an hour and have zero motivation... sigh. 

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I'm 33 and just went back to work 6 weeks ago after being a SAHM for 2 years. I'm excited to be back at work (I love my job!!), and though the timing of this pregnancy isn't exactly ideal, I'm also excited to be pregnant again. My son is just over 2, and I've been married for 11 years. So far we've only told a couple of close friends, we're waiting until the first dr. appt to share the news with family and facebook. My first appt is in 2 weeks (Nov 1). I kind of dread telling my boss, but it is what it is. Hoping we can hold out and tell our family in person on Thanksgiving (which also happens to be my birthday this year), then announce it on fb a day or two later. I should be 12 weeks by then. 

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This will hopefully be baby #3, but is my 6th pregnancy. Today I am feeling oddly energetic and have very few symptoms which is, of course, freaking me out!

If my mom doesn't have one of her dreams that I'm pregnant first, we will tell our parents and siblings some time after we see a heartbeat our 8 week ultrasound. I'm hoping we can wait until Thanksgiving to announce to them. Then we will make a Facebook announcement around Christmas. I've already told 3 girlfriends and will continue to tell close friends as it comes up.

I'm keeping busy homeschooling my 5-year-old and chasing my 2 year old and the 2yo I watch for a friend. I'm also washing a huge bag of maternity clothes given to me by a friend right before my miscarriage in June. I couldn't stand to sort and wash them then, but I want to get it done while I still have a little energy just in case I need to use some of them before the exhaustion subsides.
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This is my third kiddo, and I'm feeling tired/cranky/sick. Hopefully that means everything is going well. We've already announced to family and people we're close with. I'm busy with my other kids at the moment.

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This is my second pregnancy, I have a wonderful 10 year old. I was craving eggs so just made scrambled eggs and now feel very sick, although the nausea hasn't been too bad today. Extremely tired from early afternoon which is difficult watching the clock counting the hours until I can go to bed! It's hard for me to think of when I will be telling people as I plan on keeping it a secret as long as possible really. I'm not in the best situation as a single mom so I'm worried how people, especially family will react. I'm thinking of waiting until as late as possible, but that depends on how early I start to show and I think it will be harder to keep such a big secret to myself for too long. It should be relatively easy to keep it quiet until 12-14 weeks in case anything goes wrong and there is no point telling if it does anyway. Eating is keeping me busy right now :lol I'm too ashamed to list all the food I have eaten today hide.gif probably gained a few pounds all in one day!

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This is my 7th pregnancy and I have three kids so hopefully this will be my 4th.  My oldest is my dd @19, then I have ds -14 and ds -10.  I have told my kids and my twin sister and her partner and my closest friends. The dad has told his family and close friends, some of whom overlap into my social circle.  I am not ready to tell the rest of my family or my church as I am a single mom and I know how they will react.  But I have wanted another baby for a very long time and at my age (almost 40) I am very excited at this chance of another one.  I will probably tell my church family when I can hear a heartbeat on a home Doppler.  The rest of my family lives out of my state and I will probably tell my mother and then do an announcement on Facebook either around Thanksgiving (13 weeks) or the week before Christmas (16 weeks.)


Snowydays - sorry you are feeling sick after eating!  And I hear you on the exhaustion!


Dandy Lion - I am hoping that symptoms mean good things for me as well.


Sihaya - Good for you on the maternity clothes!  I think I have 2 maternity shirts total, LOL.


Grassisgreener - with my second pregnancy, I had only been working at my job for a couple of weeks when I found out I was pregnant.  Telling my employer was really hard.  (HUGS)


Charlie - Thanks for starting this thread!  Love that name, BTW


I have been SHOCKED at the symptoms with this one.  In all my other pregnancies, I felt no symptoms until 6-7 weeks.  With this one, I have had strong symptoms since 4 weeks 3 days.  But I am not complaining as I had few symptoms with the pregnancies that I lost and I am hoping that it is a good sign that all will be well with this baby.  I had an ultrasound @6 weeks and baby measured 6 weeks 1 day and we could see a heartbeat!  I know that does not mean I am out of the woods but I am past the loss point that I had in 2 of my miscarriages and that gives me hope as well.


I am nervous to do this on my own.  My friend (boyfriend) and I had discussed having a child together and though we were not trying, we were not preventing either as we both really wanted a baby.  I found out the day after I told him I am pregnant that he has been talking to someone else and thinks that things might get serious with her.  REALLY????  We knew we were not wanting to get married but we were exclusive and I was counting on his support through this pregnancy.  The other woman lives out of state but plans to move here in a few months and I am worried about how that will effect things.  She cant have more children and that makes me nervous.  I guess I am glad to find this out now so I can make my plans and not count on him being there then find out when I am 6 months pregnant that he is bailing.  He still wants to be very involved in the babies life but he will not be with me in the early days after the baby is born.  My twin sister lives close by and intends to help out but she has her own family life and a very jealous partner and I know it will be a stress for her.  But she is almost as obsessed with this pregnancy as I am and is so very very excited about it.  She will be a huge support to me in the days to come.


Sorry this was so long.  Guess I needed to vent!

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This is my 6th pregnancy.    We told family and church members already.  If all goes well at our follow up ultrasound on Tuesday we will spread the good news.     I'm feeling pretty good.    I'm just extremely tired.   I have a headache today and some nausea but I think the nausea is from the headache.

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I'm SOOOO ravenously hungry!  I have been eating all day and still I keep feeling shaky.  I'm hoping to avoid the hyperemesis with steady snacking and tons of protein.  We'll see.


I had a positive pregnancy test yesterday.  I quickly calculated my EDD and snapped a photo of the test for my DP.  We are both happy, yet anxious about it.  We've been married since 2000, and started a family in 2003.  His family didn't expect us to have more than two children, so their reactions to DD3 and DD4 were not excellent.  DD3:  Stunned silence.  DD4:  FIL gave DP the number to the MD who performed FIL's vasectomy.  (Same conversation as our pregnancy announcement) 

This will make 5 children for our family.  I come from a large family, so it is no big deal for me.  I want to celebrate, but until we've announced the pregnancy and settled our birth plans, I'm not quite there...


I didn't have the best experience with the local MW when DD4 was born 22 months ago and never talked with her about it.  As far as I know, there are no other options for home birth, so it looks like I'll have to go against my non-confrontational nature and open communication...

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Nice to hear everyone's stories here. Bethania some of your situation is quite similar to mine, thanks for sharing :) 

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Hi everyone!


So nice to hear all your stories :) Here's mine...


What baby number is this for you? Number 1, hoping it sticks! I'm only 4.5 weeks, so I'm excited, but also feeling pretty realistic about the odds of not getting past 12 weeks. But still, excited. Had my first appointment with a GP today and I've found a great one! It's taken me about a year (I saw a different doctor in the same practise whenever I went) but this lady was fantastic, the clinician who took my blood also mentioned that our GYN/OB was also one of the most reputable in the city and very pro-natural birth. I'm really glad, because it's hard to pick someone when you don't know anything/anyone!


How are you feeling today? Slightly nauseus, tired but haven't had a chance to nap so I'm hanging out for my pillow

When are you announcing this pregnancy? We plan on telling everyone around 12 weeks, I've let my best friend now and my office buddy - because she's going to know sooner or later anyway when morning sickness really kicks in! ha!

What is keeping you busy? Work, we're also renovating our kitchen, it's a full gut job and to keep me from obsessing about the pregnancy, I'm currently researching backsplash tiles. :twins


Snowy & Bethania, hopefully you can feel supported here and lots of good wishes for healthy pregnancies and relationships  :blowkiss

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Hi Clare (WonderFull)! I am so happy to see that yourS is sticking and you are here with Berry and me from the TTC group!


I am also nervous about the statistics of miscarriage. I read that after 8 weeks it goes down to about 4 %, which sounds better than 15-20%. One day at a time...


What baby number is this for you? This is my second baby, but first with my husband. He is actually still not buying that I am 100% pregnant. shrug.gif I have taken 6 home pregnancy tests and haven't had a period...but he wants to "wait out the weekend to make sure it is 100%" before telling his parents. He is so funny.

How are you feeling today? Today I am feeling great. I had such a good night's sleep, which I can't say for the past week or so. Boobs are sore and I think they are growing. I feel like my tummy is getting stretched already from my uterus? Probably in my head though. Twitches and feelings in my uterus. I love it :)

When are you announcing this pregnancy? I already told my parents, brother, and a couple of really close friends. Telling DS after 12 weeks around December 13. After he knows we will call other relatives and post something on Facebook. 

What is keeping you busy? My son got a bad report from his Kindergarten teacher so I have been giving him lots of homework attention at home. Working full-time keeps me busy, cleaning the house, dishes, laundry, and making sure I get plenty of sleep. I was taking business classes but decided at the last minute to drop my class this quarter--only 5 days before I found out I was pregnant. Good call. I am so glad I don't have to stay up late writing papers!! :joy

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hey guys! this is my first baby! @WonderFull - i hear you on the miscarriage concerns. both my sisters, my mom and my sister-in-law had miscarriages in the first trimester, so i know how real the possibility is. something my mom said that helped me was that miscarriage is just your body's way of terminating an unhealthy pregnancy. the fact that you miscarry shows that your body is able to determine between a healthy and unhealthy pregnancy. so if it happens, and then you get pregnant again and it sticks, you know your baby is healthy! that might not be completely correct, but it helps me stress less/feel less worried.


today i'm feeling tired and excited. i'm not really all that nauseated yet, so i'm a little nervous for symptoms to start. i've told my best friends, my parents, my sister, and one co-worker about the pregnancy. i know i should probably wait (i'm only 5w4d), but i was too excited. i'm not gonna tell my boss or post in on social media until 12 weeks though.


my job and my restaurant are keeping me busy! i work full-time and i also own and operate a restaurant with my husband at night. that has been difficult with the tiredness, so we'll see how that ends up changing throughout the pregnancy.


we also just moved into a new condo on sunday, so we're busy redecorating and unpacking.

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grassisgreener- What kind of work are you doing? I was teaching through my first pregnancy and I am so excited to not have to do that this time around!  As much as I loved my job I think taking care of a toddler will be enough of a challenge this time.  At this same time I wonder if I were working would these weeks go by more quickly?


Sihaya   I recognize you from NMY back in the day!  I can’t believe you are on number 3, congratulations!  One of the nice things about #2 being due one month before my DS 2nd birthday is that all of my maternity clothes should be for the right seasons, hehe.


snowydays  I was so sad with my first because eggs were one of my only aversions.  So far this time I have been craving them a lot.  My friend just mentioned the Brewers Diet to me, so I’m looking into that now.  Otherwise I’d call my current diet the eat-all-the-things diet.


BethaniaDawn Vent away!  That’s one of the reasons DDC are nice, we all get it. I am right there with you on the huge amount of early symptoms.  I’m something like 4w5d today and it’s been an interesting 5 days.  I’m  still in the “maybe twins” wondering worrying phase. 


  • WonderFull Congrats on your first!  It is pretty overwhleming when you are doing everything for the first time.  I remember having a lot more fear over my first trimester.  I feel so fortunate this time that a lot of that fear has gone.  I feel like I am able to enjoy this pregnancy so much more already.  Anyways, hang i there and you still have all the best parts to look forward to... we all d​o!


AFM: I am eating everything in sight and losing weight, so that's interesting.  The twin thing keeps popping up, my mom is a twin so it's never far from the conversation.  I also read that if you get pregnant while breastfeeding it increase your chance of twins. 


Anyone else still breastfeeding?  So far so good for us, but I wonder when that's going to change. 


I keep telling people.  I can't keep my big mouth shut.  Our parents all know, our siblings all know and 2 of our best friends know.  As well as my internet friends. :down

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Originally Posted by Charliemae View Post

Sihaya   I recognize you from NMY back in the day!  I can’t believe you are on number 3, congratulations!  One of the nice things about #2 being due one month before my DS 2nd birthday is that all of my maternity clothes should be for the right seasons, hehe.
Hi Charliemae! I took a double take when you started this thread, but I wasn't 100% certain of where I remembered your screen name from, so I didn't say anything. I can't believe we're on #3 either or that this is my 6th time being pregnant since 2007!

So, I have a maternity clothes problem. I don't buy them, but I accept hand-me-downs by the trash bag from anyone even remotely close to my size. So in addition to the garbage bag full that I just washed, I have 3 tubs full of maternity clothes in the basement. And if someone offered me their entire maternity wardrobe today, I'd take it. I like my maternity clothes better than my regular clothes! bag.gif
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Hi, everyone!


What baby number is this for you?  -- It's my fourth pregnancy, but would be my third kid if everything goes well **fingers crossed**.


How are you feeling today? -- Awesome, which sucks. I'm only 5 weeks, but no fatigue, no nausea, no soreness, no nothing. Even with the two pregnancies that resulted in healthy kids, I had almost no symptoms the entire 9 months, so I know it's not necessarily a bad sign, but it drives me crazy the first trimester. I was one of those few people that also had absolutely no idea I miscarried until there was no heartbeat at my 10 week appointment. (Don't get me wrong, if I make it to the second trimester, I'm super grateful for the minimal symptoms, but right now I'm terrified.)


When are you announcing this pregnancy? - I'll be 11 weeks at Thanksgiving and have an ultrasound scheduled the week before, so that's my plan.


What is keeping you busy? I have an 18 month old daughter and 3.5 year old son and I work part time from home, so I don't have much time to dwell on my fear. I actually forget I'm pregnant half the time.Also, as a side hobby I'm working on a website mainly focusing on books for kids (http://researchparent.com). I was hoping I could make enough side money off ads and affiliate links to pay for family vacations each year. So far it's not going very well, but I'm having fun doing it and learning a lot. And it kept me busy while I was trying (waiting) to get pregnant and even more importantly, now that I am.

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grassisgreener- What kind of work are you doing? I was teaching through my first pregnancy and I am so excited to not have to do that this time around!  As much as I loved my job I think taking care of a toddler will be enough of a challenge this time.  At this same time I wonder if I were working would these weeks go by more quickly?



I'm an Audiologist working for a small hearing aid dispenser. The funny thing is, the last job I held, I got pregnant within a couple of months of starting. At that time, I was working as an educational Audiologist for a local school district. HATED that job, so jumped at the chance to stay at home after my son was born. I'd been ready to go back to work for at least a year, but was waiting for the "perfect" job to come along since I got burned so badly at the school district. I do love my current job (doing hearing tests, fitting hearing aids, troubleshooting, etc.) and I hope my boss isn't too ticked off that I got pregnant within weeks of starting. I couldn't exactly control the timing, ya know?


Woke up feeling pretty good today, went for a run early this morning (it was COLD :cold). I've had some low-level nausea throughout the day but haven't vomited yet. But today my breasts are ENORMOUS and very tender. 


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Nice to meet you all!


This is baby #2 for me.

I'm about 5 1/2 weeks, and in the past couple of days I've been feeling the fatigue really kicking in. Also feeling more nausea. Often it's after eating, then lasts for a while until I get hungry.

We've told close family already, and may tell some close family and friends in the next month, but we won't tell everyone/announce on facebook and such until after my first "real" appointment, which is Nov. 25th. I'll be 11 weeks, and we should be able to hear the heartbeat at that point.

What's keeping me busy? My family is leaving for a road trip tomorrow morning. We'll be visiting people all over the midwestern US, staying in 12 different places, and we'll be gone for 5 weeks. So getting ready for that has been a lot of work, and we'll be busy during the trip also. (The reason we'll probably be announcing to some people is it will be harder to hide when we're staying in their house and catching up with them). I'm hoping the travel won't be too difficult or exacerbate my nausea and fatigue too much. We'll see!

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Wonderful Thank you :) and same to you!


CharlieMae Eat-all-things-constantly sounds about right for me lol! I thought today right stop eating so much and so often, just stick with the usual 3 meals a day. 3 hours after breakfast I was feeling so nauseous and had to go out soon that I knew I just had to eat something before I was actually being sick. So I made beans on toast and felt good afterwards, the nausea was gone but felt guilty for over-eating as I see it. But I really don't see how I can avoid eating often and decent amounts every 2-3 hours if it is the only thing taking my nausea away. I'm worried I'll gain too much weight too soon, maybe I could change the foods for low calorie types......


It was really difficult doing the grocery shopping today, I had been putting it off due to the nausea and when I finally did it -every item of food I looked at made me extremely nauseous. Glad I got it done and out of the way for a while now! 


I'll probably be in bed by 8pm tonight, what time has everyone else been going? I can't stay awake.


Watermama Thanks for that info, down to 4% chance sounds much better than 20%. I will be 8 weeks this weekend.

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@amwpJC and @Charliemae thanks for understanding! It's so hard to keep that balance between all out excitement and nerves. I'm just trusting that my body is strong and knows how to keep a baby strong (or to let it go).


But still, can't wait until the 12 weeks is over :)

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What baby number is this for you? This is my 4th. 


How are you feeling today? Well, I thought I hadn't been having any symptoms. Then today I slept until 10am, laid down a little at 4pm, and slept from 8pm-1:30am. Of course, now it's 3am and I'm up because I can't sleep anymore. I had a big project deadline on Wednesday and my sleep schedule has gotten all out of whack, but I think today's sleep was pregnancy-induced.


When are you announcing this pregnancy?  I told a bunch of online groups immediately :) I let my husband tell his sister today - I usually tell her right away but he was bummed that he doesn't have online people to share with, so I told him he could tell her this time. It's nice to have an IRL person to chat pregnancy with. She's a L&D nurse (who has homebirthed) so we can chat birth and babies all day. She said she was pretty sure I was pregnant just from how I've avoided talking about things for the past week and a half, so that was funny. I'm currently planning to tell my husband's family at Thanksgiving when I'm almost 11 weeks. My parents will be out of the country for all of November and I'm leaning towards telling them when they come back but maybe I could wait until Christmas. I am not looking forward to my mom's reaction. 


What is keeping you busy? 

I work from home but these days, I'm super-busy 1 month out of every 3 with only 8 hrs work one week/month the other months. My busy month just finished and I feel like that was all I thought about. It's really a max of 20 hrs/week, but it feels like a lot when I pretty much can only work after the kids go to bed.

I homeschool my older boys (4th and 2nd) grade, so that keeps me busy during the day.

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