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Sling suggestions?

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I've just started using the Maya Wrap. My daughter is 5 weeks old, and does not seem comfortable. She's fine for about 10 minutes, then starts to scream. (She doesn't cry--it's either a whimper or ear-splitting scream.) Anyone have suggestions for positioning, or a preference for a different sling? How well do the non-ring slings work, since they are not adjustable?
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What carry are you using? Many babies don't like the cradle carry in the beginning. Try the upright tummy to tummy carry, and make sure the rings are high and the fabric is not bunched behind her knees, if her feet are out. Use the excess fabric for head support.

Maya Wrap was my first sling too, and I couldn't get everything comfortable until dd was old enough for the hip carry, around five months. Pouches are really better for beginners because there's less to "do", and they're harder to get wrong. Check out Hotslings and Kangaroo Korner for good pouches.

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I agree that you try tummy to tummy, especially after a feeding. It'll help settle her stomache.
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