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4 Weeks Pregnant with 4th baby, want home water birth

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Hi Ladies,


I'm new here and I'm 4 weeks pregnant with baby #4. I haven't been to the dr yet or anything and my highest time of risk in pregnancy is usually early in pregnancy since I have had a miscarriage in 2010 and had to be put on progesterone supplements with my previous baby as I was too low. With all my previous babies I've had usual hospital births (no major complications with them either). This time I expect this to be the last baby and I desperately want a home water birth and my husband is on board with it, too. We have United Healthcare for insurance. My question is..which do I handle first? The chicken or the egg? haha In other words do I call UHC and ask them first for nearby providers (I live in GA btw) and make sure they will cover this? Or where can I find a midwife to see me and attend my pregnancy care, birth, and postpartum care too? I've never done this before so I have no idea where to start. I just know that I need to get examined and get blood work done to make sure all is well with tiny bean and I. Anyone point me in the right direction or provide information for me? Thanks in advance! :)

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I'd say to look for the midwife first. I find anybody in a beaurocracy gets confused and useless when asked about homebirth. Search here on your areas finding your tribe for rec's and on the web in general for your city and "homebirth midwife" and if you know of any doulas ask them for recommendations. Find the doctor through the insurance if you need progesterone and concurrent care for the first trimester.

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Out of curiosity, I'm wondering if in the US where insurance is an issue whether women get the insurance covered pre-natal care throughout the pregnancy then pay for a private midwife privately for the actual birth? Do midwives enable that if they haven't really seen the person t/o the pregnancy?


I agree with pp, it makes more sense to me to start where you want to be. Plus, if your decision is going to be influenced by non insurance considerations either way, then it just makes more sense to talk with the midwife first.


Great for you for doing it at home.

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Here you see the homebirth midwife for prenatal care and the birth, she has to be familiar with your history and build a relationship. Sometimes people see a doctor also, for further medical testing, monitoring a condition/prescribing meds, or to have an OB in case of transfer. In states where they license midwives insurance plans often covers their services, best to ask the midwife herself she'll know about it if her clients get reimbursed there.

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It's with a heavy heart that I must announce that I'm now miscarrying, again. brokenheart.gif  Thank you all for your support and I wish you all well in your pregnancies and with your babies. mecry.gif

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I'm sorry for your loss :(

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So sorry
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