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After much to-do... Norah is here. :)

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Miss Norah Anahita was born this afternoon at 2:39!  She handled one of the toughest inductions my hospital has ever witnessed (when I get wheeled down the hallway, the nurses actually clap when they see me coming, I'm not joking - it fills me with embarrassment) and did it well right up until the end - when she was born, she came out with not amazing Apgar scores and a throat full of meconium.  :/  The end result is that she's doing fine, but she is in the NICU with an infection likely due to the meconium and my water having being broken for 20 hours before birth, and she's suuuuuper sleepy.  She's reactive, she cries when they poke her and other slightly uncomfortable things, and she's not in any kind of really bad situation, but because they need to give her antibiotics, she's stuck here for about a week.  She also has crazy amounts of bruising on her head from being stuck under my pubic bone with being malpositioned and from the vacuum extractor, which I asked for to avoid a C-section at the end.  I love her so much, and I desperately want her with me, but I know she will be just fine.  She was too sleepy to nurse today, but they aren't giving her any bottles or anything, they had to give her some IV fluids and they said that would be enough until tomorrow when I can either nurse her or pump for her.  I can't wait to get this colostrum into this kiddo!


After 48 hours of labor, I had to have the epidural, I had no choice - my midwife looked me in the eye and told me that I wasn't dilating and that it was either that to relax my worn out body or a C-section.  I'm very glad I chose it - there were just too many extenuating circumstances, and I did make it for a long time on my own, so I feel no shame.  I had some Fentanyl as well, which was good for relaxing, but didn't do anything for the contractions.  In the end, we got the baby to spin, but it was very, very hard, and I wish I'd known she was malpositioned beforehand rather than during labor.  Also, my epidural did nothing for me with pushing, it just helped me dilate.


I pushed for 5 hours.  I keep getting nurses walking up to me and whispering, "Did you really push for FIVE hours?"  I did, and I don't know how.  I don't know where I found the strength, but I did. 


I'll write more about the birth story from start to finish later.  But, I love my daughter with all my heart, my husband was absolutely freaking amazing, she was only 6 pounds 1 ounce (so tiny!), and when I held her for the first time, she opened her eyes, looked directly at me, and I'm 100% sure she knew who I was instantly.  She quickly curled up and fell asleep in my arms.


Also, after my ordeal, I've talked it over with my husband and I have officially decided to get certified this spring as a doula.  I've been looking for a self-employment career choice that will work with being a mother, and I experienced SO much throughout this pregnancy and birth that I'm ready to help other women and be a support system within the birthing community.  :)

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Wow! Great story even without all the details yet. Can't wait to get the rest of the details.
We are proud of your, mama! You really worked so super hard for a vaginal birth and you got it! You are a superwoman!
Congratulations on your darling daughter.
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Glad to hear she's here!
Take care of yourself!
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Congratulations Rainy!  You are a freakin super trooper, dang! I was imagining you being wheeled down the corridor with nurses clapping and the Rocky theme music playing. 

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Congrats! That sounds so intense! I'm glad she is here! Good job momma!
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Wow!  Hugs for all your hard work to bring that little one into the world!  And yes, please don't feel bad about asking for medicine!  That's what it's for!!!!!!!  No one wins a medal, we just all end up with babies!  I hope your body heals well and your little one continues to recover and be in your arms soon.  Your attitude is fantastic!!!  Congrats!

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Aw, you guys are so awesome!  Luckily, I just talked to a pediatrician this morning - she's doing WAY better and will only likely need about 2 more days here.  Yay!  She's not latching yet, but she's super fussy, so it's hard.  Still, I'm pumping colostrum no problem, and she's loving it from a dropper, so I'm sure we can avoid any kind of supplementation. 

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Congratulations new Mama and family!!! You are such a trooper, simply amazing! :Bow  Hope you have a speedy recovery and some much needed nursing cuddles soon at home! :blowkiss

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Way to go Rainy!!! So glad she's safely here, and hope she gets the latch thing straightened out quickly. You are amazing!! Enjoy your sweet baby prize. partytime.gif

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My little monkeyface, looking all crosseyed at Daddy while he takes a picture with his cell phone jammed in her face.  :)


This kid looks so much like me, it's ridiculous. 

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Goodness she is precious!
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Congratulations, Rainy! She is beautiful! Great story! Even though things weren't ideal, you made the decisions you felt were best for you and Norah...and you seem to have kept your great attitude! I'm glad to hear she's doing better. Hopefully she's all better by now and you'll soon be settled in at home!
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Cutie pie! Congratulations.
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