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A good friend just sent me this:

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my oldest is eight, youngest is five. We've been friends for ten yrs and I'm shocked this is what she felt compelled to send to me.
Also...it's been a few years since I was up to date on my vax talk (going through a divorce and becoming a single parent) and this article scared me!! Especially being a single mom, I question everything I do. Part of me wants to run out and vaccinate them immediately.
(Side note- we are traveling to South Africa next summer and will start vaccinating. But until then, please tell me I'm not putting my children in dire danger)
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Why have you chosen to not vaccinate?

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You are not putting your children in danger. :)


Please take a look at the CDC pink book, appendix G, to see just how few cases and even fewer fatalitites there are  of vaccine-available diseases.  




(PS - the article, in my opinion, contains a lot of BS.  She claims the pertussis outbreak in 2010 was blamed on non-vaxxers, a claim even the CDC does not make.  She invokes the 20 or so cases of measles in Texas as a reason to vaccinate.  20 - the horror!  What an epidemic.  She thinks autism is purely genetic…I could go on, but suffice to say the article your friend sent you was simply a ranty error filled blog - nothing more. )

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There are so many glaring errors in that article, I don't even know where to start.that woman has clearly swallowed the snake oil sold by the pharmaceutical industry. "Vaccinate your children or they'll DIE !" Come on, if that were true, all the unvaccinated children would be dying left and right of these dread diseases. And people 30-40 years ago (before most of these vaccines were on the market) would have been dying from those diseases at a tremendous rate.
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