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Cold Sore Means Herpes?

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Hello everyone, I got for the first time ever my first cold sore yesterday. I'm 20 years old and I'm really starting to freak out cause I googled a treatment for it and I came across an article that said Cold Sores meant Herpes Type 1. Which isn't life threatening but I can't kiss my baby girl cause its extremely contagious. Is this really true? But I think I got them cause I woke up with a really bad sore throat and fever. It said in the article you get them by weather changing, a cold, or oral sex.
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Yes cold sores are herpes simplex type one (usually) and genital herpes are herpes simplex type 2 (usually). You can get either type in either place, (think oral sex). You pick up the infection from kissing, or a drinking glass, share a lipstick, etc then the virus remains with you forever, dormant, and can reactivate with stress, illness, anything that gets your immune system down. Much in the same way chicken pox lys dormant and you get shingles later on.  So yes you can pass it to your baby, and you can get treatments to help.

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I just wanted to add, not to worry about the word "herpes". Most people hear herpes and think of gential herpes, but there are many types of herpes viruess. Even chicken pox is a kind of herpes virus. here is link



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Thanks a lot for your reply and for the link I will check it out to get more information!
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yep. I have it too, 90% of people do. No worries. Also, just an fyi chicken pox is also a type of herpes. Herpes zoster is shingles. I have had those too. 

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Omg thats a relief! I was seriously freaking out then my husband and brother told me I was silly to think that it was bad.
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