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Kindergarten homework

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DS started kindergarten this year and has about 10 minutes of assigned reading every night (sight words and short sentences).  However, his teacher also sends home a weekly newsletter with what the class will be learning that week and asking the parents to go over this material at home as well.  This includes "amazing words" (vocabulary), new sight words (plus review of those already learned in previous weeks), numbers (plus review of previous week), alphabet letter(s) of the week, and writing practice.


I feel like this is a stupid question...but how do I get through all of that material every week?  I'm not thrilled there is homework at all at this age, but that's another story.  I'm just wondering what other parents do.  Do you do reading/writing/vocabulary/sight words every day, break it up, or just do what seems most important or what your child seems to need most help/practice with?


So far, we've been managing to do his assigned reading every night, and occasionally something else like writing letters to Grandma instead of doing forced writing practice, or naming letters on signs as we walk around the neighborhood.

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I wouldn't worry about it in the least. If anything, I would just look at the amazing words and try to integrate them into regular life so your child is getting exposed to them on some level,even if you are not calling attention to them per se. If your child is the sponge that most children are, he will be learning this stuff just fine without all of this extra work at home!! :)

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A friend of mine has her kids do spelling words (they are older) on their windows. Maybe the practice writing you can make it a little bit of fun? Or integrate it into play... making letters/numbers with play doh, etc.

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i would wait for the first PT conference. see how he is doing. if he is doing fine i wouldnt bother to go over things. figure out where your child is. is he bored? is he ok? is he struggling to keep up? does he need more challenging stuff? 


if you want to go over things i would try to go over it in a fun way like real life way. like counting. when you buy groceries ask him to choose say 5 apples for you. 


point to his spelling words in a magazine or sign or anywhere else and ask him what the word is. 


i like the idea of spelling words on the window. dd likes writing on foggy mirrors in the bathroom. 


but if your son is doing alright, no trouble with hw - i would not go over anything at home. 

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I am that mom who did it all with my first child.  Did some of it with the second, mostly based on what ds felt like doing.  On the third, well, we only did the reading!  It didn't seem to make any difference in over all outcomes.  So, I'd say, just do what you and ds are comfortable.  You don't want to  make him stressed or hate school because there is so much to do.  Follow his lead.

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