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Edited by Snapdragon - 10/20/13 at 10:31am
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Snapdragon, thanks for sharing this article. Please note, though, our copyright policy, specifically:


You may post:
  • A link directing readers to a discussion or article instead of the actual content itself.
  • 100 words or less from an article as long as those 100 words are not a substantial part of the piece. If you are quoting from a short work such as a poem or a short article, 100 words may not be an acceptable fair use allowance. You should restrict yourself to a minimal quote from the piece. Anything more requires permission to print/reproduce in written form by the copyright holder and placed within your post.


Please edit your post accordingly.

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oh! I am not sure how to link it so I will just delete it. Sorry, I didn't know about that rule- I just copied and pasted it from his website.

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Snapdragon, this post shows how you can put a link in your post. Hope that helps!

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