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I Vant To Suck Your Blood! labs)

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So I am going in for my blood draw in two weeks, with labs for all kinds of things.  Anyone else find this the most annoying of all the testing?  Or find that what you "need" to be tested for can be very silly?  Or have another story so I can think about that while people stick four needles in my arm one after another? Not a needle person anymore, if I ever  was.


In my state we must by law be tested for siphilus when pregnant.  The hospitals also won't admit me as a patient (I can give birth but they would want to draw blood and test it right away afterwards) without info on whether or not I have HIV and Hep B.  My midwife says the law dates back to world war 2, when men came home with lots of diseases and the community suffered for it.  It seems silly that I "need to find out something" that I KNOW I do not have. She said as long as I have it on record I can avoid most of the tests next time if I want, since the only thing we really want to know for our purposes is hemogloben count :).

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Yes. I was esp frustrated this time because I had literally just had everything checked at another provider -- seven vials of blood! -- but they insisted it wasn't an OB panel, so drew another eight vials! Yikes!
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Why would they stick four needles in your arm?  I've always just got stuck once, and they change the vials as they fill.  


I just had the blood draw on Wed., and I think it was the easiest one I've ever had done.  Usually my arm hurts for the rest of the day, but I couldn't even tell they drew blood this time.  I think she took about four vials.

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Maybe it will be different at this hospital, but the last place it was 4 needles, each with a vial.  I'd really prefer the single needle deal (now that I think about it, that's how my first labs were done for the first pregnancy).  I may mention that when I show up :).  I plan to bring an apple and some crackers and sit in the cafeteria for a few minutes afterwards, maybe buy a tea or something, but mostly just recoup I HATE NEEDLES.  


And I've had this done every pregnancy so far too, boo.  But my midwife just started her solo practice so as long as I'm with her, this should be good.  I am so happy though that she is on her own, it was hard to get appointments with her in the other midwfiry group.  

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I have never heard of multiple needles being used for a blood draw.  I'm sorry that happened to you--sounds awful!  


This time, ask them how many "pokes" it will take.  I really can't think of any reason why it would be more than one.

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If needles bother you, try requesting a butterfly needle.  My grandma always asked for one because they are smaller and hurt less.


 3. Request a butterfly needle. 
Butterfly needles are smaller needles that have rubber tubes in between the needle and the collection vial. These are great not just because the needle is smaller, but because the rubber tube in between the needle and the vial means that when the nurse is, say, fiddling around looking for her cell phone while drawing your blood, the rubber absorbs the motion and the needle doesn’t JIGGLE IN YOUR ARM (not that I have any horrifying memories of this seared into my brain or anything). Butterfly needles are more expensive, so some labs are resistant to using them. In order to get them to go for it you may need to throw in a little melodrama. Explain your fears and see if you can work in a twitch every time you say the word “needle.” That usually does it. - See more at: http://www.conversiondiary.com/2008/09/4-blood-test-tips-for-needle-phobes.html#sthash.1U8WyRCx.dpuf
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I can't think of a reason why anyone would have to use 4 separate needles for 4 separate vials.  The only test I can think of is blood cultures - and that would only be done if you have some sort of suspected infection.  Blood cultures are usually only two separate sticks (in separate locations, ie, one in left arm, other in right arm).  Weird.  


As heldt123 mentioned, ask for a butterfly needle.  Some places don't willingly use them because they're more expensive than the rougher straight needles.  


I went in for my 12 week appt this week.  Apparently the area hospitals have now mandated that the pregnant women get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia at her 12 week appt.  It was a whole feet-in-the-stirrups and here comes the speculum deal.  bigeyes.gif

I know these tests can be done via urine specimen...but noooooooo. Oh, well, whatever.

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