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Hi. I'm new here. I'm a specialist baby swimming teacher in UK, and I also knit wool diaper covers. I have 3 children, all of whom were cloth diapered, and I now have 4 grandchildren as well, some in New Zealand and one in UK.

I like natural things generally, and hobbies include ski-ing and walking, as well as the garden and especially my organic veggy patch.

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Hi Littlepants! What an interesting job you have!! And I am sure you have a wealth of experience to share, with your mothering and grandmothering as well!!


Enjoy poking around here at Mothering and thanks for joining us!

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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!!!


Check out our Arts & Crafts forum!  There are a lot of knitters there. :) And you would be a great resource in our Diapering forum!

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