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Weekly Chat - October 19th to October 25th

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So many babies have been born! It is so much fun to see the pictures and read your birth stories. I love it.


Things are getting quieter here now that so many of us have newborns to snuggle and care for (not to mention adjusting to new family dynamics), but there are still plenty of us waiting. 


So, what does everyone have on their agenda this week? I would like to pencil in "having a baby" on one of these 20-something days, but at this point, I have no inkling as to when he will arrive.

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On my agenda TONIGHT is to have this baby! At nearly 43 wks, Im finally stressed and starting to worry. Im lucky to have had a wonderful pregnancy and emotional state of mind thus far. But after everything Ive tried to jumpstart labor Im to my breaking point and cried for the 1st time tonight.

Yogini, I have tried the cohoshes and am still taking them, its bringing on more intense rushes but Im still just puttering along. Ive come to terms with the fact that my body may need some extra help getting things going. And on top of everything else Ive tried Im saving the yuckiest for last....the dreaded castor oil! Good thing is that if my body is ready it will work and I cant see how my body isnt ready! We asked my partners mom to take our son for the evening to see if I can get things going and have a little 1 on 1 time with the honey. If things pick up Ill have her bring him home to see the birth of his new sibling. Im even having my beloved blow up the birth tub now so all we will have to do is fill it when the time comes. I suppose its time I go have my oj and castor oil cocktail!

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Good luck, Irielyn!!! I'm thinking of you!

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Good luck! I hope it works for you and you have a flawless birth!!
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Haha Yogini I feel the same about my DH too. Can't wait for things to get back to normal. I like being pregnant but enough is enough.
Tomorrow I start week 39. Maybe this week it will happen?
Baby is not descended but I know there is pressure down there because my sciatic nerve is acting up again. I hope it won't go bonkers as I give birth. I never had it with my two girls.
Also giving birth to a boy for the first time is making me just a tad nervous.
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Irielyn I'm really thinking about you and hoping for all the best!  I can't imagine getting to 43 weeks.  I only went 9 days past my due date but each day was emotional torture...I cried multiple times per day!  You are amazing to only start crying now at 43 weeks.

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Thinking of you, Irielyn!

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How are all you mama's-in-waiting doing? You're all in my thoughts! I hope you all get the births you want, very soon! Hang in there ladies! xo

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Irielyn do you have a baby on the outside now??? I hope it worked!!


AGHGHGH i am so sick of being pregnant. I can't imagine 43 weeks. I'm at 38+6 today.... and tomorrow marks the start of making myself walk 4 miles a day, EPO by mouth and up the yoni, sex when I can tolerate my husband, and spicy food (for lunch only... dinner = heartburn city and nausea!!, and hanging out in squats, and visualizing, and meditating.... I REALLY WANT HER HERE NOW!!!!!


another thing- should I ask my midwife about this or is this normal- my uterus feels kind of tender, like it's bruised/being really stretched. It could also be my abdominal muscles stretching that feels tender. I am trying not to dr. google it because I've scared myself way too much doing that. 


oh and another lovely side effect that began a couple days ago is mega water retention and swollen face, hands, feet, calves, arms, boobs, thighs-- just about everything. My weight is up to +25 pounds since the beginning- gained 4 just in the last 2-3 days- I really think it's the full moon/water retention though because I'm eating the same amount and exercising the same amount and I track it in my fitness app... grr...


Also on the agenda for this week is getting the birth pool situation dialed, and the carseat installed. My husband insists on putting his stupid mountain bike in the back of the SUV rather than just getting a bike rack and putting it on the outside, but he's going to have to now because we only have one car (mine decided to DIE 3 weeks ago... transmission) and I am not going to have him installing and uninstalling the infant seat just so he can put the seats down and put his stupid bike inside the car. so the point is-- on the agenda is installing the carseat and getting a bike rack. The birth pool situation is frustrating too, my midwife has a spa in a box she was going to lend to us for free, but then the people who had it before us broke the heater that costs 600 to repair (it costs like 1200 new) so we have the blow up birth pool in a box eco in our living room right now but it has no heater and is way bigger than the spa n a box- we have a small apartment and the thing takes up the whole living room. I'm hoping the company sends the heater back repaired in time for us to use the spa in a box instead of the birth pool in a box.. so hopefully tomorrow I'll get the good news that they have fixed it and it's being shipped out and we'll get it tuesday!! thinking positive.

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Update-So the castor oil worked, in a sense, I gave birth to a 2lb. pile of poop...but no baby. I took it before bed, woke around 3 am with strong rushes, I couldnt sleep thru them and thought to myself "Its finally time!" I got out of bed and drank some RRL tea, took my uterine tonic and starting doing circular motions on the birthing ball which made them come on stronger. Suddenly I felt the urge to poop and did just that, wasnt nearly as bad as Ive heard it would be, actually felt some what good to clear out all that and felt way lighter on my feet afterwards. Got back on the ball and didnt feel another rush after that, not a one...so I went back to bed. So after discussing it with the midwives, we think my dates may be off and we are scheduling my 1st ultrasound this pregnancy for hopefully tomorrow to find out if I can just stop worrying and get on with my pregnancy. Hoping for the best!

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Ugh! I'm sorry, Irielyn! A poop baby isn't what we want. Good luck at your ultrasound tomorrow! 

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Yogini - I don't want to sound like a worry-wart, but suddenly having swelling in your hands and face for me would warrant a call to my midwife. I hope the heater is fixed in time for your birth!

Irielyn - Oh no about the castor oil. I hope your ultrasound goes well!

AFM - I feel discouraged since the baby moved back onto my right side, and I suspect xe is posterior again. Plus, I think the next person who comments on how high I'm carrying the baby will get a punch in the face.

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Yogini - I don't want to sound like a worry-wart, but suddenly having swelling in your hands and face for me would warrant a call to my midwife. 

:yeah   Just to be on the safe side....

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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post

:yeah   Just to be on the safe side....

Yes, I echo this too!  Having had my own run with preeclampsia, after a perfect pregnancy . . . even check out one of those blood pressure machines at the local grocery store, if it's a pain to get to your midwife.  Mine shot up so quick and so unexpectedly, with NO symptoms other than the sudden bad swelling!  Not to scare you and my experience has nothing to do with yours, but especially if your face is swelling, please get it checked!


And you other ladies who are waiting, HUGE HUGS to you all!  The end is SO hard, isn't it?  Waiting to see that little face, waiting to see if "today" is the day . . . it's so much excitement and uncertainty, all at once.  Sending sweet wishes all of your ways!


Here is my little one . . . ONE month today!!  I can't believe it . . . . trying not to be sad that it's been a month and she's getting so "old" already!  She's still a sweet, sweet doll baby.  Eating well, gaining well and sleeping great.  Third baby is the charm apparently . . . or she knows the way to win "favorite child" status, HA!  


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Eloise, she's adorable!! Time does fly, doesn't it? PS, I have that headband for my little girl too! So cute!

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Hope you ladies had a nice weekend! I decided to make Friday my last day at work (was originally going to work until my dd which is next weekend) But decided to stay home this week and get some things done. Plus i was having an impossible time sitting at my desk for 8 hours everyday. Kids have dentist appts scheduled, flu shots scheduled, taking the dog to the vet for his rabies shot, have my weekly appt which I can do during the day when there isn't a super long wait, and im debating getting a flu shot myself. Looking forward to a productive week and getting all these appts out of the way
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Irielyn - I am crossing ALL my fingers and toes for you that you get your kiddo soon!  You've been such a trooper!  Good luck.  :)


Yogini - adding another voice to the 'please get checked' chorus with the swelling.  You had asked earlier why I had to be induced, and the main reason was that I have borderline high blood pressure that made it too risky to carry my babe past 40 weeks, although having low fluid also contributed.  I was monitored like a hawk for pre-eclampsia for my pregnancy, even though it was super uneventful, and the face/hand swelling is a big potential sign.  Feet/ankle/leg swelling can be too, but it's way more common in pregnancy - the hands and especially face are worrying.


Eloise - so beautiful!  I can't believe she's a month old already - I'm sitting here with a 4 day old, and that's staggering enough!  :P 


AFM - brought my kiddo home today!  She is the sweetest thing, so contented.  The one good thing about the NICU, for better or for worse, is that she does have a quasi-schedule set up for herself at the moment - I know it won't last long, and I'm definitely not as strict with it as they are there, but she has learned to very happily drift off to sleep after feedings, and I've learned her cues so well that she really never gets the chance to cry for being hungry.  I'm sure she will tonight, but we roomed in with her last night at the nursery and even then, I noticed she's adapted to a three hour between feeds schedule, so it does make it kinda easy.  For as long as it lasts, anyway.  :)


The only sad bit is that I still can't get her to latch.  :(  Blasted nipples on the bottles in the NICU were stupid overflow ones, and so she just bites my nipple and expects milk to come - when it doesn't, she immediately gives up.  Also, because of her head bruising, we weren't really able to try latching until she was 2 days old.  But we have time yet, and the best part is, my milk came in!  And it's really not a bad supply!  Ever since I was able to be with her 24/7, I've been producing plenty of milk for her feeds.  I was bawling on Saturday that I couldn't pump enough, I was so depressed about it and she was getting so much formula in the nursery... but now, whenever I hold her pretty much, it just flows.  I pump every 3-4 hours or so with the expectation that about 25% of her food at the moment is formula, which is totally fine with me.  The more we work on it, the more I make, and I have confidence we'll get the latch soon.  The formula won't kill her in the meantime, although it does make her spit up.  Echh.  :P  But momma milk doesn't!


Holy crap... I love being a mom.  :)

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I have been MIA for almost two weeks now while recovering and settling into mommyhood, but I'm still reading every day!

Irielyn I hope that baby comes SOON!

Rainy, my baby had latching problems too. She was actually doing good before my milk came in, but we gave her a few bottles in the meantime and then she just decided to stop trying. Like a light switch - she latched fine one session and then refused the next. And this was THE DAY my milk came in! My mom helped me try lots of things that day but nothing was working. The next day I called my midwife and she said to take the baby to bed with me for the day, swaddle her tight, and keep offering the breast all day and no bottles. It took a while and lots of tears and trying different positions but she finally got it. She continued to fight me when starting a feed for the next day but each time got shorter and we're in a pretty good place now. I hope you get her on soon. The despair I felt when I thought we might never get the hang of it was so intense. I know many women have even greater troubles and I have a lot more sympathy for moms who turn to formula for good after nursing doesn't come easily.
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How do you guys feel about breast feeding in public? I don't have a problem, of course I cover up with something tossed over my shoulder and across baby but I get the feeling it still makes some people uneasy.
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slammerkin - thank you for the encouragement.  :)  She did latch just now for a few minutes after I got done pumping, but I was using the shield.  I think it's making it more painful!  She was just GNAWING and abusing it to get the milk out, just like the damn bottle nipples.  Argh.  I know I need to keep using it at least for now, since it's the only way she'll do it, but I'm going to try to wean off it soon.  And I obviously still need to keep pumping.  I'm so glad my supply is okay at least.  She hasn't had formula since we first got home this early afternoon, and I don't think she'll need more than possibly one bottle of it a day or less.


The day before yesterday, I just cried and cried at the thought of failing at breastfeeding.  After all we'd gone through with the birth, to lose that seemed so sad.  I was sitting there, trying to pump with nothing coming out, and just bawling.  But things are so much better now with pumping just because I kept trying.  I also sympathize with the women who turn to formula for good - many times, I looked at the bottles I was giving her and thought, oh, fuck it!  It's good enough!  But I'm so glad I kept trying, at least at the pumping.

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