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Fantastic job em!! A stargazer!! Love his name!


Whew, I have maybe an inkling of where you were; my gal presented with her arm up by her face, so labor was longer and harder than I anticipated, plus a stubborn water bag hanging her up that we finally ruptured. Pushing went well after that but I was thrown for a loop there for a while, lost in timeless space not knowing what to do.

I want to send out a hearty thanks to any of our caregivers that get us through these experiences with love and our dignity intact, however that looks for each of us.

AFM, I am so grateful to my 2 midwives and DH who saw me through the chaos to a natural birth at home, which is what I wanted, and would not have been able to do without them.  :throb


Irielyn let us know what the ultrasound says!!


Other mamas, you are doing great! You are grumpy, emotional and uncomfortable but so so close! It's true each day is an eternity the closer you get. Now we will have Scorpio babies, and have to trust they know their right timing. Go mamas go!

Good luck new mamas with latching. My nipples are really sore and even bleeding just a little bit but it's worth to see my gal nice n' chubby! baby.gif


I'm grieving the loss of cuddle time with my 4yo. I'm assuming this will change or people wouldn't have big families. I guess it's my form of PPD.  :(

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You're awesome EM! I had a similar sounding birth with my first minus the posterior part. DS1 was just big with a tilted head and by the end I had to just bear down like hell for a couple hours before he came out. I looked like a prize fighter by the end of it. Birth stories like yours remind us how strong we can be. Well done!

Red heather- at 2 weeks PP I got to put my 3.5 year old to bed. I love story time so it was kind of awesome to get to do that and cuddle with my big boy while DH hung out with the baby. Before I had the baby I remember laying in bed with Ds1 one night bringing myself to tears when I realized that our bedtime routine was going to change at any moment.
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Ultrasound update~So my amniotic fluid levels were wonderfully high which is great! Low levels are considered 5 and under, ours was 18.5! :thumb  The obgyn we saw said it looks like theres still a pocket between my cervix and babes head so it hasnt engaged yet. She didnt even guess the babes measurements/aprox age because she agreed that ultrasounds can be off by 2 lbs at least. She also agreed that our assumptions as far as having wrong dates are correct, what the date is in fact is still in question. We are going to continue to monitor babes amniotic fluid levels with weekly non-stress tests until he/she arrives. My midwife gave me a new "due date", which of course is still just a guess, Oct.20 so that would put me at 40+2 instead of 43 wks. Makes sense now why all my natural induction techniques have failed to work, my body still just isnt ready, although everything Ive already tried has only helped me along. Still due any day now which hasnt changed, my son came 9 days over so Im not worried. Just relieved to continue on and look forward to the day when I can FINALLY hold my sweet babe!

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Irielyn that all sounds like great news!! A relief on the mind for sure, if not the body! Thanks for sharing.


Ciga, thanks so much for the reassurance that cuddles will come back, and probably sooner than I thought. Phew!

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So glad to hear everything is ok Irielyn!! You must be so relieved! And still, you're almost there, you can do this mama! :)

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Redheather, I still cuddle with my 8&10 year olds individually at bedtime, and if baby needs me I bring her along& nurse her simultaneously while I snuggle a big brother and read a chapter of a book to them. You are enough mommy love to spread to all your kids!
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Everyone cross your fingers for me - I think I just successfully nursed my daughter for a full feed! It was with the shield, and I can only get her to latch on the right so far, but oh, it would be so great if I could nurse AND pump. Pumping is exhausting. Also, we seem to be done with the supplementing, apart from one feed a day with it! I actully have milk in the fridge, huzzah!
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Yay!! That's awesome Rainy! My fingers are crossed for you!

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Em - Your family looks absolutely beautiful, and you are so strong to have gone through such a difficult birth, with your littles in attendance no less. Congrats again, mama!

Iri - Wonderful news about the ultrasound!

Sera - I've never perfected the snuggling with my big kids for bedtime while nursing. I can't really picture it. I hope to learn this time.

Red - Awesome about the nursing session.

AFM: 41 weeks and had a weepy, sleepless night. For the last week I've had fewer contractions and less pressure. Plus, if I don't birth today or tomorrow, my favorite midwife will definitely not attend. I still haven't gestated as long as I did with my second yet, so I don't know why I feel so discouraged, but I do.

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Irielyn- that's good news!!! 40+2 ! could be today! 


I admit I tried out my breastpump yesterday just to see how it worked... I finally got the ac adapter in the mail for it. It's HILARIOUS!!! breast pumps.. are so funny. omg. I felt like a cow. Does anyone else get seriously amused by pumping? at least in the beginning. It's the medela backpack double electric one that was given to me by my mom's friend who just had a baby-- I got all new parts for it so it's hygienic~ and I was SO curious, not to mention I figured I might be able to bring on some nice oxytocin to induce labor, and it could rough up my nipples for breastfeeding. hahahahaa!! I got a good amount of colostrum out, only it didn't go down into the bottle, just dribbled all over my boobs because it's so thick/sticky. SO STRANGE! I showed my husband and he cracked up laughing... he didn't find it a turn on thank god ! He did however.... find the belly cast we did later that night to be really erotic. he's a perfectionist too so it took like a whole hour of sitting on the edge of the chair while he carefully sculpted every inch. 


also- I woke up in the middle of the night last night lying on my back (accidentally) and had a really weird charlie horse like pain that ran from my pubic bone to the top of my uterus, but only along the front side of me, it lasted maybe 15 seconds- is that a contraction??? or an abdominal muscular thing? 

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It's 2:30am and I can't sleep. I'm having weird back cramps. Baby, be born or let me get my rest pls.
I don't want to get my hopes up so I'll just think of this as practice labor.
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Firmfoot, that's how I've been "sleeping" for the past week and a half. I don't get cramps every night, but they're often part of it. I hope yours turned into something, labour-wise.

I'm only 39+3, but I've given up on this baby ever coming. Despite my knowledge that no one stays pregnant forever, I believe I will be doing just that. It really just seems impossible and unimaginable that she'll ever come. I'm a very impatient person. Perhaps I should be looking at this as a lesson that I sorely need.
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Today is my due date. We've called every day from the 22nd to the 25th my due date because of ultrasounds, LMP date, etc., but today is on the later side and the day we've been going with. Nothing notable to report. I've had some pretty strong and regular BH contractions, but nothing that felt/feels like labor. We shall see. If I could see into the future and know that the baby has two more weeks (or close to that), I would believe it. Still hoping for today, everyday.

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I'm hoping babies start coming soon!!! It's almost the end if the month! Good luck ladies!!
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Good luck to everyone still waiting! My midwife was amazing my whole pregnancy and birth and we wanted to get her something but don't hadn't any ideas. Anyone have any suggestions?
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wildgreen- maybe a gift certificate for a massage?? healers/caregivers get burnt out and self-care is really important :) 


I woke up last night with a stabbing pain in my cervix that came and went, and period-ish cramps. I hope this means I'm dilating and baby is coming tonight. or tomorrow. SOON. AGHGHGHHH!! 

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Originally Posted by gracisue View Post

I'm only 39+3, but I've given up on this baby ever coming. Despite my knowledge that no one stays pregnant forever, I believe I will be doing just that. It really just seems impossible and unimaginable that she'll ever come. I'm a very impatient person. Perhaps I should be looking at this as a lesson that I sorely need.

Sadly it didn't turn into anything but a sleepless night. But I feel just the way you do Gracisue, I have resigned myself to being pregnant forever.
I'm 39+5. I don't know what I will do if this turns into an overdue baby, I guess I will be super, super, super, super exited when it does come.

Every time I twitch from a kick or make a bigger than normal sigh my hubby asks if baby is coming it always makes me laugh. I didn't even tell him I had back pain at night because I don't want him all nervouse at work.
Last Sunday was funny. We try not to work on Sunday so that is a relatively restful day for us and so hubby came to me early Sunday morning and asked me if I'm going to have the baby today as if I'm able to schedule it for a convenient time haha.
What do your husbands/partners do as your due date comes around?
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OH MY GOODNESS, I cant believe its almost the end of the month!!! Given that my original due date was Oct.2nd, if I dont have our baby by the end of month I may just completely lose it! mecry.gif


Still hoping for today, everyday as well Maine Mama...you said it!!!


Wildgreen~I planned on making up small gift baskets for my midwives with random things like herbal teas, local honey, organic chocolate bars, trail mix and other random yummy snacks. My midwives are always on the road so I wanted to give them a little something to have to refuel with while doing their prenatals.

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Originally Posted by gracisue View Post
  I've given up on this baby ever coming. Despite my knowledge that no one stays pregnant forever, I believe I will be doing just that. It really just seems impossible and unimaginable that she'll ever come. 

I so remember that feeling!!!!!  I felt that way for the last month of pregnancy.  Hugs to you, mama!  I know it sucks.


Yoginimomma-  You don't feel stabbing pains in your cervix when it dilates. Just strong and clearly painful uterine contractions.

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well what does sharp/stabby pains in cervix mean then?? baby is just bumping her head against it? 


so sick of being pregnant. I slept 8:30-7 and then 8:30-10 ... 12 hours and I'm still exhausted. I have not felt this exhausted since the first trimester, I've had weird bursts of energy and felt pretty good the third trimester apart from just being uncomfortable- does that mean I'm finally going to have this baby?? I just feel weird today too-  anything I eat makes me feel sick and strange. 

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