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wildgreen - I'm doing the same thing as Irielyn for the nurses at the hospital and for my midwives - in about a week, the stores will transition away from Halloween and go to the holidays, so there will be many, many basket filler type items on the shelves.  That's what I'm waiting for.  I like to give those as gifts anyway, usually teas and hot chocolates, cookies, sometimes I make homemade candy, etc.  I have to do 3 baskets - one for the regular nurses, one for the special care nursery ones, and one for my midwives. 


I'm convinced at this point that even though my labor and birth were hellish, I hit the jackpot with this kiddo.  Norah is the sweetest little girl - she's very opinionated and doesn't mind screaming when you do something she dislikes (i.e. diaper changes), but she has the sunniest disposition otherwise!  Her alert times are so much fun, she babbles a lot in her baby language and chews on her hands, so sweet.  So far, she sleeps for 3 hour stretches at night, always at least 2 in a row with usually 3, so I really am getting more sleep than most as well.  My husband and I have a lovely arrangement where I let him sleep through the first feed/change and then I can wake him for the second if I need help - that way, he gets a good stretch of at least 6-7 hours, which is necessary for work.  Because I have the luxury of a nap (which I never actually take, I'm stupid) as an option during the day, I don't mind waking up every time.


I have come to terms with the fact that my birth was traumatic in more ways than one.  My husband and I are both pretty scarred from the whole thing - I couldn't imagine being in his shoes and watching me be in such pain for so long.  When I remember the labor room, it's always darker in my memories - I made a point when I was in my postpartum room to never go down the hallway where it was.  Some nurses tried to persuade me while I was in the hospital to get C-sections from now on, while others (usually the younger ones) were so encouraging, telling me that the second time around will be much easier.  I don't know either way - all I know is that it's a long, long way off.


I hope the rest of you get the labors you want and deserve!  I'm sending all my love, all the time.  More babies!  :)

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Yogini, yeah, it's probably just the baby bumping against it unfortunately. I had those pains a lot from 37 weeks on, and went to 41 weeks, ugh! It's sooo hard to wait, I know how you feel! It'll happen though, just try to be patient and not read too far into things because it's easy to drive yourself insane. Trust me, I did the same thing haha! And hey, it's great that you're still able to sleep- I know lots of women are too uncomfortable to sleep well in the 3rd trimester! 


Iri, I seriously think of you every day, and have my fingers crossed super tight that you'll have your baby soon!! I bet it'll be this weekend :) That's my guess! Hugs to you, lady! You're amazing for still having your sanity lol, oh and p.s, you look great!! I saw your pic in the belly thread! 


Graci and MaineMama, I'm thinking of you gals too!! Good luck, sending labor dust your way!!! 


AFM, I can't believe my little one is already almost 10 days old! The time really does fly, it's so crazy. She's doing great, is back to her birth weight +2oz, and nurses like a champ. She's also been really great recently about sleeping at night. I know it probably won't last forever, so I'm enjoying it while I can :) She's such a sweet cuddly little girl, I can't get enough of her! The hardest part so far has been dealing with a little bit of baby blues, but I'm managing. I'm thinking of you all, keeping my fingers crossed for more babies very soon!!

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Ok I'm back. For real this time. I kind of haven't felt like I can really continue to participate in this group until I managed to get my birth story written down, so I finally did it! Now that I've gotten it out I can move on in a way.



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I will miss feeling my son as a part of myself. He made me feel extra psychic and strong/stubborn.

Pregnant ladies- I'm thinking of you! I had an ultrasound at 42 weeks 2 days with my previous (5th) child. I wanted it for peace of mind. Everything looked fine and I had him 2 days later. This time I only went 4 days over but I was losing my mind anyway and had trouble believing it was the real labor until I was far in its depths.

My little one is 15 days old today! He sleeps great. We just started going downstairs Tuesday. I have to really take my time recovering but it's coming along. My bladder is still kind of displaced. It doesn't hurt anymore but it comes out slower, burns a bit sometimes, and I can't stop the flow once it starts. Actually pulling up while I pee makes it come out faster which suggests things are dropped down lower than they should be I think. Hope that's not TMI! I got a belly band to use. I hope things continue to go back in place! I know 36 isn't that old but with 6 babies over 17 years this was hard for my body although it still performed admirably. I am not sad about being done, though! We never considered vasectomy or anything besides NFplanning before but now we feel clear about my husband doing it. This babe was my grand finale!
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I thought after last night my insomnia was cured... but no. up at 12, 2, 4, 6... every two hours to pee... and at 4 I laid awake until 5:30 before finally deciding to eat a tiny breakfast because I realized I was starving..... so annoying. aghghgh


At my midwife appt yesterday she said she didn't think I'd go past halloween, mostly likely this weekend or on my due date because all the signs are there... so that is good news. SO READY to be done feeling like an overweight marine mammal. 

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I'm really not trying to discourage you, Yogini (especially since you very well could have the baby this weekend), but I had the same thing said to me in my first pregnancy.  I was showing so many signs that labour would start any minute.  I even had bloody show.  On a Friday, the midwife told me I'd probably have him that weekend.  I had him SIXTEEN DAYS later!  Sixteen extremely long days.  Like I said, of course you could have her this weekend, but it's so discouraging when you believe they're coming any minute and they don't.  I guess I just don't want you to get too frustrated if she doesn't come until November (I'm incredibly frustrated and I believe we're due the same day, so I totally get it).  Unfortunately, midwives don't really know when the baby will come either.


Afm, after almost two weeks of almost regular, uncomfortable contractions, they've become far less regular and much more mild...that's not the direction I was hoping they would take.  DH keeps saying maybe my uterus just needs a little break before labour.  If that's the case, I hope it's a very short break!  He doesn't really show it, but I can tell he's getting impatient, too.  Every time I make a face (usually from uncomfortable baby movements), he asks if it's a contraction.  He's not nervous or jumpy, just impatient, like me.  He tries to remind me that she'll be worth the wait.  While I, of course, agree, I really just feel like she's not coming...ever.

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Just a quick check-in to announce the birth of Jasper David on 10/24. He was born on his due date (the first of my kids to be on time!) after a 4 1/2 hour labor. 8 lbs., 8 oz., 20 inches long, and a big ol' noggin. We attempted a water birth in our tub, but after his head was born, I had to do some quick maneuvering when his shoulder/knee/cord or something got stuck, and ended up delivering standing up.

Normally I would have had a birth story and pictures up by now, but our first couple of days postpartum have been tougher than last time. He's fussier and gassier, too, so I'm spending my time getting to know him to try to sort it all out.

Still thinking of you ladies who will be delivering soon. Literally 10 minutes before my water spontaneously broke, I was telling my mother over the phone that it would definitely not be that day. And then there he was. Sometimes it's crazy like that. 

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Very big congrats. I'm glad everything went so well for you.
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Congratulations, Maine Mama!!! He's a handsome little guy!
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Congrats Maine Momma!!!! Awesome!!!
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Maine Momma, did you have a midwife assisted birth or was it a UC? What maneuvers did you do for SD? I am expecting a slight SD with this baby and would like to know what to do incase I don't make it to hospital and end up having him at home. I want to wait at home as long as possible but I may wait too long unintentionally.
I know about hands and knees position is there anything else I should know? Should i rush to a hospital if there is SD?
I confess I wouldn't mind AT ALL if I had him at home.
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Yay! Congratulaions MaineMama!!

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WOW a baby actually born ON his "due date"!!! Congratulations Mama, what a wonderful and joyous surprise!!! partytime.gif

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Welcome to the world Jasper! Congratulations Mumma! Xxx
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Yay, Maine Mama!  He's a cutie already, and many congratulations to you!  :)

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Congratulations, Maine mama!!!!
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Wow! Congratulations Maine Mama! I absolutely love his name!

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congratulations maine mama!


i hope everyone is doing well.  thank you for all the kudos on my difficult labor & birth.  i am still amazed that i made it through & had that much strength in me!  i feel like i should have a t-shirt made or something :thumb 


for all you mamas who think your pregnancy will never end--i was still feeling that as i was trying to push out my big boy.  but there was indeed a baby at the end of all of the hard work. 


donovan is doing wonderfully.  he is just over a week old.  he is mellow & sweet & has a funny little face during his alert times.

i've been busy trying to catch up on my homework.  i'm still wiped out from the birth.  i tried to run a couple of errands today and cannot really be on my feet for very long or else my pubic bone just aches!  i'm hoping to be able to be back on my feet by halloween--i can't miss trick or treating!


here is the photo i took to send out as a birth announcement:

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Beautiful family you have there Em! :-)

Katherine is four weeks old today, time is flying by! We have been having some rough times. It seems she has Colic, which sucks!!!! It's hideous seeing her so upset, she is seeing the osteopath every few days, but is always slightly worse after an adjustment. My older two are struggling a but now with me being unavailable most of the time I'm hoping to see more improvement this week so we can get back to some kind of normalcy.
Here she is this morning :-) when she's not displaying colic signs she is a placid sweet wee girl - she weighed in at 4.40kgs today 60grams off 1kg over her birth weight.
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Congrats Maine Mama!!!!!!


Danielle, beautiful pic, what a change to look forward to in just 4 weeks!


Darling family em!!


Thinking of all you pregnant mamas holding it together!


AFM, may be dealing with yeast, sigh. Baby Ocean is "clicking" while nursing and has a rash originating from armpits, red bumps across chest and into her neck rolls. It responds well to yogurt, so...Bummer. No diaper rash or problems with nipples, so it's a little strange.

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