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Spanish Immersion

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On examining out homeschool journey, I feel the one thing lacking is the kids' second language development.  My oldest is far past the age when I hoped he would be comfortable using Spanish.  We are open to an immersion trip but the results of an immersion trip google search are very intimidating..... HELP!!! (please!)

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No advice but wanted to follow this thread... In the same boat as you!
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I'm curious...have your children taken a Spanish class or do you speak Spanish?  Or would this trip be their first introduction to the language? 


My children and I are taking a Spanish class with another family.  We have a teacher come to our house once a week.  He is a Chilean native and a Spanish teacher at a few local public/private schools.  But I am having trouble trying to figure out exactly how to practice between classes with the kids...without driving them crazy feeling like I'm forcing it on them.


I would love to hear more about how other families are introducing/practicing 2nd languages with their children. 

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We just use rosetta stone but no one here speaks conversationally.  I know that is critical but I am not sure how to bridge that gap.

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My son really wanted to learn German, so we are using Rosetta Stone. I love this program, but wish he had someone to talk with in German too.
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I am a native Flemish (Dutch) speaker, and am teaching (or trying to anyway) my kids some Dutch. I somewhat regret not speaking it to them from the time they were born, but admit it was out of pure laziness. I think and dream in English at this point, so speaking Flemish requires an effort, and it feels less natural than speaking English. We do different things to help them learn some Dutch, and they do understand a fair bit at this point, and the last time we went to Belgium (this Summer) my youngest especially picked up a lot, and was able to say nearly everything he wanted to in Flemish near the end of our one month stay. 

Again, I have been lazy about it since then, and he's lost a lot of that ability again. I do have quite a collection of Dutch DVDs for kids at home, and they like to watch those occasionally. I also read some Dutch books sometimes to them, and they like that too. There's a free online program that seems a bit similar to Rosetta Stone (although I'm sure not nearly as good) and I'm hoping they can do that more regularly. My daughter has resisted learning Dutch a lot more than my son though.

I also do try to speak Flemish with them sometimes, and for a little while I tried to speak only Flemish while we were driving to classes, but I always ended up switching back to English without even knowing it! LOL

So, even with a native speaker around, it's not easy. But, I still think that every bit helps.

Good luck!



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