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21 month old can't settle to sleep

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I'm having trouble with my 21 month old's sleep and can't seem to find any similar situations!  Hoping someone can help...


She slept with us until about 10 months when she was more restless than settled in bed.  Then we put her in an Amby hammock (without the mattress pad) - a soft hammock.  That has worked for many months.  She hasn't really been a cuddler since she was mobile, so bedtime included stories, nursing (which hasn't put her to sleep since 6 months), and then going in her hammock while I sang her songs.  Her 4.5 year old brother is in the same room and so I lie with him in his bed while he falls asleep and next to her.  She is getting a bit big now and is seeming less settled in her hammock than she used to be.  


I had hoped she and her brother would share the double bed in their room, but she simply wont lie in bed.  If I lie down and pretend to sleep she crawls around, climbs on me, walks away, screams, etc.  If i try to cuddle she says "no, Mama" and pushes away.  She hates being patted on the back.  Last night we tried various things for two hours (after she had woken 3 times in her hammock) and she finally collapsed on the floor!


I'm baffled.  My son nursed to sleep until 3, still loves to cuddle.  My daughter stopped nursing 2 months ago (I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I guess it wasn't worth trying when the milk went away).  I wonder if the hammock holds her more tightly and if she likes that constriction - almost like she can't stop her limbs from wiggling unless she has that?  Any way I could mimic that feeling but in the bed?  Or other thoughts?



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My DD (now 3) slept in a kid sized Kelty sleeping bag for a year. Nowadays she needs her blankets tucked in securely around the crib mattress to sleep. Sounds a bit similar. So maybe try tucking her in tightly? Might be hard with another child in the bed, though. Wish I had a better idea for you.
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We have the opposite where DD HATES to feel constricted in bed.  If I hold her too tight she'll squirm, if I pull a blanket over her, she flails and tosses it out of bed.  Lately she's been in a phase where she wakes up multiples times....1am....3am....wide awake.  Mommy does not do well on interrupted sleep, especially when she had finally gotten back to sleeping through the night.  I suspect we'll have more issue when we convert her to her toddler bed since she's back to being interested in using the potty and I want her to have access from bed.  So it might partially be the age, and perhaps the need to be either *wrapped snug* or maybe she's testing out the free feeling but her body just hasn't learned to stop without that constriction.  I know we went through a phase like that when DD was outgrowing the sleep sacks and she would toss and turn, so I did a slow transition of one hand out, then both hands, then feet, before she finally stopped all the night twitching.  So I'm not really helpful either, but in a similar boat so you're not totally alone!

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