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Christmas gifts

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Christmas.... Bah humbug. Seriously it use to be my favorite holiday but over the years we have for one reason or another started giving more gifts. More gifts equals more money and we have a strict budget. I finished my kids they each are getting one nice toy, under $50. My husband and I don't exchange gifts. We have three great grams, a sister, god child, god parents, and one set of parents to buy for. Any ideas on the cheap?

Last year we asked family to do a draw so there would be less gifts but it was not accepted well by the parents ( of course they don't have the same bills as us).

I wish Christmas was more like thanksgiving and we just enjoyed being with family for the day.
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Yeah, I feel you. My cousins are very into Giving The Large Expensive Gifts and well, we aren't. We tried to do the pull a name from the hat thing and they refuse (which is their right, certainly) instead they set up what I call 'exchange a hundred dollar bill' but they called gift exchanged worth 100 dollars. I flat out refused to do it, several other people followed suit.


I think it just takes someone *YOU* to say no. My family is not doing that. Try to make an alternative to it like 'instead we can...'


That is what worked really well for us.

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I'm lucky in that my family is pretty low-key about the holidays. There's no gifting for adult siblings/nieces/etc so that keeps the crazy waaaay down. I get my kids to make Ukrainian eggs with me because they are great as decorations, and we give a lot of them. Last year I started our advent calendar that the kids each get a dollar store type gift each day. Some of them are little crafts they can build to give as gifts. In addition to the eggs, I usually get my mom some plants and my dad loves Turtles chocolate and Scientific American magazine, ha ha! They like a good bottle of port, too. If I spend much more than about $25/each, I'd get in trouble with them. For the kids we usually do one 'big' gift and 2 little ones, and they all give something little to each other. I budget $100. per kid. My husband and I each take the kids on a shopping trip to buy something for the other parent. We don't always get something from ourselves for each other but I kind of consider the 2 or 3 hours of solitude my gift from him, ha ha! 


Here's the advent calendar, it was a huuuuuge hit:


It got them through those last few weeks of school, when they really didn't want to get up and go in the mornings.

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What a nice advent calendar! Maybe something I could plan for next year.

The whole gift thing is out of control! Last year my dd at the time just under two opened gifts from my in laws for well over two hours. Even she wanted to stop. She really just wanted to play with what ever she opened on the spot but couldn't cause we would have been there all day!

I would like to teach my little ones the meaning of Christmas but with the media and crazy gift giving I think it could be challenging.
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The calendar was fun to build, I embroidered numbers onto little gift bags. It's pretty economical for the gifts, too. About a third of the days were just 6 Hershey kisses and a mini candy cane. There were quite a few things in there that you need to buy from time to time anyway, one day was chapstick, another day was those stretchy knit gloves, and I think they got toothbrushes one day? One thing that they loved was I got them these heat packs that you recharge by boiling them, and you can fit them in your mittens. They each got a pen one day that was Christmassy. My husband was a little disappointed I didn't put stuff in there for him,  ha ha!

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