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Pregnancy Announcements - How Did You or Will You?

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There are so many fun and creative ways to share our exciting news with family and friends. I would love to hear what you did and/or what you're planning to do!

I'm coming up with all kinds of things, especially because we are planning to tell our parents around Thanksgiving, extended family around Christmas, and the rest of people (probably via Facebook) around the New Year, but I haven't decided for sure what we will do just yet.
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The people we are really close to already know.  But I am going to announce to extended family and friends on Facebook.  I think an ultrasound picture with a caption "So Thankful this Holiday Season" or something like that would be really special.

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My husband wants to tell the kids now, and I assume they'd tell everybody. My SIL is the only IRL person who knows and I'm hoping to keep it quiet until Thanksgiving. We'll have all of my husband's family over at our house but I'd love to hear good ways to share! I'll be almost 11 weeks then.

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Our 12 week point is around Christmas, so we we're thinking of telling everybody then (well, my best friend already knows and DH was all like, "CAN YOU EVEN DO THAT?!?!" :D)


We're trying to think of a fun way to tell everyone at 12 weeks - first baby for both of our families, so it's a pretty special announcment. We're thinking of doing the old "take a family photo and get everyone to say 'On the count of three everybody say 'Clare's pregnant'" and then snap a photo of everybody's reactions.. but yeah, we're still thinking about it.


I told DH with a box of goodies including the digital HPT, a card and a book called 'the very embarressing book of dad jokes'. He's been reading them to me every night since :throb worst jokes ever.

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Oops! Forgot to add..


@BethaniaDawn that is such a lovely idea

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BethaniaDawn, an ultrasound pic is always a nice clear way to announce. It sounds like a very sweet idea. I want to do something that people will have to take a second to figure out, though.

Clare, I love the picture idea! I've actually seen where people do that, but instead of snapping a picture of the reaction, they were actually taking video the entire time. What a fun video to have as a momento!

The front-runner for our Facebook announcement is a list of New Year Resolutions like eat more ice cream, go up a size in clothes, lose at least 10 pounds in one day, with the last one on the list being Have a baby in July! (We always tell our family my due date is 2-3 weeks later than it really is because I cook 'em long wink1.gif )

We had our family pics done yesterday and I asked the photographer to do a few of us that will make good announcements. She took one of my youngest in a Big Brother shirt (which was tricky since my 5yo doesn't know I'm pregnant yet!) We also did one of us holding the kids upside down and the caption will be "Think we have our hands full now? We're expecting #3 in July!" Then we did a super-adorable one with my oldest whispering into my youngest's ear. That caption will say "We have a secret! Expecting another firecracker to join our family next 4th of July."

I'm trying to decide between making the pictures into puzzles or just greeting cards to give/send to our parents and grandparents. Puzzles would be way more fun, but cost 5 times as much as cards, so we'll have to see. Not spending anything until we see a heartbeat at our 8-week ultrasound.
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With my son, we told our families at Christmas. We gave my in-laws a frame that said "Baby-to-bee" with the ultrasound pic in it. My FIL was utterly clueless but my MIL got it immediately. This year we are hoping to wait until Thanksgiving (which is also my birthday). I'll be 12 weeks then. We will be at MIL and FIL's house, so we're thinking of putting my son in a Big Brother shirt and seeing how long it takes them to notice. Then we'll snap a pic of the 3 of us (with my son still wearing his shirt) and send it to extended family. FB announcement will probably come the next day, and since it's the day after my birthday I'm thinking of saying something along the lines of "Thanks for all the birthday wishes, especially the one due June 2014" and attach the pic of my son in his big brother shirt. All of this, of course, hinges on my keeping quiet until Thanksgiving. We go for our 1st appt and u/s next week.

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I love all your ideas! I haven't been quite so creative.. We are planning to announce to the extended family on Thanksgiving (will be 12 weeks). It's also the first "great-grandchild" on both sides of my family. It will be the first grandchild in DH's family. We've already told my parents and DH's parents and his sister.


I feel like as soon as we got out the video camera and said we had an announcement to make everyone would already know. Maybe we'll just wear Mom-to-be Dad-to-be shirts...haha


I was thinking of putting it on facebook after we get our US around 20 weeks...and posting the pic with the announcement of ... We are expecting a "boy/girl" in Early June!

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We don't wait to announce.  Typically I tell before the pee dries on the test.  I did wait nearly 3 weeks this time just because of lack of support from family and knowing they won't have anything good to say.  But finally, last night I just posted a pic of the test and said, "We are delighted to announce the gift of a surprise baby on the way!"  And that was that. :)  I've put hubby in charge of buffering negative responses from his family.  :)

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Wow, everyone has some really great ideas!


Clare, I literally started crying after reading your photo idea! I think I might have to steal this one for when I tell my grandmother when she comes to visit for the holidays in December. It will be the first time she meets DH and the idea of having my mom take a picture/video of the 3 of us would be so awesome :)



Okay, I have put a lot of thought into this topic...


My mom has known that we have been TTC, and she is the most intuitive/curious woman in the world. (My brother calls her Nancy Drew.) I wanted to surprise her, which is nearly impossible. So, I told her I was testing on Wednesday of last week, but on Monday (I had already got a BFP the week before)  I asked her to pick up some photos for me at Costco. I told her they were from DS's soccer game the week before. I said, "Before you pay, make sure the colors are dark enough, they looked a little washed-out on the computer." She was very concerned about getting it right for me--didn't suspect I was up to something. I guess the lady at Costco said, "There's only one picture..?" They looked at it together and it was a picture of me holding the BFP pregnancy test with a big smile. She was so surprised! She called me from the parking lot and had me on speaker phone when she handed the photo to my dad. They were thrilled.


DH is telling his parents on his dad's 70th birthday 11/11. We are sending them a package with a card signed by all of us and "Baby Z" along with a "Book of Grandparent Names" (since they have told us they would want to be called something different than Grandma and Grandpa--first grandchild for them, my DS is their step-grandson.


As far as DS, he is 5 so once he knows, the whole world will know. I am going to wait until after my 12 week appointment. Then, on Tuesday night I will ask DS, "Does my tummy look bigger? Do you think there might be a baby growing in there? Should I take a test and see if it's true?!?" (He has been wanting a baby to grow in my belly for a while.) I will then take a test and tell him, "Okay, if you see 1 line there is no baby, but if you see 2 lines, then there is a baby..." He will see the 2 lines and tell ME that I am pregnant. Then, the next day at school, it is his "Share Day" of the week. I thought he could "share" with his kindergarten class that he is going to be a big brother rather then bring a toy or art project as usual.


And lastly, for Facebook. After DS knows, I think I will just take a belly shot and post it on Facebook around Christmas with the caption "Baby Z". I hope I will be showing a little by then--baby #2 at 14 weeks? 

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My husband and I have toyed around with the idea of getting mugs, two that read #1 Grandpa, two that read #1 Grandma, and one big brother mug for our eight year old son... and when we are all together for the holiday (albeit Thanksgiving or Christmas), giving each of them the wrapped box and ask them to all open them simultaneously. Surprise!
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with my first, which was a surprise, i gave my mom a photo of us for her birthday. the frame i found at hallmark and it was inscribed "Great moms get promoted to Grandma". of course she didn't get it right away as she was tipsy at her party, but everyone else did!


i sent a pic of my oldest in a big sister tshirt to my family for the second pregnancy.

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We don't wait to announce.  Typically I tell before the pee dries on the test.  I did wait nearly 3 weeks this time just because of lack of support from family and knowing they won't have anything good to say.  But finally, last night I just posted a pic of the test and said, "We are delighted to announce the gift of a surprise baby on the way!"  And that was that. :)  I've put hubby in charge of buffering negative responses from his family.  :)


I can understand your reluctance on the announcement! I'm not expecting the most positive response from some of the family but I'm hoping everyone will come around or at least keep their mouths shut. I'm planning on waiting until thanksgiving to tell our family via FaceTime! Then I'll probably post a photo of the ultrasound on Facebook when we know the gender, if I can stand to wait that long! 

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I just made the announcement via FB, after calling all the family immediately after we found out a few days ago. I respect that some may feel more comfortable waiting to make the announcement later on, but do not feel that is the only acceptable way to do it! It is our second child, and we did wait longer with the first, but we have faith in this blessing, and  have no fear in letting the world know about our happiness. :) On facebook I wrote a nice post that stated "Looks like chris and I have an exciting announcement to make!! We just found out we are expecting our second child!! So excited to be growing our family, we couldn't be happier!:) — with Chris Davis"


My advice is, this is your pregnancy and your future, do exactly what you want to do, and don't let opinions of others pressure you into anything! In the case with my first pregnancy, I got  "lovely" advice during my first appointment, from the doctor during my first pregnancy. She told me how common miscarriages are, "1 in 5 women" supposedly, and to "not get excited yet, or tell anyone until I'm out of the clear.". Lets just say I immediately switched doctors, and my new doctor was appalled that they would tell me that. I love sites like this, because it is a place where you can get real advice, and not cold, uncaring opinions.

-Good luck with your announcements everyone! -Kathleen:)

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I love the idea to announce near Thanksgiving.  Our close family members and friends know, but I'm going to make the Facebook announcement after the first trimester once we confirm everything is ok on our 13 week ultrasound.  I think I'll put the u/s pic on Facebook with the words, "Our family was complete, but now we are extraordinary!  Excited to welcome our little one in June."  Since we had told everyone we were done having kids, haha!

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#1 - put the positive test picture at the end of our wedding photo book for the grandparents to see :) (picture deer in headlights response from my rents, DH's were overjoyed)


#2 - DS1 opened up a "big Bro" t-shirt on his first birthday in front of both families


#3 - DH's family = Put DS2 in the above mentioned "big Bro" shirt & sent him with his cousin (who was holding a baby doll dressed as a boy because her mom just found out they're having a boy) to go say hi to gpa & gma on Thanksgiving. My family = on Thanksgiving went around the table with the "i'm thankful for" thing and DH said our three children. 


This time I have no clue. I've only told my 4 best friends, all of whom will keep their mouths shut :). We'll be 14 weeks right before Christmas so I'd like to wait until then to tell the in-laws as they CANNOT keep their mouths shut, God bless them :). I figure it's just easier to wait to tell them until I don't care who they tell. 


Lots of great ideas here ladies, Thanks for sharing!

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Everyone we are close to knows that we have been TTC. My mom has been asking if I am pregnant every two weeks sense we told her.  When we got a positive test, I knew it  wouldn't be long before she asked again.  I am a horrible liar, and she would have seen right through me if I had tried to avoid her questions.  So DH and I sat down and talked about it, and we decided to go ahead and tell his mom and mine, and also our best friends.  These are all people we would confided in anyway, if we where to have a miscarriage.  


We are planning on announcing to the rest of our family on Thanksgiving.  I am thinking of having my DD where a shirt that says "big turkey" and I would where a shirt that says "little turkey" over my belly.


I am not sure if I will or not. I may just make is easier and change her into a "big sister" shirt half way through dinner or something.


We will probably announce to the rest of our acquaintances and distant friends on Black Friday via Facebook.  I haven't worked out 100% what I am going to do, but I know I want to keep them guessing a little bit. I am thinking about posting randomly through out the day, things like  "is craving pickles."  "is seeing pink lines." "has got a secret!"  then post a pic of a bun in the oven and see how long it takes people to guess.

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Originally Posted by berrypavlova View Post

#1 - put the positive test picture at the end of our wedding photo book for the grandparents to see :) (picture deer in headlights response from my rents, DH's were overjoyed)


We just got our wedding album finally this summer (my fault took me too long to pic the pictures)... and we were going to show it to our family at Thanksgiving... what a great idea to put this photo at the end!!! Thank you we might just do that ;)

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My family already knows and my very best friends (who live a billion miles away) know.


We told our 4 year old, so it won't stay secret for long.



Pretty sure I'll just update my Facebook letting everyone know that "I gotta pee" is going to be my status update for the next 8-9 months. :)

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