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Scared and confused

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Last year I had a baby and he is 14 months old. I waited the 40 days till I had the iud implanted. I've had now for about a year. I'm still nursing and I haven't had a period since the iud was implanted.

Lately I have been feeling cramps like I did when I first got pregnant. I'm urinating more feeling fatigue and seriously my baby has been acting really different( don't know if it means anything but theories in my family means I could possibly be pregnant)

I'm scared to try a pg test and scared to go to a doctor.

If anyone has felt this way please lmk (let me know)

Thank you
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I have never had an IUD but your absent periods are likely due to breastfeeding. I usually go 18 months before my cycles return. So between pregnancies and breastfeeding I haven't had a period since September 23, 2009, That's 4 years! LOL Good for you for breastfeeding past 1 year by the way!! So try not to worry about that at least. As for your symptoms, you are going to need to find out if you are pregnant or not so please, go take the test. If you are having pregnancy symptoms and the test results are negative then you can almost be certain that its accurate since by the time most women start developing symptoms they are usually around 6-8 weeks along already and the further along you are, the likelihood for accurate results on HPTs are increased. With a negative result you would then need to determine why you are having these symptoms; i.e, chemical pregnancy, thyroid issues, etc.. 

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