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Vaccinating your child? This giveaway is for you!

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If you’ve made the choice to vaccinate your children, or may consider doing so in the future, this giveaway is for you. Enter to win one of three great prizes from Vaccishield


Mothering is a long-time advocate of inspiring and assisting parents to make informed decisions about their child’s health.  Catherine Clinton is one of those parents, and her desire to make informed decisions for her son led her to design Vaccishield – a nutritional supplement for children before, during and after vaccinations.  Read about the ingredients in Vaccishield, and learn more about understanding probiotics in Catherine's recent blog post.




Three Mothering members will have a chance to try VacciShield for free! Three members will be randomly chosen and announced here and on Facebook. Each winner will receive one unit of Vaccishield, valued at $26.99! 



To Enter  
1) Reply to this thread!

2) For a second entry - "Like" VacciShield and Mothering on Facebook, then come back and let us know you did!



Please read the Terms and Conditions of the contest before entry. The contest will close Monday, November 4, 2013. Winners will be determined by random draw!  Good luck!

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I would love this for my baby!

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Would love this!!

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I would love this. As a foster parent I don't have the option to not vaccinate, so having something that would help their little bodies handle the vaccinations is good.


ETA that I liked the Vaccisheild facebook page and I have already been a fan of the Mothering page.

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Would love to win this for my little man!

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I like VacciShield and Mothering on Facebook! :)

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This is awesome! I have been giving my son probiotics, but I didn't know there was a specific product with everything that would help their little systems deal with vaccinations. I have been stressed about continuing vaccines since we found out that my son has lead poisoning - don't want any other heavy metals like aluminum introduced - but I'm also worried about him contracting these serious illnesses. This would help me be more confident that he'll be okay!

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I have liked both pages

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after 9+ years of extremely delayed and barely any vaccines, we have decided to begin vax'ing... this would definitely put our minds and hearts at ease.  Liked both on FB, too!!!

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yep, i liked them :)  no, i loved them!!

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Would love to win!  Liked both Mothering and VacciShield on FB!

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I would really love to win this!

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Vaccishield giveaway

Liked Vaccishield and already liked Mothering!

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Liked vaccishield and already liked Mothering!

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I dont vaccinate nor do I consider it in the future but I noticed your probiotic is gluten and dairy free and my 2nd has food allergies to both so I thought I may try out your product. For now I am using papaya enzymes because they are gluten and dairy free.

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I have "liked" both Mothering Magazine and Vaccishield on facebook, to earn a second entry in the giveaway! Thanks!

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liked both pages. Would like to win this product to check it out.

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My daughter is five months pregnant and we have been having long conversations about the pros and cons of vaccinations. She has educated herself and is planning on vaccinating, but continues to be very concerned about possible side effects. Winning Vaccishield would ease her mind and heart a bit. Looks like a great product. I already "liked" Mothering, and now have "liked" Vaccishield too.

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I've been spreading out vaccinating over a much longer period of time and only give one vaccine at a time. This would be a great addition to my plan!

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Looks like a much needed product, would love to have some!

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