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Anyone else on progesterone?

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Out of curiosity who is taking progesterone supplements during your first trimester? Why are you taking them? When do you plan to stop?

I'm taking progesterone because I got pregnant using a fertility treatment in which all my body's natural hormones were turned off and needed to be replaced by external supplements!

I was supposed to stop at 10 weeks but I've had a lot of spotting so far this pregnancy and when I tried to skip a dose last week my bleeding got worse so I freaked out and started taking it again. My doctor says I can keep going until 12 weeks now.

Anyone else?
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I was my last pregnancy. I am pretty sure  I took it until week 12 or 13. After week 13 your placenta should take over the job. Week 10 seems a little early to me. Good luck Mama!!! Everything wet fine after I went off it, btw.

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I start progesterone injections around week 16. Mine is dine to prevent preterm labor. 

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I had no idea progesterone could be used to prevent preterm labor, how interesting! Progesterone injections aren't much fun though, I did them for one of my fertility cycles andi didn't enjoy them too much! Since then I've always taken vaginal progesterone.
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I was taking progesterone with this pregnancy (I also did with DD).


I don't remember when I stopped with DD, I think around 12 weeks. I was supposed to be on it the whole first trimester, but I just couldn't take it any more.


I see a midwife group for prenatal care. One wrote me the prescription for progesterone, and told me that most providers recommend taking it through week 10 but she felt more comfortable with week 11. I had a prenatal visit at 10 weeks 5 days with another midwife, who said to stay on it until 12-13 weeks. When I asked her why she thought 12-13 when the other midwife said 10-11, she told me that they aren't really sure how long to recommend it so some providers recommend to stay on the whole first trimester just in case. My prescription was going to run out when I was about 11.5 weeks, and she told me to just finish it but that I didn't need to get a new prescription to continue longer, unless I wanted to.

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Jen - so are you fully off the progesterone now? How did that go?

I'm 12 weeks today and I successfully weaned down to half the dose of progesterone I was on previously at 11.5 weeks... No bleeding this time around, yay! I'll continue with my half dose for maybe another week then I'll try to stop completely. I'm so nervous about stopping though, I guess cause I don't fully trust my body to do things right on its own (after 3 years of infertility and one miscarriage I have really lost faith in the natural process).
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The injections are awful, i had scar tissue built up in my rear by week 34 my last pregnancy. But, I feel like they were helpful bc my DD made it to 35/0!

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Sourire - yes I am off of the progesterone now. I ran out about 11.5 weeks, now I'm 13.5 weeks (I can't remember how to change my signature to update it).


I was taking it twice a day, and I asked the midwife if I should wean myself off or just stop cold turkey. She said it didn't matter, that you're going off of it once the placenta has already taken over the job, so I just continued taking it normally until I stopped. I didn't have any issues with spotting or anything like that. I completely understand WHY you want to wean yourself down, given the spotting and your history. I just wanted you to know my midwife said it didn't really matter if you'd rather just stop it. (I was kind of tired of the "yeast infection-y" feel by that time and couldn't wait to stop.)

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Actually it was my doctor who recommended the gradual weaning after I had some bleeding the first time I tried to stop the progesterone. He said this way is less likely to involve bleeding smile.gif
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